Aries New Moon – 5 April 2019

Going forward on the river of life requires casting off from the bank
of expectations, assumptions, grievances, entitlement, knowing best, being right . . . . .

Look for the gift in every problem.

Go forward – with spiritual support!

.       This New Moon may be in the middle of Aries, but we will still be coping with the Pisces uncertainties and miasmas for the next two weeks (Mercury, now pulling away from Neptune in Pisces, doesn’t reach Aries till 17 April). The start of this lunar month may well be confusing, especially due to being more than usually sensitive to each other’s emotional flows (Venus will be in Pisces until 20 April).

.       However, we can use this time to become more aware of how we are feeling personally, which helps us take responsibility for our part in all that goes on. And, being more sensitive generally, we have the opportunity to recognise the reflection of ourselves in others. Our own deep issues are likely to rise up in front of us. As we see the connection, and withhold judgement of ourselves, what rose up either fades away of itself or just stops bothering us. This is a time to receive and apply wisdom (Mercury/Neptune sextile Saturn/South Node/Pluto).

Aries – the beginner

.       The main difficulty, when Aries is flowing in the blood, is impatience to reach some idealised goal NOW! And the problem with that drive is that it has nothing to do with the moment we are in, where life is actually happening. To have a goal is fine, but to attach our present energy to that goal is to miss our life, and the people who help us to live it, and all the beauty along the way.

.       Aries is so good at really being in the moment of life, the beginner’s first realisation of the wondrous Presence of it all. Missing the moment through a drive to the future is the biggest loss we can suffer. So this month let’s have ‘inner presence’ as the main goal, at the same time as being aware of what’s going on within and around. We are likely to be responding with speed and flexibility (Aries’ ruler, Mars, is in Gemini). And the focus could be on those places in life where personal issues have not been expressed well in the past, our own issues or the issues of any beings, animal, vegetable or mineral, including the planet (Chiron in Aries, and Pluto on South Node).

.       The emphasis on acknowledging and correcting the mis-use of resources – historically and still happening – will continue throughout the next few months (Saturn tracks the South Node back through Capricorn until mid-September). This is a time when we need to realise that planetary sources, and people, need nourishing not controlling (North Node in Cancer). We each need to be aware of what nourishes us in our own lives, and appreciate and nurture lovingly that source of gifts. Above all, we can re-connect every day with the source of our own awareness, our connection with the field of consciousness, without which we would be completely asleep to life itself.

.       That which is our source can’t be understood mentally – the thinking mind is very limited, having no way to experience. Knowledge of concepts and ideas, though it can be wonderful, is not alive. It is the heart that understands in a living way, beating physically and radiating energetically, it is a bridge to Being. Fired by inspiration, expanded by connection, driving the imagination to reach beyond the known, flowering from the seed of divinity within, it is the door to Oneness, awaiting our arrival (Aries rules the head, beginner’s mind – the heart is its true goal).

Radical change takes time to settle down

.       In the days just after the Full Moon (19 April) there is a definite change of energy in the astrological weather map. Possibly a letting go of impractical dreams and an acceptance of being just oneself, prompts us to deal immediately with whatever presents itself as we go along (Sun into Taurus over Uranus; Venus into Aries, following Mercury over Chiron). There may be a sense of liberation (Jupiter trining Sun, sextiling Moon) followed by not knowing quite what to do with it – lots of ideas, sharing potential plans, discussing the various needs that come to mind.

.       Throughout this month until mid-August, there is a lull in Jupiter’s growthful influence (Jupiter retrograde) so any ideas that appeared in your life since January may be looking impractical or even unimportant just now. Don’t reject them, they are just not top priority right now. Their time for manifesting will likely come later in the year.

.       It will be important throughout this second half of the lunar month to keep coming back to our inner guidance, which will keep us secure in the knowledge that everything is unfolding as it needs to, and all is really well (Neptune trines the North Node May to September). It’s as though spiritual guidance reaches further into our material experience than usual: we can notice it as long as we stay open to the positive in each situation, looking for the gift in every apparent problem. Above all, don’t join the fear-mongers. As we move into May, a more practical frame of mind brings the ability to deal with things more effectively (Neptune sextiling Saturn/North Node).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aries

Be yourSelf to the best of your present ability.
You are enough to fulfill your place in life.
Focus from your heart on the beauty of Being.
Enjoy each contact
with person, flower, animal, cloudscape . . .
There is no end to the beauty of Presence
glowing in apparent manifestation.
All it needs is your aware presence
to share the loving smile.


               People sometimes ask me if I still read charts – and yes, I do, and love it!  Every chart is different, and every moment is new.  We talk about what’s going on, relationships, family, work and so on, always a changing scene.  I find that phone readings work just as well as when people visit me.  And updates are charged proportionally for the time we use – often much less than an hour is needed. 

               These days, I re-send charts if they’re lost, and email a link for people to download the sound file of the recorded reading – it’s all very efficient.  Bank transfers, or PayPal invoices, cover anywhere in the world, so distance is no problem.  I love it!  So be in touch if you feel I might be able to help or inform or broaden or explain or . . .        




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