Sagittarius New Moon – 26 Nov. 2019

Opinions limit your view, whereas loving detachment allows inclusivity,
and all ideas in the stew-pot creates transformative solutions.
There is always another way to see anything and anybody!

.       During the weeks running up to this New Moon, our ways of relating have been severely tested. But the balance is being held by the ability to stand back and shift perspective. At one end of the balance is a growing realisation that love really does change things, while at the other is the felt-sense of a need for the freedom to express our depths. Depths freely expressed reveal the love that is there (Venus over Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Uranus, and Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus).

When things seem insoluble, be open to inspiration

.       In everyday experience, you may have found yourself struggling to be independent while maintaining loving contact. In Taurus, Uranus focuses this struggle on nature and the ways of the world: can we continue taking from the earth and expecting the beauty to continue as it is – in many places, fast disappearing? Both ends of the struggle need to be addressed together, rather than the war of ‘opposites’ that wages these days, where at best we get to vacillate between two ideas rather than putting them in the same pot.

.       When everything is considered together, what seems impossible transforms itself into a solution that’s new. So also in our personal lives, differences must be homogenised, which means letting go of the grip on being right about ‘my view’. When we are too sure of being right, we tend to reject any other view without exploring it first. Whereas, when faced with a paradox, the brain stops trying to work things out, and in that gap we become open to being inspired – as long as we are prepared to experiment with solutions that had never occurred to us before.

Sagittarius – everything belongs in ‘the bigger picture’

.       This New Moon shows us how to face the opposites, the attitude that helps. From Sagittarius, it focuses us on the need to value every single person, and recognise the validity of every viewpoint, so that the exploration for solutions includes every idea from any source (Sagittarius Sun/Moon trine Chiron in Aries, and quincunx Uranus in Taurus). We are assisted by the love of truth and the acceptance of the facts that truth reveals (Venus just into Capricorn, and Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune, both sextile Saturn).

To let go of anything – just relax your grip

.       If we want to understand why we need to let go of what has become our ‘sacred cow’, it is essential to recognise and appreciate where we ourselves are egoically attached. This can include any ideas, attitudes, and even principles, when they run our choices without us noticing, and help our little selves feel worthy of our place in society and among our friends. It’s easier to let go when you realise you are holding onto a restriction. The last week of November, as Jupiter completes his year in Sagittarius, you could spend discovering how you feel emotionally about any struggle you are living at present – how we feel is definitely part of the whole picture (Mercury in Scorpio sextile the Capricorn planets).

.       However, understanding the reason to let go is not essential to the letting go itself. So, during the first few days of December, experiment with just letting go of your grip. Move and stretch, relax back and breathe more deeply – let yourself imagine a wider view of life. Accept that life is as it is, and let the love of being flow through your spaces. As Lee Harris (energy) sings: ‘we discover who we were, find the love we felt’ (Venus will be on the South Node in Capricorn, sextile Scorpio Mars who trines the North Node, and Jupiter reaches Capricorn).

All ideas deserve a hearing – and all people a place at the table

.       By the Full Moon on 11 December, we will probably be well into playing with ideas, exploring possibilities, planning parties and creating fun (Mercury through Sagittarius). Be sure to include those who feel outside (Mercury trine Chiron). We may well find different ways of doing things, different even from how we imagined they could be done (Jupiter trine Uranus). For the next year, Jupiter will be travelling through Capricorn encouraging the manifestation of those ideas cooked up throughout 2019. And if those precise ideas should fail, then – as long as we let them go with good grace – the solution that does work will unfold itself

.       On one level, our viewpoints have evolved naturally with our character and experience of life. On the level we share with the whole of humanity, viewpoints and the opinions created from them are how we separate ourselves and then feel lost and lonely. Opinions may be useful in our everyday world, but we need to leaven them with our shared sense of being as human as everyone else. This is the only way to maintain kindness and compassion, without which we can scarcely call ourselves human at all. The second half of this month, we can change people’s feelings of being cut-off by drawing into our community whoever is there in our lives (Venus in Aquarius from 20 December).

Integrity throughout our relating

.       This whole month could be about discovering where we have related irresponsibly in the past; how we have been with others, and what we may have done. There is much talk about this with regard to the history of nations and races, but what about our personal relationships? This is our opportunity to examine what we have said and done, and the effect that may have had at the time. Taking responsibility may feel like ‘I ought to make amends’ or ‘I should check that person is OK’. But really it’s about having integrity: that is, accepting both sides of our actions and words, and balancing any damage caused with healing in whatever way feels ‘right’. The resulting emotion is not resentment, because choosing to act brings a sense of relief and healing inside (Venus through Capricorn, over the South Node). This is truly the work of love in the world.

.       So, be aware of the need to follow through with any relationship or venture that you gaily started in 2019 (Jupiter in Sagittarius). Whether you complete it, pull out of it, or continue with it towards full manifestation, be clear, and be kind (Jupiter in Capricorn).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

Know what your head is saying
but listen also for the silence beyond those thoughts.
Choose who you see and care for
but also love those you leave untouched.
It is natural to prefer one thing over another here and there
but all things in truth have equal value in being.
Therefore, remember to be kind to each one in passing,
in your quiet mind hold all in light.

With love,

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