Pisces New Moon – 6 March 2019

Deal with what rises – this circumstance or this person is top priority now.
Never mind what was planned – let it go. Life is happening as we go along.

Get into the flow

.       Life is surging along – it feels a bit like standing in a river watching the water rushing towards us, swirling about our legs for a while, then streaming into the mists of forgetfulness. Perhaps you feel this flow turbulent, worrying, confusing, or so powerful you are almost overturned, or awakening and wonderful. But this month there’s a clear way to steady ourselves (New Moon on Neptune in Pisces) – relax your grip on an anchored position in life, and just feel the flow of time passing this moment of consciousness. The future arrives and flows into the past, without us doing anything at all. But if we are conscious moment by moment, we get to join in, experiencing it all, learning and growing as it all goes by.

.       On the day of the New Moon, Mercury appears to be stationary at the very end of Pisces, beginning to move back towards the Sun (Mercury retrogrades to the middle of Pisces, until 28 March). The whole of that time, we may find ourselves somewhat unfocussed on the everyday, with thoughts about how past decisions and activities have created it all. But it would be a waste of time to fret about how we got where we are, more to the point is to find a healthful relationship with what there is now. Similarly, the future may be appearing already, but we still have to get there.

Tune in, and allow the vision to arise

.       Neptune is the key this month. The ability we are being assisted to develop is to soft focus our minds and broaden into peripheral vision, so that we are open to how life is unfolding of itself, our paths creating themselves step by step in front of our feet. The anchor is in the heart, an intention to understand the truth, to assist life rather than trying to direct it. This first two weeks before the Full Moon, our hearts are being called to open to Oneness where the only solutions that work are those that include it all.

.       Whenever we find ourselves hugely anxious about any aspect of life, we are aligning ourselves with materialist vision that sees many separate parts without recognising the total connection. It’s not just that each part affects the rest; it’s that it all works as single a living being, moving, growing, welling up, and sinking back, all with the aim to wake to full consciousness without boundaries – not really a single being, but Being itself, resting as totality . . . What we can do to align with this process is endeavour to become as conscious as possible within this body we inhabit, not just conscious of what our senses tell us, because that’s a very small piece of the whole spectrum, but discovering what we are capable of experiencing on every level.

.       The difficulty with mental experience could be appreciating the difference between two conscious skills: the skill of the mind to visualise concepts and designs in time and space by thinking; and what our consciousness can encompass as we let go of thinking, and become open to inspiration and understanding. The imagination may be the paint box for both activities, but we need to refrain from being the painter, and allow spirit or love to paint the visions for us. This second skill is our way towards truth, and we only know that by feel, either by the gentle light of it, or through muscle testing – our natural energy responds well to truth.

Enjoy, and be prepared to work

.       The Full Moon is on 21 March at the Equinox, and the Sun enters Aries exactly opposite the Moon in Libra, so the following two weeks emphasise the importance of our own personal heart-felt position. We may need to support our own right to self assertiveness, while finding ways to appreciate others’ right also (Sun on Chiron in Aries for us all). We may need to step away from contradiction, give up having the last word, re-consider if perhaps we may not be absolutely right, even taking space from others for a period of time while adjustment is digested (Moon quincunx Uranus in Taurus).

.       This second fortnight of the month is a wonderful time to tune in to your spirit’s love for you, accepting the guidance you may receive as offering handholds up the cliffs of daily experience (Mercury/Neptune sextile Saturn in Capricorn). Relationships offer much fun and interest, but the practical circumstances may require help to transform things, rather than simple ease (Venus sextiles Jupiter and squares Mars in Taurus, solved by a quincunx).

and next month . . . about Jupiter

.       Anything you may have been thinking to grow since the middle of January may have to go on the back burner from early April till mid-August. Jupiter opens up our future by en-courage-ing our growth, and when our fear level is low, we express more of our potential – our future shows itself in what we do. The Jupiter influence can encourage, expand, emphasise and exaggerate. (For four months every year, as the earth overtakes him, he appears to go backwards across about 10 degrees then forwards over them again. That means that any planet you may have within those degrees will have the encouraging influence three times. This year those degrees are 14-24 Sagittarius, the sign he’s most comfortable in.) The lull in influence is from 9 April till 12 August, so these are the months for checking feasibility and honing the plans for full expansion by early November 2019. You will notice all this to the degree that your personal chart is affected by Jupiter’s position. And of course, it’s the energy you put out that attracts your experience!

for now, Pisces – the boundless sea of life, of eternity

.       During this whole month, we are open to everyone in the world, there are no boundaries that stop the flow of emotion, joy or suffering. One way to navigate such stormy waters, without being brought down to the heaviest (negative) level, is to open your heart to the Light of Oneness, knowing that everything is held in Love, unfolding as it needs to – and at the same time deal with the delicate minutiae of your life day by day as you go. Your steadiness will help to hold the field around you, and steady fields link to settle the wildness of the waves.

.       All this month, the focus on Pisces is offering us a perfect opportunity to practise the art of feeling our emotions and watching them flow through at the same time. What you focus on, becomes stronger and more real for you, so make sure it’s not what you fear. Focus on beauty wherever you find it, on warmth between people, on useful activity and playful fun. Allow yourself to enjoy what you can, there is no virtue or value in suffering because others suffer. Offer a kindly respectful acceptance of the other’s experience, at the same time as holding the space steady and strong so they are safe to express what’s true for them, and to grow as they need.

.       Meditate inwardly towards the inner light in you, so that you become aware of how it fills you and all the universe. Listen to inner guidance. Listen for the silence beyond sound.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Pisces

Hold your space.
The world that surrounds you
is your world,
emanating from your mind, emotions and feelings.
Withdraw your identity from what seems to be out there
and re-create your inner space
finding first the Light in the centre
and radiating out from there
into your world.
Your understanding of what you see will change
and your relationship with the Light
will overtake all others
until Light is all you will see
and the world will be safe in your hands.
Love it all.

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