Scorpio New Moon – 30 October

Celebrate spirit as the deep rich truth of all creation –
weep with compassion – and rejoice for love.

Scorpio – hidden depths being revealed

.       I just found this rhyme on the website of the astrologer, Kaypacha, from Hawaii.

Behind the face I show the world
there is another me
The more these two unite as one,
the more I’m truly free.

.       It shows the transformation that’s possible for the Scorpionic depths in everyone’s nature, and our deepest level is where we find the roots that support our habits, both healthy and destructive.  Consciously letting in the of light of love into those hidden depths allows the needed transformation to happen naturally.   My children’s story ‘The Transformation of Scorpio’ is a light way of looking at everyone as containing all the signs, and focuses on the difficulties and beauties of every sign.

Connecting with our spiritual roots

.       This New Moon in Scorpio falls the day before All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween or the evening before All Holy Spirits’ Day). There are Pagans for whom this is the beginning of the year, in which case this New Moon could be setting the flavour of the next twelve months.  This energy is not so much about doing the dressing-up party thing – although there’s always a place for partying!  This year it’s more about remembering those we know who have ‘died’, who are now on the other side, veiled by that ephemeral barrier which almost disappears at this time of year.  Included in this spirit host are our ancestors, our ancient gene pool, who have walked the human path before us, and who still walk with us every day in companionship and support (Sun/Moon trine Neptune on South Node).

Choose to ‘see’ spirit light rather than darkness

.       Over these changing years, we are more and more aware of being connected with world events and individuals everywhere who are suffering.  So this is a time to recognise the huge grief of pain and loss, while celebrating all those earthly lives.  But we also need to remember the greater aspect of these people we knew, which is not earthly but indestructible; we need to celebrate who they really are, their spirit, and, in doing so, we can joyfully re-unite with our own spiritual dimension through this contact with our friends on both sides of the veil.

.       The barrier that the ‘veil’ seems to be is in our perceptions rather than reality, and people’s capacity to ‘see’ through it varies.  The New Moon chart indicates that we will all be more psychically open this month to whatever our emotions attract, love or fear (Sun/Moon/Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune).  Tradition gives the opportunity to laugh at the potentially fearful aspect of the unseen, laughter being a wonderful way to disperse darkness and fear – hence, the parties.  However, this New Moon chart suggests a tempering of any hilarity with loving wisdom as we understand better how everything is connected (Venus/Saturn in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Libra)

Finding a way to respond to what seems unacceptable

.       On 14 November, the Full Moon will be in Taurus, very down to earth and also in touch with the suffering in the world (Moon sextile Chiron).  If we each do what we feel motivated to do in our own way, all needs can be met (Uranus midpoint of Moon/Chiron, and quincunx Sun in Scorpio) – maybe we can give our gatherings a charitable focus, and use the connecting energy to discuss new ways of lifting the general mood (Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Aquarius).

.       In the second half of the month, there is an increasing sense of not being able to tolerate that which clearly isn’t working in our lives (Jupiter approaching the square to Pluto).  The 24/25 November suggests the culmination of that feeling (Moon on Jupiter – Venus on Pluto) – we will need to put all pretence aside, recognise that we don’t know how things should be, but that we’ll feel when all is ‘right’.  This will be a very good time to clear away the old and make a new commitment to growth and well being especially in our relationships (Jupiter in Libra).

.       Whatever we feel moved to do in the first half of the month (Mars in Capricorn sextile Chiron), we are likely to share and understand how to do in the second half.  So if you feel moved to help the world in any way, the Full Moon would be a good time to gather friends who also feel motivated to act, and plan a way forward (Moon sextile Chiron and Mars in Aquarius sextile Mercury).  Whatever in relationship seems intolerable, work out with the other how to deal with it in a new and respectful way.

Express your deepest truth in the Light

.       Right through this month, there can be very strong spiritual support for our deepening understanding of ourselves and, empathically, for others also (Sun/Moon/Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune on the South node in Pisces).  We are liable to find ourselves being absolutely honest whether we intend to be or not – we cannot hide from this energy.  And the best way to be in this flow is open and willing to learn.  We need to accept our mistakes, apologise when it’s appropriate, and own up to our deepest motivations, however embarrassing or unworthy we may judge them.

.       We may not need to speak our truth – it can be expressed in writing prose or poetry, singing and music, movement and dance.  We can ask for spiritual help and guidance, and it will be there in joy and abundance because we are loved beyond anything we can imagine.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Scorpio

Reach out your hand
to help another
even if you know not what they need.
Call out for help
from another
even if you feel you don’t deserve.
This is a time when need reveals the heart
and the mind forms the words
to express it.

Let brothers and sisters embrace
and the connecting threads be seen
before we break down into dust
blown away by the wind . . .
Join in spirit
or be lost.

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