Aquarius New Moon – 24 January 2020

All of us are expressing love, or a call for love, in one way or another.
Some ways we may not understand, but we can still let love flow.

A new beginning this year

.       So here we are, the other side of that key point in January where we may have discovered and faced some truth in our lives that changes everything (Sun/Mercury/Saturn conjunct Pluto at 22/23 Capricorn). If this is not happening for you, you could see it happening for people you know. New ideas and possibilities can sometimes arise in the spaces left by something going. There may have been experiences of sudden losses, or the letting go of time-honoured assumptions, and the first feelings may be a confusion of grief with the excitement of new found freedom (Sun/Moon square Uranus in Taurus).

.       You may be still in the middle of the turbulence, not having completely acknowledged what your next focus might be. Several possibilities may have arisen for you, and there could be confusion as to which one to go for. Or you may have decided what you would really like to do during 2020, but can’t see yet how to begin. There may be much discussion and thought about the possible new directions (Mercury sextile Mars in the New Moon chart), but the energy to start with is still exploratory (Mars in Sagittarius until 16 February).

Detach from outside by being centred inside

.       This New Moon is in Aquarius, which describes that place in us where we can know very clearly what we’re looking at – as long as we are standing apart from it, looking with a broad perspective and not attached to outcomes. As long as we are gripped by wanting something specific, we are too close to see the connotations. It can be difficult, knowing what you want and yet standing back detached from it. I find it easier to relax my emotional grip if I think about what I want as ‘what I might like, given the possibility’ – it allows space for something along the lines of what I want to manifest while being appropriate to the broader situation as well.

.       It also helps to recognise the different feeling of ‘want’ and ‘need’ and ‘would like’, and what in our lives they attach to. All this will be easier to do for the first 10 days after the New Moon, so do practise (Mercury in Aquarius until 3 February). I’ve just come across the following youtube video – Abraham Hicks gifting us with the way to detach!

Spiritual Love is vast – personal love is limited

.       There is another beautiful energy around this month of openness in relationships. Love is rising in a generous way, empathising with whoever is nearest, whoever needs a listening ear or a helping hand (Venus is close to Neptune, both sextile Jupiter in Capricorn). If you feel a loving impulse towards someone, just allow life’s loving energy to flow through you. Take care not to form a fantasy around that person (Venus in Pisces), nor to belittle the impulse (Venus square Mars). The energy of true loving is impersonal, and can lift our awareness in any situation to the spiritual level in life, if we allow that. Making it about the person who seemed to trigger the feeling in us, keeps our awareness on the everyday level, where influence and possessiveness kick in.

.       Humour can be a wonderful ice-breaker, it can disperse fear, and bring people together in tense situations – but humour can be misplaced. The best way to be sure you don’t fall into joking or commenting inappropriately, or inadvertently using humour against someone, is to be lovingly sensitive to the people with you. Staying kind, respectful and helpful will allow love to flow in the best way possible, and humour to be genuinely warm and friendly (Venus in Pisces working together with Mars in Sagittarius).

Confusion is the smoke-screen that spirit works behind

.       The Full Moon chart for 9 February continues the sense of reverberations from events that have already happened, while we focus on caring for humanity as a whole (Mercury trine the Moon’s North Node). There could be a confusing profusion of tasks, which we will tackle best by asking for inner guidance in prioritising (Jupiter sextiles Neptune). Also a new awareness of our own personal needs could arise – we may need to be reminded that everyone has personal needs, and we need to take care of our own (Venus conjuncts Chiron at the beginning of Aries). And we are entitled to take care of ourselves – every person has the same value for spirit, we are all expressing spirit in our own individual ways, and every single one is needed within the whole. It will be good to remember and work with the sense of true spiritual loving that sets the seal on this whole month.

Surrender to your soul – act only when the time is right

.       Where a new impetus has arisen in your life, you could find yourself fantasising about its success or failure depending on your habitual patterns of thought (Mercury into Pisces 3 February). If you do that, you are liable to be brought up short mid-February as realities begin to bite (Mars into Capricorn on 16 February, as Mercury begins to retrograde). You could find yourself unprepared for the practical action that will move your new direction forward.

.       So, until then, a better Piscean way to focus will be through surrendering to your soul’s own path, while developing empathy for others and meditating on how to help your world. Then, with the shift in energy mid-February, you will be open to recognise exactly how to go about working towards your chosen goal, ready to follow through whatever opportunities present themselves. (Mars will be in Capricorn until end March.)


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aquarius

Confusion is a Petri dish for creation
Spirit works behind a smoke-screen.
It is your very identity in the dish
not so easy to let go,
but how else is spirit to work?
If you would assist in your own process
let go of all you have ever known,
let go your grip on life – and fall
into the ever-loving arms
of your real true Self
and be
all that you are.


My website has been out of reach for the last month.  But the letter can always be
emailed and the video, with charts, goes up on youtube at the New Moon.  I hope
this has not been too inconvenient, and I’m glad to be in touch with you again.
With love,    Margaret


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