Pisces New Moon – 23 February 2020

It’s not really about me versus the others because,
in a broader view, I am one of the ‘others’.


Clearing the decks before this New Moon

.       I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling really good about endeavouring to clear the past, for me that is my backlog piles of paper. There is a sense of good energy for tackling what needs to be done (Mars into Capricorn on 16 February). But no sooner was the paper out over the floor than I found an ocean of distractions, which leave the well-begun task unfinished (Mercury appears retrograde in Pisces also from 16 February). This is really a call to re-connect to spirit within, through quiet contemplation, meditation, or just sitting back and considering the task in a restful way.

.       Fortunately, although this New Moon is in Pisces, it perfectly aligns to the practical energy – as long as I can stand back and prioritise before diving in to the task again (Sun/Moon sextile Mars, and also sextile Uranus in Taurus). It may be that short bursts of working on a project will have more success than a prolonged effort. Capricorn energy is committed to achievement, but that doesn’t mean one cannot rest from time to time. Standing back and breathing allows space in our mind for inner guidance, inspiration and a new take on what we’re looking at.

.       There is a beautiful emphasis here on being innerly connected to the wider view, to listening to what life requires of us in each situation (Jupiter sextile Neptune). So let’s focus on listening by first asking for guidance from that which is beyond our everyday thinking. First ask, then listen, then act – before you’ve forgotten what you received.

‘What about me!’

.       Most of the distractions are forms of ‘What about me, my thoughts, my needs/desires?’ Considering that personal needs may well be ignored in the general call to action (Mars square Chiron in Aries), it could be really important to consider what we need to maintain our autonomy and personal well-being, and include that in any plans (Venus in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn).  So we are likely to find ourselves pulled in at least two directions, the practical requirements versus ‘what I want’.

.       As so often, debating the point at the grass-roots level can bring great understanding of different view points, but it doesn’t necessarily bring a solution. We need to achieve a dispassionate view of the whole situation first. This space allows us to become aware of spiritual guidance, and the problem tends to dissolve in front of our eyes. What serves others, actually does serve me too, because I am one of the ‘others’!

True understanding is heart-based, not mind

.       Within hours of the Full Moon on 9 March, Mercury completes his retrograde phase, so communication should be clearer, easier to think one’s way through confusing appearances. For another month from 16 March, we will be mentally re-negotiating the emotional and etheric field of Pisces. This gives us the opportunity to sort out our attitude to whatever emotional turbulence we may have experienced during February. This could have shown up in relationships, in old reactions being re-triggered, in our sense of our own deserving, or our belief in our skills, the fear that we are not good enough.

.       The Full Moon chart suggests that we remember our identity as spirit, and re-locate our focus in our heart. When we are fully open to spiritual truth, there is no fear because radical trust abides (Sun on Neptune in Pisces). This identification with wholeness is supported by the full Moon being in Virgo, which brings a sense of personal boundaries in our earthly experiences. This ensures our natural ability to choose what’s right for ourselves and others, and to willingly make changes that support growth. Growth at this time requires that we adapt to circumstances as we find them (Moon trine Mars, Jupiter and Pluto).

.       To put that another way, we recognise what it is we need to let go, and find the strength to do that even if it’s uncomfortable, because we feel it is ‘right’ (Venus/Uranus sextile NN, even though they square Saturn). From the level humanity occupies, it is not always possible to see the purpose of great life movements, so we need to go forward trusting that spirit is in charge of life. This is obvious when we remember that life is love is spirit.

Admitting error is the beginning, not the end

.       Throughout this month, letting go of habits and preconceived assumptions is uppermost (Uranus trine South Node, sextile North Node). We can support ourselves in this by letting go of accumulated ‘stuff’ and things which trigger a negative memory or reaction. Now is the time we can take a fresh look at our world, seeing it with new eyes, realising what we have been doing that continually creates our experience.

.       In the second half of the month, this new vision can help clarify how we relate (Venus on Uranus). We each need our space, and of course that means allowing space to others too. Notice when an expectation you had about someone else’s behaviour has sparked a quick comment you are about to make. Pull back if you can. Or if the comment comes out, at least apologise for it, because it would have been no more appropriate than the expectation that started it. Many of us find it not easy to admit we are in error, especially in personal issues, but what a relief floods through as we realise that an apology has not lost us anything, but bridged a rift we were about to create.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Pisces

We love you.
Keep going.
All is not clear yet, but it will be.
There is no shame in not knowing –
it gives space for your action to be appropriate
to the needs of now.
Never give up on yourself.
You are perfect as spirit brought you into being.
There are no mistakes in wholeness,
only turning movements in unfolding time.
You are in a turning moment –
take care of yourselves.
We love you.

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