Sagittarius New Moon – 29 November 16

Wake to the joy of life – reach out and touch the world.


Sagittarius – bright light in the darkness

.               Sagittarius is fun, it’s interested in exploring anything new.  It is lively, humorous, and very changeable.  Being this open, responsibility does not sit here easily, it feels to Sagittarius like a tie that prevents the spontaneity necessary for making discoveries.  Sagittarius is an adventurer, and will subordinate fear to the excitement of the new.  These qualities are wonderful, and can show up as an inventor, a showman, a story-teller, not necessarily to be believed, or taken literally.  In its search for the Truth, Sagittarius can be cavalier about things that matter to others, and may not follow through on promises – something else more exciting may have turned up to keep the Sagittarian fire burning!

Keep the fire of positivity burning

.               This month, the Sagittarius New Moon is at right angles to our celestial path through the Zodiac, shown by the intersection of the Moon’s path with the apparent orbit round our Earth of the Sun (Sun/Moon square North and South Nodes).  This path shows an extreme sensitivity to the plight of humanity, directing us all to be of practical service in the world (Neptune on the South Node in Pisces, North Node in Virgo).  So the playful bounce of Sagittarius this month is something we have to claim, in spite of present conditions.  But claim it we must, in order to remain in touch with our own capacity for joy, and our ability to find new solutions to old problems.

.               Last month, we had to face up to the true state of our relationships, and over the last week there may have been some crucial decisions made (Venus over Pluto).  At this New Moon, breaking apart could be as likely a knee-jerk reaction, as a carefully thought out solution (Venus exactly square Uranus).  The suggestion is to experiment with different ideas and scenarios, remembering that each person has their own truth.  We all necessarily have our own view-point, and being together requires a great deal of flexibility to allow enough personal space, without losing contact entirely.

Responsibility doesn’t always know what’s best

.               We are aided by a valuable capacity to stand clear of fear and pain in order to get a better view of what is necessary (Mercury and Saturn also in Sagittarius trine Uranus).  The energy of this time supports this detached view, without losing compassion for human struggle (Saturn sextile Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra).

.               The thing to beware of is over-doing the sense of responsibility because this is where we can be manipulated into action beyond our strength (Venus/Pluto in Capricorn square Jupiter and Uranus).  When you feel you ought to do something, is probably the moment when you shouldn’t – your action will carry resentment or resignation with it.  Don’t act  just because you will feel guilty if you don’t – act only when you feel you want to.  We are to remain open to pain, compassionate to suffering (Venus sextile Chiron), but not take it into ourselves more than it shows up in our own lives.  And if it is there in your life, have compassion for whoever feels it, including yourself, but remember to stand back and breathe before you act.  The Bach Flower Remedies, Pine and Gentian, could be a good combination to help us turn our ‘oughts-versus-guilt’ into compassion and appropriate action.

The body expresses our unconscious knowledge

.               A gift I would give you at this time is a self-therapy called ‘Focusing’ developed by Eugene T. Gendlin many years ago.  He describes in his book of that name a process we can all use ‘to gain direct access to your body’s knowledge’.  This is to get us in touch with our deepest unconscious through careful attention to our body sense.  He also describes how one can help someone else connect in the same way, by following specific simple steps.  He suggests that we have a ‘Focusing partner’ who is not necessarily someone we consider close, so that we can be completely honest about what we find inside without fear of offending.

Allow free flow – be kind

.                Most of this month, our thoughts and communications are likely to be on the practical side (Mercury in Capricorn from 3 December).  At the Full Moon, we may be feeling that the time for movement into the future is at hand (Mercury sextile Neptune, and almost on Pluto).  But from 19/20 December there is likely to be a major back-tracking (Mercury retrograde until 8 January), with the emotional current of the human ocean affecting us all (Mars leaves Aquarius for Pisces for the next two years).  Perhaps we will be realising the results of what has been done already, and making efforts to re-group and re-think workable strategies.  The important thing is to keep a sense of kindly detachment as much as possible (Jupiter trine Venus, opposite Uranus).

.               This is a good time for the unblocking of intractable problems – a flow of potentially clear and helpful communication, releasing the creativity needed to free the log-jams.  The last week of this year shows intensity that is not all uncomfortable – relationships are blessed, communication sensitive, truth flowing between us, and the potential for much healing – which does not necessarily mean getting what you want or having expectations fulfilled.  What will help to bring about the best is remembering that everyone is feeling sensitive, giving each person space and freedom to have their own view and expression, and holding a sense of kindness and gentleness from the moment we wake each morning.  Smiling helps.  And knowing that, in the real bigger picture, all is well.

Detachment – connected and inclusive

.               We are also being given the opportunity to become aware without judgement (Venus in Aquarius from 7 December till 3 January 17).  Practise by looking at a single object near you – notice it in a simple way, just ‘seeing’ it as it is, without thinking about it.  Appreciate it, but not for anything.  For those of you more auditory, practise listening to birdsong or music, being very open, receptive.  Listen to the sound as it unfolds note by note, moment by moment, allowing yourself to be filled.  Let it reveal itself to you – there are no comparisons to be made, no critique necessary.

.               We can have the same experience with taste, and smell, and touch – each sense acute, delicately tasting, smelling, touching – simply to be with, to share existence – the bigger picture opening up without barriers, without thought.  Pure awareness.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

We, the stuff of the world, await you.
Existence itself is watching.
Open your hand, your heart,
and receive.

Be a chalice
at the fountain of creativity –
be filled to overflowing.
Life is free, endlessly flowing
through this moment

Fill your body with yourself
to fingers and toes – be here.
Overflow through your senses
into the world
and meet yourself everywhere,
loving and loved,
awake at last.

2 Responses to Sagittarius New Moon – 29 November 16

  1. Hajah Tetley November 29, 2016 at 9:08 am #

    A really helpful reading, thank you Margaret.. there are some particularly useful paragraphs, I liked the knew about responsibility… so often calling in the wrong response. & I am in much agreement with the wonderful Focusing advice… great poem

    Lots if love & good wishes

  2. Christen November 30, 2016 at 8:30 pm #

    Thank you Margaret! This was at once grounding and inspiring, reassuring and challenging. Brilliant and very useful.
    Mahalo Nui Loa,

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