Gemini New Moon – 3 June 2019

Fresh air is promised but hasn’t quite arrived – give life time to deliver.  Discover where you are clinging, and let your troubles go with the wind.

Shocks and reverberation – enjoy the ride!

.       The last few days run-up to this New Moon has been a bit of a roller-coaster, intense, possibly dramatic, very emotional, definitely reaching into us deeply, calling for our truth to be seen by allowing everything else to drop away. We may have had health changes (up or down), found thoughts of past or future creating turbulent emotions, or experienced conflicts with our present world (Mercury squared Neptune and then opposed Jupiter; Mars squared Chiron; Venus sextiled Neptune and trined Saturn). The best use of all this stirring up is to recognise exactly what we need to let go and, this month, allow it to leave our sense of who we are (Venus trine Pluto now).

.       The New Moon itself is in the middle of Gemini – that place of clear fresh air (mental space) but with possibly too many thoughts in it. The chart shows we are well placed to put words to our feelings and communicate in a non-aggressive way (Jupiter in Sagittarius opposite the midpoint between Sun/Moon and Mercury, all square Neptune in Pisces). All will be well as long as we don’t think we know all the answers: be prepared to not know, change your mind, accept another’s point of view as equally valid as your own.

What to let go of? and how?

.       Don’t try to reach heaven too soon, your emotional and physical state may not be up to it. The idea is to relax and be with the way things and people are, so heaven can breathe through you to the degree you can handle. We need to be in good shape emotionally if we are to breathe love, joy and peace into our world; and that shape is determined by our limitations, the edges of our reach. As long as we are clinging onto something, anything at all, it shapes our space. It’s all very well to talk of letting go but, deep inside, we are clinging because we have a despairing belief that we simply can’t survive without whatever or whoever it is (Venus in Taurus trine Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn).

.       This month is a good time for discovering what those things are for you personally. Pluto represents the potential for transformation, rather than guaranteeing transformation itself. Transformation first requires the death of what has been, and we will always fear personal obliteration in some way until we know that it is not our true selves that die. With Venus in Taurus we are looking at our relationship with our bodies, money, nature, trees, food, clothes, the presence or absence of other people – it’s absolutely where we live in the material world.

.       Happily, it’s not the thing or person we cling to that is the real problem, it’s the fact that we are clinging, or gripped on, or trying to control. We are attached to it as though it was part of who we are, and so our view of ourselves includes that thing or person, and we can’t see our own true self. Because Venus and Pluto are exactly one third of the circle apart and both in the same element, the energy flows smoothly between them, so what we are relating to in a clingy way should be quite easy to spot. We are not being asked to throw it out of our lives. All we need do is realise that we are not that, in truth we are something quite other. On the personal level, we are the life force that holds our life together: we can shift and change our ways, and our life adapts. But in truth we are not even that; we are more the light of consciousness itself that dissolves the form of things into a far greater freedom.

.       With that in mind, now look again at what you cling to, that seemed essential to your life. All you need to do is let go of clinging to it, seeing that it is not essential to what you really are. The transformation is in our sense of ourselves. From this new experience, we can relate to the material world more lightly, and appreciate that in others which is also in ourselves. This is the oneness we are yearning for, to enjoy each other as part of the whole in love and peace.

Putting empathy to work

.       The Full Moon chart has a very different focus, showing an honesty and integrity about our emotional expression. It is caring about situations and people that actually brings about the changes that are required during these times we’re in. Expressing clearly how we are emotionally affected by pain, war, destruction – how it hurts us, and what a relief it would be to allow a kinder and more nurturing approach to solving problems – this gives the motivation to make good changes (Mercury and Mars on the Cancer North Node trine Neptune, with Saturn/Pluto on SN).

.       In order to express our emotions in a useful way, we need to be aware of old beliefs and assumptions that continually create harmful emotional reactions in ourselves. Then we can consciously discount them, and be free to see what’s actually here now without judgement. The best way to change a heavy, angry, or grieving state is to call on the benevolent light beings who are always around us, for their healing energy, and tell your troubles exactly how you feel them as though to a heavenly therapist. We tend to keep telling ourselves how we feel and that doesn’t change anything, but keeps us in the vortex of the state; or we try to change the state and that separates us from our truth. Telling it all, just how it is, to a beneficent healing energy is a call for help, and that help is never withheld, it always enters our space and helps to shift our perspective – if we allow it. Changes can happen within you that you wouldn’t believe before doing it. Needing help is not failure, and asking for help is not weakness, it is a demonstration of strength in the intention to grow.

Letting emotions flow through

.       A change in perspective changes what we see and what we experience. It un-sticks our emotions and moves them about so they can flow through and out into the past. Notice if you find yourself holding onto a justified resentment or a grief that is fading – relax and let it go, and allow the gentle flow of kindness to reconnect you to the source of life. With that shift, it’s amazing how problems disappear – the situations may remain and the people don’t necessarily change, but we can see that they are not really a problem of themselves. They are just being what they are, like each one of us needs to be.

.       Continually be prepared to see things differently and you will keep moving along your path. Neptune is in charge of the direction at present (Neptune trine North Node), allow yourself to be guided. Don’t necessarily follow through what you said yesterday, but keep inquiring into what is obscure. Give, receive, and grow in acceptance – because we just don’t know (Sun/Moon and Mercury opposite Jupiter, all square Neptune).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Gemini

What’s to stop you?
You are beautiful, as every tree and flower will agree.
You can be what you most love,
for why do you love it except that it waits inside
to be seen by you and expressed.

Very tender, very loving,
let all the world see what shows up in your light.
Don’t be ashamed, or take it personally
when your beauty is misunderstood or seems to be attacked.
Know that your light is one with the light of heaven
and shadows retreat as you walk your path.




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  1. Jennie Swan June 19, 2019 at 5:19 am #

    Thank you Margaret for your soothing and inspiring words of wisdom.

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