Sagittarius New Moon – 23 Nov. 2022

Love brings us together – heals all.

Dear friends,
.       This is a Sagittarian-type letter. A positive outlook is not meant to belittle deep or hard experience. The attitude may sometimes feel a bit ungrounded and frothy compared with the huge issues we are all facing in the world. But every one of the twelve Signs is a necessary part of our evolving experience. So don’t just bear with the lightness – enjoy the lift to easier open-hearted spiritual awake-ness, and come back to ground warmer, more connected with those you love, and ready to put in the next phase of work required.

Sagittarian freedom – ‘but is it safe!’

.       From 16 November, Venus, Mercury, and now Sun and Moon, have all moved into Sagittarius. So we may feel as though we have just lifted out of the deep lake of Scorpio with a sense of excitement for new possibilities. However, we are not finished with this wave of exploring and revealing the depths of human behaviour until the middle of July 2023 (when the Nodal axis leaves Taurus/Scorpio).

.       So, let’s enjoy the warmth of Sagittarian playfulness and adventure for the next month, resisting desires to pin anything down for the first two weeks. The main thrust of this New Moon is expansion into realms of spirit, artistic expression, deep sensitivity, and a desire to encompass all humanity in the Light. This in itself is part of the transformation that is required of humanity in the move towards the Aquarian Age as full human beings.

Love is in the air!

.       There may be political moves to repair the damage caused to individuals over the last months and years. Greet such moves openly rather than belittling them with blaming and anger. The outcomes could be positive, and negative carping over the past is a waste of energy. In repairing damaged relationships, say what you feel without expecting all to be well, just be honest. Our very vulnerability may melt defensive ice – and it may not, there is still the possibility of misunderstandings hanging over from recent exchanges. So stay in touch with your inner strength, be impeccable in your communication. Check how you are being received rather than making assumptions, positive or negative. Could we go forward open hearted and loving, how much less pain and wrangling there would be!

Relax – enjoy things as they are

.       By the Full Moon on 8 December, we may well be trying to make more solid commitments, or maybe trying to get others to make concrete arrangements. Trying to pin things down is never a good idea in a Sagittarian energy field. We are liable to find circumstances changing as we go along, so to avoid feeling let down, perhaps hold more than one possibility open, so the switch to Plan B is natural rather than irritating. Above all stay in communication so that changes can be sorted out. In the end, the ‘right’ arrangement will suit everyone’s real needs, no matter how we thought things ‘should’ happen.

.       The fact is, we are all safe in the love of spirit. The more we can identify ourselves with/as the spirit that manifests the life we think of as ours, the more we realise that there is no loss, no real separation. Love holds us all together, even allowing the spaces in between, and there is always something growthful to be found in any situation, even if it’s only what you are learning from it. Everything we learn from experience settles into our being and grows us, so let your learning be expanding rather than contracting. Even cuddling your hands round a hot cup on a cold day can be a heart-expanding moment.

Let go of being small, and see how far you can grow

.       The journey towards spirit is not a direction, it’s an expansion. Jupiter represents the expanding energy of encouragement, and is the ruler of Sagittarius. In this New Moon chart, Jupiter is in Pisces, his other home, with Neptune who rules Pisces – all this shows very strong emphasis on the boundless quality of Pisces. Jupiter here is in such a harmonious connection with the New Moon, we are being offered a huge opportunity to expand into spirit with joy. Meditation, any artistic pursuit, the appreciation of beauty, of life itself – our hearts are being called to radiate the love that is always present everywhere, to receive love and to give love unlimited. In this way we increase the love that manifests in our world exponentially!


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

We are together – the human family
and all Being, life as One.
Celebrate life, being and family with joy
and creation is fulfilled.

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  1. Barbara November 26, 2022 at 5:24 pm #

    Wonderful reading of this Sag new moon time. Thx, shared w a very Sag friend, whose Mars gets her in trouble. She’s a very smart, accomplished community worker and inspiring school founder, with a hot Leo ascendant. Quick, funny, open to new ideas, but reacts to perceived opposition w sharp anger, creating bewildered enemies unnecessarily

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