Libra New Moon – 30 Sept./1 October

Connection builds bridges, rather than burning them – listen and love

Mediation – Libra with muscle!

.       This is another month when we are prone to misunderstanding or confusion (Saturn square Neptune). But, as long as we consider how best we can work together, our intuition will serve us well (Sun/Moon sextile Saturn, quincunx Neptune). Our powers of Libran diplomacy will be tested this month, by what needs to be done practically (Libra square Capricorn), but the presence of Jupiter in Libra for this next year, suggests that any diplomatic effort will find encouragement. This New Moon in Libra emphasises this process at its beginning, and the chart shows us the difficulties we may encounter as we practise.

.       Since 27 September (Mars into Capricorn) we are being focused on the material level by the circumstances around us, or re-discovering the practical jobs that tend to pile up while we deal with broader issues. Sometimes over the next week it may feel too much (Mars squaring Jupiter in Libra), especially when it comes to our relationships. The practical side of our togetherness may provoke disputes just now, areas of disagreement rising to the surface as we find ourselves as cross purposes.

.       One solution for the present could be to leave alone that which feels intractable for a week or so. But if you need to sort something out, having acknowledged the problem, step back from your personal opinion, and endeavour to see the problem from the other person’s point of view. Above all be clear about your motivation.  It’s so much easier to understand another person, when we realise their concerns, priorities and goals: and we need to be open about our own for mutual understanding. Working through a difficult situation with compassion for both sides is very beneficial for personal growth.

Emotions: yours, theirs, or everyone’s?

.       However, this is a good time to face up to difficulties that are showing themselves. This New Moon chart is showing us the need to look into our emotional depths (Venus in Scorpio). This is where we need to be awake to the possibility that we may have absorbed the emotional fields of other people (Venus exactly trine Neptune in Pisces). It is not our brief to digest the emotional reactions of another person, but it is very valuable to know what the other is feeling, and this month empathic awareness is highlighted. This means that what we might call the ‘angelic realms’ are very accessible – we are being closely surrounded with their love. Our connection with our unseen companions will be enhanced, if we make the effort to listen, and inner guidance could feel closer.

.       By 7 October, communication is set for sorting out the relational difficulties (Mercury into Libra and over Jupiter). With an open and generous mind, we’ll find it easier to fully appreciate the other’s point of view; and we could find that others fall in with our ideas in a happily co-operative way. You may also be more aware of your emotions than usual, and of the joys and suffering of the world’s people generally (at the New Moon, Mercury opposes Chiron). Throughout this time, it is very important to hold to your own truth, being honest about your real feelings, as kindly as you can.

Maybe build a bridge instead of burning one!

.       Around the Full Moon, the pressure is on to make changes that may at first seem unkind or unnecessarily hurtful (Mars/Pluto square Mercury and Jupiter), but they really need at least to be considered. There is a caution before implementing them completely: do check the ramifications of your actions insofar as that is possible. Questions you might ask yourself could be ‘does it serve the planet?’, or ‘what are the likely effects on others?’.

.       Acting too precipitately could leave you on your own! (Moon/Uranus in Aries) Remembering to be helpful to others, as long as it doesn’t take us from what we really need, is always a fine safety mode (two quincunxes in the chart). And, when in doubt, ask for divine inner guidance (North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces with Neptune trine Venus) – love will show us the way forward, and we never know what the next step may bring.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Libra

Never give up the cause of love.
That which must go, surrender only to Love.
Human awareness struggles in error
creating illusory isolation
to be survived.
The real struggle is
learning to live what we know:
that we are connected through love,
attracted together into form,
beauty in the balance
of pain and compassion –
spirit expressed.

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  1. Sally Kohler October 1, 2016 at 11:25 am #

    Good morning from Ireland. Thank you as always for your New moon chart. I can’t tell you how useful and inspiring I find it. Thank you.
    I tried to turn on the Libra New Moon video. It asks me to subscribe…can you’ll me how to do this?
    With love
    sally Kohler

    • Margaret Koolman October 1, 2016 at 12:26 pm #

      Sorry, didn’t allow enough time for the ‘publish’ process.  
      I’ve done it now so you should be able to watch it

      If you want to subscribe to my youtube page, open it in youtube and click on subscribe – then
      you will receive an email every time I put a video up.

      thanks for your comment

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