Scorpio New Moon – 27/28 October 2019

We need to let go of deep emotional conditioning
if we don’t want old attitudes to continue creating our experience.



This Scorpio New Moon chart is very striking for two aspects: Sun/Moon in Scorpio is exactly opposite Uranus in Taurus; and Mars in Libra is exactly square Saturn in Capricorn and quincunx Neptune. OK – what does that suggest . . .

Let go of past conditioning – Scorpio, trawling the depths!

.       There are likely to be two very different energies playing out in our lives, now and through this month. One of these is the New Moon itself pointing to a letting go which has repercussions in our sense of belonging to the past, to family and national traditions. It isn’t healthy to belong too strongly to the past in that we are identifying ourselves with something that is not grounded in the needs of the present, so we may be feeling righteous about attitudes which don’t serve ourselves or others at all well.

.       But letting go of past attitudes, and all the assumptions that go with them, is likely to feel intensely uncomfortable (Uranus in Taurus). It’s as though a plant that has outgrown its usefulness in our lives, is being weeded out, and we feel the roots deep in our psyche pulling up fear of not surviving (Sun/Moon in Scorpio) – like being thrown out of Paradise and not sure we’ll make it in the world outside. It’s worth remembering that our experience of the world can only be internal, and what we perceive, which seems to provoke our feelings, will be less worrying when we relax and let go of what we expect the future to be.

Fighting for Peace does not attract it

.       At the same time as needing to let go, there is a strong pull towards achieving in the world the peace and harmony that we sense as Paradise (Mars in Libra), while at the same time being confronted with actual realities of the world and the changes that are in fact going on (Saturn in Capricorn approaching Pluto). The beauty of this energetic thrust is that the ‘facts’ are in the hands of spirit itself (Saturn about to sextile Neptune) and the degree to which we can align ourselves with the good of all, to that degree the facts can be modified (Mars about to quincunx Neptune). The pain of letting go can be experienced as a new freedom as long as we focus on the well being of all being, not just some humans.

.       We can feel into the present turbulence on a global level, national level, and – what I think of as most important – a personal level. Adjusting our personal attitudes is likely to have the most impact on our experience of life and whatever happens in it, because our interior experience is really all we have – that is, our reactions to whatever impacts our practical living. Once we have adjusted our inner landscape and emotional weather, we are ready to join group responses usefully, rather than fearfully or by inciting forceful solutions that just attract resistance. If we hold on to attitudes like ‘this shouldn’t be happening’ or ‘this is all their fault’ whoever they may be, we just keep the see-saw tipping this way and that. When we are at relative peace inside ourselves, we are ready to move towards solutions that address both sides of a problem. In the coming events, whatever they turn out to be, we will need to balance what we want with what there is.

.       Of the twelve Zodiac signs, Libra represents a sense of harmony because it balances light and dark in the movement of living scales. It’s no use saying that only one side has a right to exist. As long as we find ourselves pro- one thing and anti- another, we are in one pan of the scales, swinging up and down out of control. In any of your life situations at present, see if you can spot where your position is taking one side against another, and try out attitudes that lift you to a different perspective where you become the hand that holds the scales. If we can’t do this in our personal lives, what hope can we have for humanity!

Diplomacy includes the difficult bits

.       The Full Moon will be in Taurus, gently holding the facts, and the need for a transformed approach (Moon trine Saturn and Pluto) while discussion takes everything into account (Mercury and the Sun sextile Saturn/Pluto). The whole situation can be handled sensitively with empathy (all the above connecting with Neptune). And the balancing act can be open to new ideas, trying any idea that might lead to a bigger picture (Mars sextile Jupiter). So from the Full Moon, there is every possibility that ‘peaceful’ solutions will be found, as long as we don’t step too fast into thinking that everything is solved before testing the ground (Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune).

.       Let us take the slow and steady approach to straightening out the tangles, rather than making decisions in partying mood. The parties are fine, but these decisions need time and care. The difficult bits have to be included in the solution, and fast positivity tends to leave them out (Jupiter square Chiron). See how working this way in your life brings a feeling of safety and trust (Moon in Taurus).

The dance of loving relationship

.       From November 1 to 20, we will be communicating our way through all the deepest emotions and most important issues about whatever situation arises (Mercury will be retrograding through Scorpio). Above all we need to be honest about what matters most to us, and let our closest loved people know this without clinging, or blaming or criticising them or ourselves. This truth about ourselves just is what it is, and we need to have it accepted, as we need to accept what matters most to them. Otherwise the relationship cannot deepen, and therefore may not last. From 19 November, there could be a new insistence on healing the deepest wounds (Mars into Scorpio quincunx Chiron). If we go for it, the result could be renewed love and warmth, and a new level of trust (Venus approaching Jupiter).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Scorpio

Fear has no place at the discussion table
but cannot be left outside the door.
You are not your fear, dear one,
so place it gently beside your seat,
recognised and soothed as a cared-for child,
while the adult in you faces reality.

You are not alone in your world
but held in the presence that guides all life.
You are a river flowing into the sea of Oneness
where all travellers are greeted as One.
One life – many forms
re-connecting, and yet never separate.


5 Responses to Scorpio New Moon – 27/28 October 2019

  1. Martha October 26, 2019 at 9:24 pm #

    Hi Margaret,

    We don’t know each other and hello!

    When I click on the link for this new moon, it says video private. My friend Diana Byrnes had an astro reading with you.

    Have a great weekend,


    • Margaret Koolman October 27, 2019 at 3:35 pm #

      Hello Martha, Yes it went up as ‘private’ in YouTube. Not sure how that happened. I’ve re-loaded it and it whould work now. All the best, Margaret

  2. Lucy October 27, 2019 at 11:48 am #

    Thank you Margaret. With love, Lucy x

  3. Mary Ann Ephgrave October 29, 2019 at 3:25 pm #

    Dear Margaret,

    I find your New and Full Moon readings an invaluable guide to seeing ‘what is’ with a much deeper and more profound understanding.

    Gratitude and Love for your time and care in sharing your insights and wisdom so freely and generously.

    Warm wishes


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