Capricorn New Moon – 26 Dec. 2019

Stay with yourself kindly through turbulence.
Life is continuous, good – and now.

Between a rock and a hard place

.       The difficulty is between wanting things to remain the same as we are used to (Saturn) while feeling the unstoppable power of inevitable change or death (Pluto). Pulling these two immense forces together produces a lot of turbulence (Saturn overtaking Pluto in Capricorn). Flowing with both these forces positively requires taking responsibility for our part in the present impasse. This makes it easier for us to accept the fact of how things are (Saturn), which allows the necessary changes to transform our lives (Pluto).

.       Saturn rules Capricorn, and it’s as though he is connecting with Pluto to make absolutely clear to us the deep situations being revealed in business, government, finance, and the physical world we live in. This is the material world operating inexorably – you do reap what you sow. That means whatever is going on in each of our lives belongs to us on one level or another – we may not remember what we sowed but the results are there because they fit us. We have to deal with what shows up, and Saturn’s style is down to earth, responsible, committed and persevering.

Both New and Full Moon this month are eclipses in Capricorn

.       The New Moon will cross the Sun’s path close to its South Node, but allow a ring of Sun’s light to shine around its edge. Astrologically this suggests that knowledge and wisdom from the past will help us understand our present position, and hopefully also what is required of us next to be appropriate in the natural flow of life. An eclipse emphasises the energy of the time, like writing it in bold capitals so we get the point, and, as the Full Moon comes at the time when Saturn is exactly over Pluto, what Pluto is revealing to us is liable to feel completely unacceptable. There must be death of something if a situation is to be transformed, and we can get very fearful and rigid when we don’t know what has to die.

.       During the next couple of months we are all liable to come across to others more powerfully than we realise. You may have been experiencing this already over the last few weeks. Any expression of authority or even expressing an opinion, trying to control or even resisting being controlled, could all be taken as attempts to dominate. When you sense this power in someone else’s expression, try to remember that this is a wave of energy flowing throughout the Earth – we are all within its influence – and if possible take a breath or two before reacting.

Conflict happens – let it go through and away

.       If you feel provoked, withdraw for a moment to feel what you feel. You may find that the first thing is to be gentle and kind with yourself. Notice what you yourself have been saying and what you were doing, and comfort yourself if you can. Often, what looks like a limitation or block can be an opportunity to expand in a different direction. If you retaliate, you are likely to provoke full-on war, even with people you love. So realign your attitude if you possibly can to something like ‘What would Love have me do right now?’ The best attitude to have, as you go forward into relating with anyone, is to listen with interest even if you don’t agree (Mercury in Sagittarius). Humour and a light touch will help defuse the words, and you may find that your previous understanding can expand.

.       Paying full attention to the practicalities of what’s going on around you will give everyone time and space, so any reactions that may have been triggered can settle down. Although we may be going over old ground with people, we need our responses to be appropriate to the moment (Sun/Moon/Jupiter on the South Node in Capricorn). This next month is a perfect opportunity to acknowledge our part in past situations, and move on to new ways of dealing with what’s left over (Saturn over Pluto).

Stay steady while going through turbulence

.       The Full Moon is on 10 January, two days before Mercury and the Sun line up with Saturn and Pluto together. This could be a very intense time of understanding dawning. The moment perhaps when this gathering wave of energy breaks on our shore of consciousness. The chart at this time shows enormous potential for tipping the balance of human endeavour towards caring for everyone in need (Jupiter on South Node, Mars trine Chiron, and Moon in Cancer trine Neptune). The energy flows unimpeded, while an attitude of the love for mankind arches over all (Venus in Aquarius unaspected).

.       However, from 16 and 20 of January, the emphasis could be more on ideas than practical steps to change (Mercury and then the Sun into Aquarius). And those ideas could well be more emotionally inspired than useful (Mars through Sagittarius squares Venus/Neptune in Pisces). Whatever arises needs to be considered – every point of view is part of the bigger picture. And throughout this coming year of 2020, we will be encouraged to try out whatever solutions present themselves (Jupiter through Capricorn).

The year 2020
– manifesting projects
.       Jupiter will be moving very fast through most of Capricorn until mid-May, then retrograde until mid-September 2020. The following three months, Jupiter completes his time in Capricorn, moving into Aquarius mid-December. This suggests that, to the extent we put in effort and work, our projects will grow fast. May to September could be the months when we need to re-think, maybe make adjustments, and then through October and November the project blossoms. Completion of at least the foundational stage of the project could well be in place by mid-December. And then there will be a shift of focus, perhaps to the next stage. So, whatever you wish to achieve, get practical, sensible, and be prepared to work for it, and there is every chance you will succeed – as long as your goal is in accord with the well being of life on Earth!

– spiritually waking up
.       Looking at the chart of 1 January 2020, (in its ripple through the Time Zones, we see that the Moon moves from an exact conjunction with Neptune at 16 Pisces, to a trine with Mars in Scorpio from 28 Pisces) it could suggest that we receive spiritual inspiration, become more psychically open, the human race moving as one, motivated by our deepest human emotions. Astrologers like to take the first day of a birth and stretch it over the whole first year – what we call ‘progressing’ the chart. In this case, the whole year begins with inspirational input and psychic opening, and moves steadily unconsciously towards acting from what is gathered.

.       The important bit could be the need to put our best effort into being individually conscious of the process, rather than just being moved along blindly by a general fear of change or loss of survival. Above all, we need to let go of clinging to how life has been in the past, and our expectations of the future. Plans have to change when the circumstances on which they were based have changed. Life is growth, and growth implies continual change. Perhaps we’ve been stagnant too long and the changes need to be fast. We can’t blame governments, we need to take responsibility for our own view of life, adjust our own expectations of the future. We are being called to expand our horizons, open our arms to whatever comes, and learn how to deal with changing circumstances with open hearts and minds. Life is continuous, and good . . . and now.

Dear friends, my gift to you for 2020 is Lee Harris Energy talking on youtube:
2020 The Energy Forecast –

Contemplation for this New Moon in Capricorn

Life is good – feel it
let yourself feel this pulse, this breath
become present
become one with consciousness
that holds every possibility yet is empty
a point expanded into itself

Be the point in your heart
that expands with every breath
all is still
in love and joy
held in mind as knowing
that right action is with life’s flow
for all is well in truth.
Be at peace.

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