Cancer New Moon – 2 July 2019

Oneness contains all and every thing. It cannot be found when seeing diversity,
but once known, is seen equally through all things. Love it all.

Solar Eclipses

.       The moon is in fact very tiny compared with the sun, and very close to the earth, so the shadow created as it gets between us and the sun passes over only a small part of the earth’s surface. This eclipse will be largely visible in the southern hemisphere and mostly over the sea. But, as all sky phenomena are effective from an astrological point of view, if any of the points in your chart are near 10 degrees of any of the Zodiac signs, you will feel a greater emotional intensity.

Cancer – let go of ups and downs, ride the raft

.       The next month, following this New Moon in Cancer, promises to be a very emotional time. Cancer is well expressed by the waves on the sea, up and down, crests and troughs. Depending on the intensity of the ‘winds of change’ the ups and downs could threaten our inner stability. Changing circumstances (Jupiter in Sagittarius) continue to surprise us and/or those we love, bringing events that require us to change our ways (Jupiter square Neptune who trines the North Node). Go with the flow, roll with the punches! If your inner compass is fixed to spiritual guidance, you will find it easier to adapt as you go along. In truth, you lose nothing except the fantasies that were never true in the first place.

.       When riding this emotional roller-coaster, we see the light and dark of ourselves in sharp contrast. It’s important not to identify oneself with any of what we find; we are far greater than our behaviour or opinions, and merely contain them as bits of experience. You will probably already be finding attitudes in yourself that fall far short of the spiritual ideals you hold dear, and find yourself saying or doing things that you would not have deliberately chosen to say or do. At this time especially, there is an emphasis on our tendency to be self-centred (Mercury/Mars in Leo). We could be full of our own important grievances and threatening to abandon the scene of conflict with no resolution (Mercury/Mars trine Chiron and square Uranus). Or from the same astrological pattern, we could be filled with such a positive take on life that others are encouraged to act for global benefit.

Know your emotions, without letting them control you

.       What is thrown away at this time may not be retrievable later if we change our minds. And that can be a good thing if you’re throwing away a useless habit and its results in your life. Spiritual guidance is the safety factor here, because our emotions are likely to be so changeable we retreat from making any decision in case we regret it! And yet it’s so important to recognise just what your first emotional reactions are. Kaypacha says: ‘Not suppressing emotions, and yet not letting them take control of you = maturity.’

.       Knowing what we are capable of in the deepest parts of our reactivity enables us to appreciate our own real needs, and take care of ourselves better. If you do find yourself overwhelmed by an attitude from your past, try sliding out of it sideways and look to see what character you were in. Don’t reject it, describe it to yourself truly, but have compassion for what it is. Ask it what it really needs, and deep in yourself you will know, because it’s been overtaking you from time to time for years, and you’ve wondered how you could behave like that. That behaviour was always a call for love to be shown in some way, and you can now give that love to yourself. And all through this process, you are being yourself now with your present more enlightened attitudes, sanity restored.

.       When making a decision, a quick way to be sure we are on the side of the angels is to ask that everyone involved be benefited by what follows. This way, whether things turns out the way we wanted or not, we can accept that the outcome is for the best.

Peace is an inner sense, an innocence

.       How we feel about things IS our experience in any situation. Being at peace with your own surroundings, and locating yourself there, rather than in your imaginings about other people and the rest of the world, is a key part of awakening to reality. I think the following quote expresses exactly the attitude this New Moon is pointing to.

‘It’s healthy to be a compassionate, warm, kind-hearted person. If you maintain a feeling of compassion, loving kindness, then something automatically opens your inner door. Through that, you can communicate much more easily with other people. And that feeling of warmth creates a kind of openness. You’ll find that all human beings are just like you, and you’ll be able to relate to them more easily.’ Dalai Lama

.       The New Moon chart is directing humanity towards the way to be with each other (Sun/Moon approaching North Node in Cancer). It is our habitual and conditioned ways of assessing, judging, and trying to control situations and people’s responses – all that is what has to change (Saturn on South Node in Capricorn with Pluto). The ways that worked in the past are not relevant to the Aquarian Age. And the Aquarian Age is making itself felt at the material, practical, financial level of life (Uranus who rules Aquarius being in Taurus until 2026). We are learning to let go of clinging to those we are physically close to and together with; we are also learning that physical presence is not essential for those who are together in their hearts. The real connection is not through emotions but, as Eckhart Tolle says: ‘Look through stillness at all beings . . . love is from soul to soul.’

Slowing down enables flexibility rather than breaks

.       The Full Moon chart for 16 July shows the Sun still close to the North Node and the Moon opposite together with Pluto, Saturn and South Node: there may be tussles about seemingly drastic changes that have to be made. It’s very important that we don’t get drawn into being aggressive or over dramatic in an attempt to force specific outcomes (Mars/Mercury in Leo square Uranus all month). Changes that are brought about that way always cause more conflict later. There is a need in the natural growth of life, to remain open and flexible, and this is especially necessary when changes are happening fast. Stubbornness and force lead to breakages.

.       The whole of July focuses on the caring loving side of our relationships (Venus about to go through Cancer until 28 July, and Mercury retrograding back through Cancer from 19 to 31 July). And all the while Neptune continues to hold open our inner door to wider consciousness that is inclusive without fear (Neptune exactly trines the North Node and sextiles Saturn on the South Node).

‘The brain is the medium for consciousness to enter the physical dimension.
You ARE the now, the space in which life happens, consciousness which is
the light of the One.’ Eckhart Tolle


Contemplation for this New Moon in Cancer

Darlings of the Universe!
Know and love the truth of what you are.
Love your sweet selves so much
that all your thought-up boundaries
Love is total, all there is, immerse yourselves.
The stars shine out of your eyes,
your hair makes music like wind-chimes
your tears of joy the oceans are.
And you may also enjoy all the little things of life
that being a human Being allows you,
never losing the love of all of it –
all together as one.

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