Virgo New Moon – 1 September 16

Change your world carefully – scan, aim, and focus on one thing at a time

Virgo – the way to change your world

.       One thing at a time, all you multi-taskers!  We need to focus precisely on what comes to our hand.  Virgo scans the whole to see which task to begin with and, having decided, that task is paramount.  To begin work on improving a situation, the scanning comes first and sometimes, in the broader view, things that seemed important before become stuff to push aside for later.  Taking the task that intuitively seems right is all very well (Neptune on South Node in Pisces), but informing ourselves of the options available is a valuable first step, and having an idea of a goal will also be useful (Sun/Moon on North Node in Virgo).  Sorting your belongings, papers, clothes; organising your day, week, month; amending diet, exercise, sleep; completing correspondence, paying dues, visiting remembered friends and family:  getting up-to-date with your world requires Virgo-style.

Changing the mind

.       Re-jigging our habits is a good idea for every level of life this month (Mercury retrograde through Virgo until 21 September).  Being an eclipse, although not total, there is an emphasis on Virgo-style activities.  Working on ourselves and how we organise our lives will be most growthful up to 9 September (when Jupiter leaves Virgo for Libra).  Perhaps the spiritual level is most testing because our awareness of spirit is continually affected by our attitudes in all other spheres.  We are constantly running background attitudes to life, to other people, to ourselves, in every area of life.  Spirit, being beyond and yet throughout all of it, becomes hidden behind these worldly judgements.  Most of us need to work to remember true patience and compassion for our human condition.

.       Useless or damaging self-talk needs to be recognised and then countered by kindness, and trust in the ‘rightness’ of experience.  So scan for flaws in your mental processes, and focus on the one that hinders your growth and happiness most.  Discover a way to work with that – what will probably not work is a head-on get-rid-of-it method, but rather bring one of your positive characteristics to bear:  respect for an individual rather than resentment about their behaviour, humour in the face of apparent disaster rather than rage or hopelessness, and so on (Sun/Moon and Neptune square Saturn/Mars in Sagittarius).

.       Laughter, fun, adventure, experiment are the best styles for action until 27 September – until then, discover again all the wonderful things in your life, and enjoy what you find.  A more serious approach then becomes relevant and will achieve much more in practice (Mars moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn on 27 September).

Some Soul Astrology . . . Saturn square Neptune

.       Just as Jupiter, completing Virgo, begins his year in Libra on 9 September, Saturn exactly squares Neptune at last.  As this square has been approaching for the last few months, our worry, anxiety, even fear, may have been growing – a sense of insecurity, feeling out of control and not knowing what to do about it, disillusioned and doubting our own capacity to manage.  These two celestial events happening at the same time suggest that Jupiter’s year in Libra may be dogged by a tendency to impose this disappointment and doubt into our relationships.

.       When planets are square to each other (at right angles in the chart, 90 degrees apart), they simply don’t understand what each other is about, so they challenge each other, working in different ways in different fields and tending to bring about conflict.  The solution is to appreciate the benefits of each one, and put them together – it can always be done!

.       Neptune in Pisces on the South Node is reassuring us that we are part of the One.  Saturn in Sagittarius is bringing consciousness of how our beliefs about the bigger picture of life are creating our experience –  belief in fear or joy.  When we bring the teaching of Saturn and Neptune together, we find it creates a growing awareness of being not just a part of the One, but also, and in essence, the One itself.

.       The antidote to fear and doubt is Trust, perhaps the biggest spiritual power we have! Only through trusting the Oneness of All can we allow ourselves to relax into the spiritual flow of our lives, and receive the nourishment of the love that it All is.

Jupiter in Libra – 9 September till October 2017

.       The point is that, for the coming year, through all our relating, finding harmonious solutions, mediating, creating beauty and peace on all levels (Jupiter through Libra) we will need to remember that we don’t really know what others are thinking, what they may mean by their words, how they really feel.  So it will be very important to remember that we are all human beings, in truth all one with it All, all wanting to be loved, to be happy, hoping to be understood but in practice needing loving kindness and respect even more than understanding.

.       A major contribution to peace in the world would be to not make assumptions about others.  Almost every disappointment follows a mistaken assumption, and could have been avoided by asking for the truth first.  Sometimes, we just need to listen to and believe our own intuitions, but during this time it would be safer to check ‘reality’ (Saturn square Neptune).  Another thing so important in our relating is to be honest as far as we can be, as long as we deliver our truth kindly.  So this next year is likely to deliver surprises about the people you thought you knew.

.       As we develop these basic attitudes through all our relating, this next year gives a wonderful opportunity for our heart to expand into beauty and joy.

Full Moon eclipse 16 September – do what’s right for you

.       An important behaviour to watch out for, that the Full Moon chart suggests, is allowing other people’s style to squash our own – or us trying to squash theirs because we think we know better than they do how to live their lives.  This feeling can result in the squashed one trying to justify themselves, or persuade the other of their rightness – all of which is from mis-placed judgement (Virgo Sun quincunx Uranus who opposes Venus in Libra).  We are all individuals with our own spiritual, or heart-felt, direction in life (Mars trines Uranus in Aries, squares Sun and Moon).  Another person, even someone you admire in some ways, may have an attitude that backs behaviour of which you don’t really approve.  It is not something to judge, or try to change in them, but rather to use as a wake-up call to check what you have been thinking and feeling in your own life.  Do what feels right to you, and let others have their own experience of life.

. . . a thought about that square between Saturn and Neptune

.       Whatever we believe is not what is actually true.  The truth is a brilliant light within which all definitions and descriptions pale and disappear.  And yet here we seem to be looking at each other perplexed.  Let us practise allowing beliefs, assumptions, explanations, justifications (and so on) all dissolve just a bit whenever we find we are holding on – we may just be surprised at the amazingness of what floats through our perception, and even maybe manifests for us. . .


Contemplation for this New Moon in Virgo

There are fairies, and devas, and spirits
of great mountains, of forests and lakes;
angels and cherubs and white feathered wings;
and fish and otters, antlered deer and bears.
And you – human being, with flowers in your hair,
with a heart as big as the ocean,
and eyes like stars in the sky.

All is life, and colour, and light
in shadow and rays,
flickering energy dancing and bright.
See how the patterns change and blend,
separate into shapes and blend again.
This is life – movement and energy
dancing – in peacefulness
silent and still.

Imagine a sweet nature spirit leaning over your shoulder,
endeavouring to see what it is that you see.
Let her whisper in your ear:
‘You are more than you thought –
‘give the world time, be patient.
‘You must gather the pieces
‘before the puzzle can be complete.’

And now that spirit is gone, who is left?
Only a human being – but this one has spirit
and life and the eyes are bright
with anticipation of change.

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