Taurus New Moon – 4 May 2019

Trust spirit as the ground you walk on, and love, not fear, guide your actions.
Attempts to control results interfere with what is already in process.
Take your time.


Taurus – the natural energy of life growing

.       Perhaps the best use we can make of having a body is to consciously experience spirit in physicality. Here we are, and our bodies are more in touch with spiritual truth than ever our minds can get, as muscle testing demonstrates. It’s our thinking minds that create the fear and havoc we experience in the world and in our daily lives. When we let go of our limited perspectives, we have space to focus either on expanding our awareness to include everything, or on our bodily experience in the moment through all its wonderful senses. This month of the Taurus New Moon is the opportunity to do the latter, focus on the physical with meticulous and intimate awareness. Life is surprising, natural, amazing, beautiful – and without judgement. Pain happens when we resist it.

.       Good images for Taurus include the Earth herself, rolling peacefully round the sun; or life’s growthful aspect, the energy rising in sap, giving and receiving nourishment; or Nature, spirit of earth, holding all forms in balance with each other, adjusting to unpredictable movement. And for the next seven years we have this unpredictable force present to shake us out of complacency when we think we’ve finally understood how to be with our planet, or with our individual life circumstances (Uranus, planet of unpredictable energy through Taurus for seven years). As it is often said, the only thing you can rely on is that things will change. Growth itself is change, so perhaps after all Uranus is at home in Taurus! But growth may be in unexpected spurts, and somewhere other than where we were looking for it.

We need to control our actions, not Life

.       This New Moon in the middle of Taurus is keying us into inexorable changes, those unfolding natural consequences of past ways of being. In last month’s letter, there was reference to the past uncontrolled use of earth’s resources (Saturn/Pluto/South Node in Capricorn). However, it’s in our personal lives that we have to tackle the results of our own past behaviour. Until August/September our lives will be pointing us towards reconciling ourselves with what is past, taking completing actions where possible, learning useful lessons from our harvest, and then letting it all fall away from distorting our present life. During these three to four months, you will have continuous spiritual support, if you call upon it in whatever way works for you (Neptune in Pisces remains within a degree of trining the Cancer North Node until the end of August, while Saturn, sextiling Neptune, tracks the South Node back through Capricorn until late September).

.       Through this time, anyone who is sensitive at all will be more than usually emotionally aware of the state of the entire earth and all her creatures, while on a personal level, we are dealing with past connections and events that have left their mark in our outlook and behaviour. We need to recognise that we cannot control the results of what has gone before. We hardly even know truth from our fantasies about it, and from the general hype around different issues. This is a time to surrender ourselves to the beneficent wholeness, and to be sensitive to what is calling to be done in an appropriate way (Sun/Moon sextile Neptune, and trine South Node).

Completing and letting go of our personal history

.       In our personal history, there will have been authority figures, who may have been difficult or kindly. If we can remain steady and calm when faced with our past, we can now say goodbye to the legacies of father or teacher, and stand more firmly in who we have become through, and in spite of, our experience of them. Then we can claim our own authority, using the wisdom of past lessons to inform our choices. There is a pressure now to take command of our own selves, do what we see needs doing in such a way that it nurtures us and our world, to walk forward with angelic guidance, rather than clinging to old ways that no longer work (North Node in Cancer trine Neptune).

.       We may feel at first that there is too much that needs to be done all at once (Mercury sextile Mars in Gemini). But by 7 May, we will steady down, finding it easier to prioritise what can be done usefully (Mercury into Taurus). From 15 May, we are likely to feel more grounded and tollerant (Venus into Taurus, and Mercury trining South Node/Saturn/Pluto). By the Full Moon on 18 May, our efforts are much more likely to be in tune with Life’s natural flow, and therefore appropriate to circumstances (Mars into Cancer). The second half of this lunar month, we are encouraged to act from compassion.

Whatever is too much to bear, give to spirit

.       All this time, we need to take care not to become bogged down by sadness, depression or anger about the state of things (Jupiter retrograde square Neptune). We may be seeing a big picture, but it’s never the whole picture. We need to remember that we don’t know how the unfolding of life is meant to be. We can be sure that love is the source, the root and the goal of it all.

.       Our attempts to control the results of past actions can only interfere with what is already in process. This is why it feels especially good that Neptune, the door to spirit wisdom, is standing open from now till the end of November (Neptune sextile Saturn). Whatever feels too much to bear, we need to give it entirely to spirit; because, in order to leave life free to move as it must, we need to let go of trying to control what happens. So this is a wonderful time to re-dedicate to your spiritual commitment, organise your practice, and remain resolute in gratitude, kindness and gentleness to self and others.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Taurus

Come into the arms of your angel-self.
Let the wings wrap around you warm and safe.
In truth, there is nothing to fear.
Only your tattered rags of identity will be lost.
YOU will remain, beloved of us all.

Let go, you will not fall,
you are weightless, suspended in heaven.
Those scenes you cling to
are made of your fear of falling
and it is they that weigh you down.

The joy of life is within you
waiting your attention to flower and grow.
Move – like a tree in the breeze, like a bird in the sky,
and breathe in to give yourself room.
Nothing is wrong here and now – life just IS.

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  1. James McCarty May 4, 2019 at 8:15 am #

    Beautiful reading Margaret- Could you put me back on the e-mail list please

  2. Genie Lee May 4, 2019 at 8:41 am #

    Thank you Margaret for an inspiring reading-unique amongst many loud such attempts. Astrology at its best.

  3. Debra Martin May 4, 2019 at 11:54 pm #

    This is so encouraging, thank you for posting. I can see some of these things happening now.

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