Scorpio New Moon – 25 October 2022

Let every apparent obstacle be a fresh start for love.

Sun into Scorpio 23 October – no choice but deal with the depths

.       There is a really expressive image for how the movement from Libra into Scorpio may feel. I will describe it:

‘Imagine we have been floating fairly comfortably down the river, broad and calm (Libra), but now in company with distinctly growing fears for our future, a sense of foreboding. Gradually we become aware that the slight tug in the current is increasing, and we try to back-paddle while getting ready for we know not what. Seemingly without warning, the river ends and without choice we are tipped over the edge in a great waterfall, to plunge inexorably into the deep lake below (Scorpio).’

.       By now we have begun the plunge. How we may feel about this depends on our personality, past experience, and the circumstances where the changes are playing out in our life (where Scorpio is in your birth chart and so on). How we deal with the depths may depend on our trust in, or realisation of, all life being spirit manifesting, and our resolve to stay aligned, centred and loving, regardless what others may say or do.

The power to plumb the depths and come up stronger and wiser

.       This New Moon is at the beginning of Scorpio, so the Sun will continue through Scorpio for the rest of the month. Interestingly, Venus is with the Sun and Moon, which suggests that what might be swamping us from the depths is about those we relate to closely. We may spend the first few days almost pretending that what’s going on isn’t real until we can’t ignore it any longer (Mercury continues in Libra until 30 October). Communication is essential, but may be avoided because naming a painful truth feels dangerous (Mars in Gemini begins to retrograde). How you experience this time depends partly on whether any planets in your birth chart are at the same degree, and therefore triggered, by the planetary movements now; and partly on how far you have grown towards holding your life tenderly from a spiritual perspective.

.       We are supported in our growth through the first two weeks by a feeling of closeness with others: we are not separate, and this is a time to realise the truth of that (Venus with the Sun). All things and people, and animals and so on, are in touch with everything and everyone else, all as manifestations of spirit. (Jupiter returns to Pisces for another couple of months, turning direct at the next New Moon in Sagittarius). What we do is relate to our surroundings, rather than ‘have separate relationships’ because all relating is held in the energy-field of love. Whether we actively relate to a person or not may be our choice, but none of them ‘go away’. When we reject, the life energy within and around us vibrates at the frequency of rejection. The truth is we are surrounded by our own emanations.

.       We will be called to have courage, to be honest in the face of our fears, and this is the power of healing that will enable transformation to unfold (Chiron in Aries becoming quincunx with the Scorpio planets throughout the first week of November). We may find ourselves having to soldier on through misunderstandings, errors of judgement, indignation and resentment, and super-sensitive ‘touchiness’ – try to let every moment be a fresh start (Mars in Gemini squares Neptune all month).

Clearing emotional backlog clears the body

.       From the Full Moon it becomes clear that trying to do ‘the right thing’ doesn’t work (Sun and Moon both square Saturn in Aquarius). Only a natural generosity of heart and prayerful sensitivity to self and others will support the changes that will free us from the cloying dependency and controlling possessiveness of our past (Neptune trine the Sun/Venus/Mercury/South Node in Scorpio). That interpretation is for the emotional level, but the spiritual direction is also towards changes in farming, finance, living spaces, and bodily health (Moon/Uranus on the North Node in Taurus). Letting go of clinging to what used to feel safe makes space to receive goodness we could not have imagined.

This spiritual direction can also be supported by taking a break, compassion for our physical needs, caring for our nervous system, our well-being, our physical expression (North Node in Taurus). But with a spiritual outlook, whatever happens can be seen for the blessing it is, and change can unfold relatively smoothly. Align trustingly with the movement of angels and there is no fear. The material level may shift and change, but we are spirit, and spirit manifesting is truly all there is.

To speak or act as manifested spirit serves all

.       There is in the New Moon chart a suggestion that true service is the requirement for us to move through this month smoothly in tune with this time (Mercury quincunx Neptune, and Mars quincunx Pluto). I understand true service as spirit joyfully serving spirit, and to offer that I need to experience myself as spirit choosing a human life. As that, I would have the full sense of ‘the other’ as equally an expression of spirit. I would know we are of the same stuff, and as such I would naturally love them. When we love someone from our spiritual core, we are without judgement, we accept them as they are, and whatever we say will be speaking to their spiritual beauty. Speaking, writing, helping, from spirit with love is the best, most healing, thing we can do. This month the needed words may just flow, the needed actions feel clear, and the love well up from the deepest place in us.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Scorpio

Have deep compassion for your everyday self
and compassion for the human world.
Once the door to spirit is open
the light dissolves suffering.
Be close to others
letting compassion ease the roughness’s between.
And rest when needful, for spirit knows no time or separation.
Understanding is not required to let tension go
so relax and move when appropriate.
Remember to smile at the trees
for the sun is within you.
Be bright light!

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  1. Jill Namaste' October 25, 2022 at 7:24 pm #

    Thank you for your life’s ‘work’ Margaret, you’re a
    beautiful woman.


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