Cancer New Moon – 4 July 16

 It’s the emotional body’s turn

.               Water is the emphasised element this month (Sun/Moon and five planets in water signs) – flow rather than logic, emotional connections rather than principles, caring for self and others rather than trying to control outcomes.  Cancer (Sun/Moon, Mercury and Venus) is showing the relevance of caring and nurture, Scorpio (Mars) shows a passionate engagement in deeply important changes, and Pisces (Neptune on the South Node, and Chiron) are showing us that it’s the whole world that is feeling this way, and it


Safety in surrender to spirit

.               In the last week or so, you may have a feeling as of the aftermath of a ship-wreck at sea, where the flotsam of your life is all around you in the water without its original purposes to make sense.  Much of the ship is still floating, but not enough to continue your journey under full sail and control as you had previously planned.  The wonderful thing is that some of the bits revealed, still floating after the storm, are things you had put aside for some time in the future, or even given up as past glories, and there they are floating by you still alive, to be re-gathered and held ready for however you may use them next:  people, skills, old pleasures and forgotten dreams – all possibly becoming relevant in unthought-of ways.  The ocean is still heaving, and everything you see cannot be rescued – treasured self-images, dashed hopes – and from sea-level you cannot see so far as from the deck of your old ship, so planning what next is really out of the question.

.               One important thing during this time of upheaval is to let your emotions flow through – notice how you feel, acknowledging that as your emotional truth of the moment, and let it flow through and away, so that your wonderful emotional body remains responsive to the truth of the moment you are in, not frozen with reactions that are no longer relevant.


What started in February completes during July

.               June was the time of this ship-wrecking storm (Mars retrograding through 30-23 degrees Scorpio).  If any of the above rings true for you, just know that the time of wrecking is over – what comes next is more about what has survived rather than what is lost.  Mainly, we have to let go of what we thought the future looked like.  When the sails and rudder are gone, it’s the current that decides where we go – the soul’s direction – and we need to be ready to engage wherever we land. No matter what is going on in life, we are responsible for how we feel about it.

.               Throughout July (Mars completes his harrowing of Scorpio) we just need to gather what we can, checking what has survived for its potential usefulness, and nurturing ourselves and those we love – because it’s all about people, and emotions, closeness, wellness, relationships.


Water skills to play with

.               The skills bumping around the raft this month are related to use of the emotional body, including psychic skills, emotional intelligence, and inner spiritual contact.  This is so different from thinking about things:  creating visually in colourful picture images is often the beginning of a physical manifestation, not as a denial of the truth of the moment, but as a stepping stone towards greater possibilities.  Creating with sound moves emotional waves through our system, affecting our hormonal secretions in a beneficial or harmful way for the physical body.  Allowing our unconscious to write or draw, choosing its colours with the non-dominant hand, can reveal our true hidden reactions.  Holding a book, or a food, or any item, and tuning in to how joyful we feel or not, can reveal the correct diet, useful reading matter, or whether the content is relevant to our soul.


From 11 July onwards – more light

.               The Full Moon chart, for 19 July, shows the competence to use this emotional energy effectively, recognising and manifesting what is needed (Moon in Capricorn creating a kite shape with Mars and Chiron).  It will be easier to put in place those practical solutions that support healing.  Also a large measure of light-heartedness, entertainment, fun, eases the misunderstandings that have dogged recent times (Venus/Mercury in Leo from 11/17 July, both trine Saturn in the chart).  We may not know what to do that will work, but we can enjoy trying things out.  Prayers for healing will allow the energy of light to be drawn to any place where light attitudes prevail, all pulling towards the acceptance that all IS well (Mercury/Venus quincunx Neptune in Pisces).

.               At the next New Moon (exactly when Mars enters Sagittarius), we could be washing up on a new shore, exploring a new land, discovering what we can do with what we are gathering now.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Cancer

Love yourself, dear ones.
We love you, don’t push away
the gentle dreams we have for your happiness.
There is no need to suffer from the facts,
they are just the shape of stepping stones
across the sea of time.

Feel the flow of love as a stream
within which you live your daily life.
If you stay within the stream you flow along,
outside the stream the winds are harsh.

Be in touch with one another,
feel the close familiarity of human life in all.
Recognise where mental lines divide
and open your heart to join.
Join with us, we love you.

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