Virgo New Moon – 30 August 2019

Be awake to discovering the truth in order to align with life’s unfolding.

Virgo – first relax, and then do the work

.       There is a softness with strength in true Virgo’s approach, and it comes from inner reliance on the true self. (Always bear in mind that no one is ever one sign; at any moment and in any chart, the Sun sign is always modified by the position of the planets.) This month, that gentle quality has drive (Sun/Moon with Mars) – use it to apply the solutions and guides that have been occurring to you in the last few weeks. Do what you have been realising you need to do. This drive will be steady for the first two weeks of September: we will be feeling a sense of responsibility for how our life has progressed so far, and the universe will support any rectifying actions or healthful additions (Mars trine Saturn and South Node, and all the personal planets moving through Virgo).

.       Sorting stuff out becomes the natural thing to do and proceeds with clarity and discernment as to what is needed and what can be let go into the compost of past experience (Uranus in Taurus part of the Earthy grand trine). We find that we just know what is relevant now, what we can keep without detriment. We will know what still has emotional attachment for us and will eventually need to be dealt with rather than ignored or thrown away. We can keep emotional issues in a holding pattern for the first half of this month; the second half of the month may be more appropriate for working through them. The important thing now is to know what’s there, so that everything we can let go naturally creates space for sorting the rest – this is Virgo in action: scanning, analysing, classifying, sorting – separating the wheat from the chaff. The way to approach this, is to focus on whatever rises naturally into the mind, and place it where it feels correct against the backdrop of the wider situation.

However – it could all feel too much!

.       The situations we find ourselves considering may well be looking huge over the next three months (Jupiter speeding through Sagittarius). We will need to deliberately limit the amount of energy we give to the background issues, or they could overwhelm us with the enormity of what we think we should do (Jupiter square the Virgo planets and Neptune). The truth is that things tend to happen at the ‘right time’ rather than the time we work towards, and we are not in control of results. When wondering whether a particular action is going to ‘work’, a question we can ask ourselves is: ‘I wonder what will happen when I do this?’ so that there is less attachment to a preferred outcome. The future is then free to form our next step without our egoic interference. We need to practise handing the future over to ‘the angels’, who are involved and active throughout these times (Neptune sextile Saturn/South Node).

Virgo calm balances Pisces sensitivity

.       On 14 September, the Full Moon chart brings an extra flavour of emotional sensitivity to the second two weeks of this month (Moon joins Neptune in Pisces). This could be the time to deal with the emotional issues we identified in the first half of the month. Everything will happen more smoothly and kindly if we call on our higher spiritual nature, always asking that the outcome be right for all concerned (Moon/Neptune trine North Node). State this intention to yourself, do what is practical in the circumstances, and then leave life to unfold whatever is best – bearing in mind that ‘best’ may not look like what you had envisaged.

.       Virgo deals with the truth whether we like that truth or not. It is important not to criticise ourselves or others for any mistakes we may have been making up to now. It is notoriously difficult to recognise truth from falsehood; once the truth is known, we need to allow past errors to inform our future choices. For instance, once you know a particular person tends to embroider the facts, it is sensible not to trust their words, but you don’t have to punish them for being who they are. In the field of growth, mistakes are valuable – perfection is useless; mistakes are part of the flow – perfection is static, and then in the past just like mistakes. So don’t let the effort to get things ‘right’ wear you down, just recognise the movement of life.

.       Virgo deals with organisation, so this is a great month for getting health and wellbeing regimes up and running in our lives, planning how to fit meditation and exercise into our days, and programming in refreshing breaks and time for our relationships. However satisfying our work, we also need to take conscious care of ourselves with those we love, together (North Node in Cancer).

.       Virgo deals with what is necessary in the moment of consciousness. There is no need for positive feedback from others because the task unfolds its own satisfaction, which brings deep peace and joy. This is the meaning of ‘service’. From the Full Moon, there is a move to be ‘of service’ throughout humanity, each one to others, recognising the vulnerability of being individual (Mercury and Venus into Libra opposite Chiron in Aries, and Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune).

There is no pressure in the centre

.       There is a pressure on just now to get as much as possible done, to gather in as much harvest as can be grasped, to understand the total situation AND how it fits into life as a whole, etc. etc. (Jupiter now speeding up through Sagittarius square all the personal planets). This pressure is likely to increase until the beginning of December when Jupiter enters Capricorn. The main thing, then, is to use whatever regime you have for being well and centred, maintaining healthful boundaries in order to keep anxiety about the world to a minimum (Saturn as part of the grand trine in Earth Signs). Staying in touch with the spiritual dimension of experience, where all is understood, accepted and loved, we make our best contribution to the spiritually appropriate unfolding of life.
(I recommend listening to Kaypacha’s Pele Report for this week – he paints the bigger picture.)


Contemplation for this New Moon in Virgo

Accept what is true, not knowing what that may be.
Surrender your dreams to the surround facts.
Stay open to what arrives, being prepared to adjust –
but never lose your core integrity.
Let inner depths sustain
as you spread your heart wings in the blue
being there for the people,
where joy is in this moment of truth.

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  1. Susan huff September 4, 2019 at 6:20 am #

    Where do we find pele report- thank you

    • Margaret Koolman September 5, 2019 at 11:56 am #

      Kaypacha is the astrologer of New Paradigm Astrology.
      One of the things he offers is a free weekly report called the Pele Report.
      You can sign up to receive it every week, or just look at the one that’s relevant.
      Best of luck finding it 🙂

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