Capricorn New Moon – 29 December 16

We know what works when we have tried, and learned from our experience;
until that time, we have no idea how things will turn out – perhaps not even then.
The courage to experiment like this comes from trusting the spirit.


Please go for the gist of what is written applying it to your life where it seems relevant.
If you are not fluent in astrological jargon, 
please ignore what is italicised in brackets.

Capricorn becomes wise from experience

.       Although Capricorn is essentially pragmatic and down to earth, this year the New Moon is basically still in the realm of ideas (ruling planet Saturn is in Sagittarius).  Capricorn is about manifesting in the material world – this year it’s manifesting explorations and experiments:  the adventurer sets out on a quest, long planned; a new scheme is floated to gather experience.  So this month is a call to try out any new ideas you may have been pondering, just to see what happens.

.       This is anything but stable and, as with all new growth, your experiments may suffer from the cold wind of general negative input, disapproval and fear (Mars in Pisces on Neptune).  You are likely to find yourself doubting the wisdom of your efforts (Mercury in Capricorn sextile Mars).

.       The fear that may haunt your new behaviour is very likely to be of a global nature – there is a lot about at present (Chiron in Pisces square Saturn).  Careful movement forwards allows for a chance to step out of the situation if it becomes more unsafe than you can manage (Saturn trines Uranus), but again, calm detachment may render such withdrawal unnecessary as you adapt to changes that occur (Saturn in Sagittarius is capable of flexibility and adaptation).

Be detached – not separate

.       The best way to be with others’ input is to listen calmly to what at first appears to be negative.  Without reacting emotionally, you can check those things you may not have considered before, and then take care as you step forward.  Moving slowly deliberately, you are in a good position to monitor experience as you go along, so that adjustments can be made and growth is supported (Saturn sextile Jupiter and Venus).

.       The situation in which this is relevant to you could be in any sphere of life, but the relationships that connect with the situation are perhaps the most important part (Jupiter in Libra trine Venus).  This is not the time to withdraw from the people involved, to go it alone, but rather to ensure that you leave room for others to be themselves around you, to give space to them as you need to take space for yourself, all within the relationship (Venus in Aquarius sextile Uranus).

.       Relationship is important: we are surrounded by various scenarios, both material and imagined, but all our experience is internal – it takes connecting with another person, or with Nature herself in some form, to bring us into reality, the present moment where life is.

Learning expresses as flexibility and willingness

.       The important Capricorn quality to harness this month is the wisdom of experience (Sun/Moon/Mercury in Capricorn trine North Node), gathering it and contemplating it (Mercury reached Pluto on 18 December, and went retrograde until 8 January).  Between 4 and 12 January, we may all be re-assessing our starting point, the desires and beliefs that have been motivating us (Mercury dipping back into Sagittarius).  At the Full Moon on 12 January, perhaps oriented towards a more inclusive view, we again move into innovative mode (Mercury moves into Capricorn again).

In growing, take care of the weaker side

The Full Moon itself is in Cancer, so the second half of this month could be full of caring about the suffering in our world, emotionally caught up with wherever we ourselves feel hurt (Moon trine Mars/Chiron in Pisces).  Although the circumstances may be fraught with difficulties, there will be a strong desire to be healing (a grand square/cross is softened by quincunxes).

.       It is very important to accept that growth is essential to life, so that we don’t work to prevent it; but we need to make sure that it includes healing of that which is hurt.  For instance, on a personal level, we may need to be fit but, to be healthy, an exercise regime must not damage the weaker muscles.  This is also true nationally and globally.  Each new president is an experimental leader, and we can only wait and see what America’s new president is able to achieve after his inauguration on 20 January.

Towards transformation

.       The second half of this month could see many efforts to transform situations according to individual wisdom or whim.  It will not be until after the next New Moon on 28 January that we will see what is truly possible (Mercury will reach Pluto for the second time on 29 January, and then move on).  All the learning we can take in through experience during difficult times informs our later decisions and actions.

.       All through January, we are likely to be entirely materially focussed.  With the amount of turbulence in world affairs, this is not surprising and, as long as we remain in touch with the needs of others, dealing with worldly things is exactly what we need to focus on (Mercury in Capricorn trine North Node in Virgo).

.       So take it carefully, and learn as you go along; be prepared to stop, change, try again, and never push beyond what your weakest link can handle.  We are constantly stepping towards the future – the more carefully we prepare a foundation, the stronger and longer lasting the tower built upon it – always bearing in mind that every tower is useful only as long as it serves our healthy growth and not our ego.  And remember:  if we knew what was going to happen next, it wouldn’t be a transformation . . .



Contemplation for this New Moon in Capricorn

Consider that life is about
Your life is spent preparing for the next bit of time.
This is natural for a surviving body –
do not reject the idea as wrong behaviour
it is human.

And there is another stream of life,
life of the spirit
where all you need is your feet on the ground
and your head peaceful and calm
so your heart can wake to love.
You need both of these values to be whole
that love may flow through your life.

So prepare in such a way
that you leave room for being still
and you will never lose touch
with the spirit that is
life itself.

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