Aquarius New Moon – 27/28 January 17

All is well.  Step back. 
Pull your head out of your concerns for a moment
and see afresh what you have been looking at,
without pre-concepts, expectations or judgements. 
THAT is freedom!

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.
If you are not fluent in astrological jargon, please ignore what is italicised in brackets.

To understand what the heart knows instinctively

.       Aquarius represents the sense of individuality that makes us work to join with others, rather than just assuming we are ‘all in it together’.  Almost off-planet, standing back to see better what it is we are inextricably joined to, Aquarius is a visionary – and, from time to time, we all need to access that ability to detach, even for a short moment, from that which involves us so powerfully.

.       Leading up to this New Moon, there has been a sense of being poised in hope for humanity, with an ocean of worrying visions beneath (the New Moon in Aquarius makes no aspects to the planets).  Whenever the personality feels out of touch with its spiritual path, it rushes to the ego to protect it from feared disasters – those disasters that the ego insists are there. This is the source perhaps of self-fulfilling prophecies.  The important thing, when in doubt, is to remember that spirit is stronger than anything we can create, and to ask for guidance, inner or outer – it always arrives to guide our action when the time is right, and not before.

Do you act from fear or love?

.       Immediately after the New Moon, we may feel a pull to action (Mars into Aries 6 hours later, and until 10 March).  That action could stem from the fear we had before, or from a desire to serve (Pisces, the sea of humanity) and whether we act from fear or love will influence the action we take and its value in the world.  The spotlight will be shining on the wounds of the feminine in our society (Venus/Chiron in Pisces).  The feminine in Pisces encompasses the arts, people skills like counselling and social work, personal and diplomatic relationships, beauty and empathy, and a sense of ‘that could be me’.

.       We are likely to be focussed on the feminine aspects of life partly because any new regime at this time threatens to disregard it (Venus square Saturn).  How much that is just a fear, and how much we create it into a fact, will become clear.  But we always have the opportunity to express ourselves in harmonious ways, and this will enhance the possibility of our ideas being received and included in any changes being made (Jupiter in Libra sextile Saturn and trine Uranus).  It is important not to succumb to fear or negativity.  We need to roll with the changes, so that we are there to help those in real need – to help each other, giving and receiving.

Death of the old – Ring in the new!

.       On a personal level, we need to be gentle with each other, because the fears affect us all and sometimes it is not easy to ‘rise above them’, nor should we, for this is how we are able to empathise.  Your presence is necessary as one who knows how difficult it can be, and who remembers the value of reaching for help.  So when you feel a desire for space, don’t carve out more than you really need (Mercury/Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries).

.       That sense of urgency to do something needs to be tempered with humility, because our words will be powerful, and the changes we may want to make will be life changing (Mercury expressing Pluto).  It’s as though we realise the need as a matter of life and death, and can become over-bearing and pushy. Take the space you need, and let others have theirs.  And before you act, take note of your entire situation, and let your heart speak as well as your head and stomach (Mercury and Mars).

Breathe before action

.       By the Full Moon on 10/11 February, things will appear very different:  more understanding, more openness to the group, to society as a whole, the humanitarian principles of respect and kindness taking hold of our communications (Mercury in Aquarius sextile Venus in Aries).  The Sun opposite Moon is well integrated in the chart:  we will feel ourselves again part of what’s going on, and the greatest of our fears will have faded (Moon in Leo trine Saturn and Uranus).

.       So let this be the guiding principle from the start of this month:  that most of our fears will not materialise, and we can deal with those that do.  Therefore, we may as well ignore the fearful activity of our brains, and focus on being with what is now, rather than with all the potential futures.

. . . just a thought . . .

.       Imagine that everything is made of the light of truth and love.   Not every thing, but everything!  We may not be able to see this physically, after all our eyes are in the world of separate things, and the Light knows no separation.   But maybe the inner eye, awakened by a loving heart, can escape finite materialist thinking, and cross the non-existent gap between us . . .


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aquarius

All your life, you have wondered
and now is the moment of revelation.
This moment is always available to you
pristine and perfect, bright and clear.

into your body
into your heart
Let the light dawn for all humanity
in your inner vision.
Gentle at first, tremulous as a new shoot from the earth.
but gaining strength with every breath
until . . .
blossoming in triumphant silence
colours untold, joy and love abounding.

All is well in your heart
and therefore in the world.

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