Leo New Moon – 2 August 16

Is the fault in the stars, or in ourselves?

.       The chart of any New Moon seems to suggest the astrological weather for the month.  We tend to experience this emotionally, but the triggers are just what’s going on during that time.  That is to say, we tend to react to whatever’s happening in the style of that month’s emotional climate.  Shakespeare put it beautifully through Caesar along the lines of ‘the fault lying not with the stars, but with ourselves in being subject to them’.  But we need to know it’s not a fault, just a human trait, and learning to be conscious of our emotional reactions is the balance.  We don’t need to blame ourselves or the stars – they are in us!


Anchoring love in the world

.       So, let’s endeavour to be ourselves, true to the most central place we can locate within us.  And this New Moon in Leo offers us a perfect month to discover again that central self of the heart in all truth, inner authority, and personal confidence (Sun/Moon trine Saturn in Sagittarius).  Of course, we will have our reactions, but let’s be aware that they are just temporary and that, at another time, we might have reacted differently.

.       This is a good month for checking out what we really believe, making sure our attitudes are congruent with our open heart, rather than stemming from a defended fearful heart.  Saturn rules the base chakra in the body, so its smooth connection to the New Moon is perhaps suggesting that we anchor our radiant heart in broad philosophical attitudes, and bring to those attitudes the warmth of kindness from the heart.

Responsibility and/or freedom?

.       We have the opportunity to experience a sense of self-respect that supports appreciating ourselves as we are (Saturn trine Sun/Moon).  Loving oneself in the best way radiates love into the world, allowing others the freedom to be themselves (Venus in Leo trine Uranus).  As we allow ourselves to take our natural space, we experience the freedom to express creatively all that arises in us.  This is spirit playing with life in the material world through us, never repeating itself, always creative.  Giving ourselves to this flow, we invoke angelic expression in wonderful ways.  Don’t let your worry about others spoil that purity, but rather, direct the angelic light to help and heal (Sun/Moon quincunx Neptune).

.       Part of being oneself fearlessly involves expressing our needs, although not with the expectation of having them met as expressed – the expression itself is part of a healing process, and may be all that is required.  We also enable the needs of others to be expressed, even if there is nothing that can be done at this time.

.       This ‘being oneself’ in its fullness also means full responsibility for oneself, which implies giving personal responsibility to others rather than taking responsibility for them.  Over-reaching that boundary takes from others not only their freedom but also their self-respect.  Conversely, when we make another person or circumstance responsible for our state of being, we identify ourselves as a victim, trapped and helpless – no good for feeling confident.

.       Therefore, free yourself this month – enjoy the freedom to take personal responsibility for your life, love yourself for the whole human being you are, radiate love knowing that love itself is a healer.

Don’t worry – be happy!

.       There is likely to be a fleet of things you could be worrying about, but in the first half of the month there may not be much you can do about them (Mercury in Virgo square Saturn and Mars).  Think about them, but don’t worry – solutions will arise in time.  From the Full Moon, the energy resolves itself, and many things will fall into place.  Part of the process is realising that we need to work together (Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo, at the point of a yod to Moon and Uranus, and opposite Chiron).  This could show up in attitude shifts that release previously stuck situations (Mars on Saturn in Sagittarius).

.       This all sounds a bit general, and we can’t be sure of any of it, but the feeling is that life has us in hand, and worrying doesn’t help.   The important thing with this is to accept that there is no fault in not knowing what to do or where we are going right now, it’s an exploration, an adventure (Mars just into Sagittarius).  Perhaps the best approach is to focus on our own well-being, do what needs doing in the moment, and share our love with our world.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Leo

Open your heart
let your worries slip gently from your shoulders
and your head float free above your neck.
From over your head, down through your heart
to the base of your spine,
is a rod of golden light
linking you to spirit and your deep earth home.

Know yourself to be this paradox
within, and out of, time,
spatial, and yet spacious without bounds.
The Truth is unknowable except
to the open heart.

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  1. Lindsay Hollom August 2, 2016 at 10:09 am #

    Beautiful, inspiring and helpful, Margaret, as I move out of my home of eight years into … I don’t know what yet! Going for my dream to build a strawbale house and looking for land with a glorious view 🙂 Thank you so much for this. With love, Lindsay

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