Libra New Moon – 28 September 2019

Let go of wanting to know – outcomes come out when they are ready.

Libra – Venus energy expressed in relationship

.       Twenty-five years ago, I took myself on a meditative journey to explore all the planet. This is what I wrote when I reached Venus, who rules Libra and Taurus. We could do with expressing more of this energy now:

Bright star, many pointed, brilliant. Singing – many voices, soft, rising and falling, interwoven sweetness. Twinkling notes like stardust in the light. A feeling of welcome, of arms reaching out to draw us in, too bright to see forms. A giggle, lots of being together as though the whole planet was made of intermingled bodies, wrapping round, holding each other, playing. Suddenly a burst of beautiful music formed by purpose. To heal? To speak? The music is like one voice. Eyes appear and a face – the whole planet a face with music coming from it. The face is giving loving kindness. It is as though a great consciousness was suddenly wakened and turned to me. It’s words:

“Our purpose is to heal the pains of disappointment and regret, of loss, of separation. We smooth the way with our hands, and turn discords into music with our added notes. We move unseen among the other planets, reaching even as far as Saturn, to bring comfort to the suffering, company to the lonely. Linking, joining others together. We have no sadness, for we are sufficient to ourselves in our own togetherness.”

The principle of Venus is acceptance of people as they are. Reassurance. The words we needed to hear from our parents when we were small and growing, about being OK and being loved for ourself and not for what we do. Holding the sad and suffering in loving arms and rocking them till they are soothed. Love is the Great Healer. Love allows strength and courage to come naturally. Love supports us when we doubt. Love laughs gently at our anger and our railing at life and ourselves. Love gives us the space to reconnect with our inner source.

We are what we are – let’s accept ourselves kindly

.       There is a general clearing up going on this month (Saturn, no longer retrograde, crossing the South Node exactly). The past is rising up again so that we can know exactly where we are coming from. It’s as though our deep ground is being dug over by the gardener ever since April this year (when Saturn began retrograding with the South Node). We’ve had to face aspects of ourselves, attitudes, behaviours and so on that are well below our present personal standards. Since 18 September, the feeling is of relief – at last we can make progress (Saturn direct).

.       What are we to do with this historic side of our personality? Just know that it’s there, so that we don’t have any exalted feelings about being beyond old stuff. The stuff we are really beyond will not be rising just now. What rises are the conditioning programs and memories that are still running underneath our conscious choices and behaviour. So this is our opportunity to acknowledge what we still feel that underlies our conscious interactions and whatever we choose to do in our relationships.

Changes happen around an unchanging core

.       We tend to hold on to what we believed we wanted, trying to make the present reality into something that it can’t be, and our failure is a constant pain. Acknowledging the presence of such feelings, we can set about meeting our own actual needs. And this allows for real growth from the ground up. Operating from a new perspective, we crack open the mold our relationships tend to fall into, and the subsequent changes can be surprising, even shocking (Mercury and Venus square Pluto). The result is a fresh flow of life between ourselves and others, vulnerability at a deeper level together with stability from being grounded in one’s own truth. We are growing the inner structure that enables us to gain sustenance from within.

.       Much of this growth has to do with acknowledging our own uniqueness, an individuality that doesn’t depend on others recognition or approval (Sun/Moon in Libra quincunx Uranus, and opposite Chiron in Aries). As we claim our own selves, those around us are supported to be who they really are, and relationship flourishes. At this time, we are likely to stake our claim through physical space (Uranus in Taurus). As both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, the energy of connecting, physical space claimed is not about separating from others. It is about creating enough space between people to see them as they are (Venus sextile Jupiter), rather than being so close that our identities become confused at the etheric level.

Let the truth become clear

.       By the Full Moon on 13 October, the changes become very clear. If our behaviour has seemed extreme in any field, we may find ourselves wishing things could be back to where they were (Sun opposite Moon both square Pluto). But in fact the transformation that is going on is essential if we are to continue to unfold as individuals. With honest and brave communication, we will address the needs of the moment (Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn, and trine North Node) intuitively going with what is right for everyone (Neptune trine Mercury and North Node). At this point it is not possible to know outcomes – Pluto deals with that which can’t be seen, deep in the unconscious, clearing that which is no longer an expression of life, making space for the inner truth to take shape.

.       As always, all this is relevant for each one of us personally (more so if your chart is directly aspected by transiting planets), and also relevant on a general level for the whole world. Our task now is to be what we are in our totality, in order that the results of changes can be appropriate to the unfolding future.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Libra

Let go of wanting to know,
outcomes come out when they are ready.
All is in the hands of life
which cares and cultivates and loves.
The fruit grows and falls,
the seeds fall into darkness – and grow.
Who knows what will appear,
but this much is sure
that love will permeate every atom of the future
for love is all there is.

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  1. Gwen Hanson September 29, 2019 at 5:40 pm #

    Beautiful Margaret, I have 3 Libra sun people all going through it in some way. This is perfect advice xxx
    I could do with a little reading for Lydia 26/9/1995 you may still have her on your list.
    Do you have a time Tuesday for a chat?
    Much love Gwen xxx

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