Leo New Moon – 1 August (31 July) 2019

The mind thinks, it cannot ‘know’. The heart knows, so we need to listen to it
in the space between thoughts, and consciousness expands in understanding.

Leo – the LION !

.       I have been called to task by a lady who read some of the astrology information on my website – bless you! She pointed out that my description of Leo as ‘a brazier’ leaves out the fiery power while emphasising the warmth and positivity – more like a pussy cat than the LION. My descriptions and drawings of the signs have been taken from the book I wrote in 1998, which is a compilation of expanded teaching notes – ‘Soul Purpose Astrology’. The brazier was chosen as a symbol for ‘fixed fire’ because that’s what it is, and one must be careful with it because the heat is intense inside. However, in winter (hard times) they draw a crowd of grateful people, whether they are talking like a ‘warrior-king’ or a statesman.

.       This energy of ‘courage, ferocity, passion and willpower’ etc. is likely to rise every year when the New Moon is in Leo. This year, Venus is very close to the New Moon, suggesting that our passion will be relationship, our bright vitality expressing the loving aspect of the energy, rather than aggression. It may well be, though, that the drama of relating could well feel aggressive where confidence in oneself is lacking (Venus, Sun/Moon all trine Chiron in Aries). So let’s work on being delighted rather than just shocked when the love bursts out (Venus, Sun/Moon square Uranus). This month, let’s express it, enjoy it, but not necessarily rely on its continuity.

A true King does not need a throne

.       The first half of this month is a good time to expand your plans for positive change (Venus, Sun/Moon and Mars all in Leo trine Jupiter). Maybe sort out a regime that serves your spiritual growth, and that you will want to put into practice during the second half of the month (Mars moves into Virgo on 17 August). One of the lovely heart-full Leo traits is thinking and acting BIG, so something to be wary of is setting your sights so high that you disappoint yourself in the event (Jupiter square Neptune). If that happens, don’t let that disappointment become self-criticism or blaming circumstances. We need to discover our limits, and we only feel their reality as we go over, so we need to keep an attitude of learning from mistakes. With inner guidance and an open heart, we are safe to continue expanding our reach. There may be an emphasis on egoic pride (Mars in Leo) which may expect a great deal from others and be defensive of its own shortcomings – you may feel like a king, but you wouldn’t want to put your ego on a throne, and your spirit doesn’t need one.

Love in Action – kindness and respect

.       There may be lots of heart-full radiance around, but our communication in these intense and changing times is likely to be more sober, aware of emotional needs, our own and others’ (Mercury/North Node in Cancer opposite Pluto/South Node in Capricorn). With the care of others in our minds, the heat of Leo passion is tempered with loving kindness – this is not weakness, but demonstrates Leo’s true spiritual strength (Neptune trine Mercury and quincunx Mars).

.       At the Full Moon on 15 August, we may find ourselves wondering if we are really up to what we think life is requiring of us (Mercury in Leo trine Chiron in Aries). As individuals, we cannot solve the world problems. But we can get together and deal with issues close to home (Full Moon in Aquarius). When focusing on helping where we can, we have a more rounded perspective on our own problems. Listening to that which is suffering creates the courage to say what is actually needed. This is true for our own pain, as well as listening to others. Love is the energy that will open our hearts, and may be all that’s required to bring about transformation (Sun on the same degree as Venus, quincunx Pluto).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Leo

There is such beauty in every corner of life,
not perhaps the beauty that you have been trained to see,
but a tender fragility of impermanence.
Gaze long enough to see this with your inner eye
and your heart will know the secret of all things.
That life itself is continuous creation;
its beauty, the One Presence welling up
through our consciousness of forms.
Holding onto creations that have passed
feels like grief at what is lost, anger at destruction.
Keep looking,
knowing that Presence is complete and never lost,
and your consciousness may expand until
all is contained and understood.

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