Scorpio New Moon – 4 November 2021

Allow yourself to hold the spiritual perspective, even in the face of what can look very dark . . .

We are living at a time when the paradox of duality is showing up very clearly, particularly as awake individuals in the oneness of humanity, knowing that all is unfolding perfectly into its next stage of life, while feeling the imperfections in our everyday experience. The perspective we need to keep as the background to our thinking is the most inclusive, which is spirit itself. Nothing exists that is not Being/Presence/Spirit.

Let’s grow into that, where true joy is.



Dear friends,

.       So many distractions. So many wise words, and ideas, and ways to become focussed, centred, peaceful and calm. So much to do, and nothing that important – the Sun was squaring Saturn from Scorpio last week. I know what I think, not sure what I believe, feel that I should be certain when nothing my mind fixes on is certain. For the last two months, have you, like me, been trying to find common ground with friends, almost pretending that things are just fine, almost insisting that we have to agree if there’s to be peace – while Mercury’s been trundling to and fro through Libra?

.       Is any of this resonating with you? It’s only a part of my experience, but it’s there. If I am unsure, how can I be foot-sure in this slippery time? Answer: I need to get grounded, be in my piece of earth, the human body – my body, now!      ‘I am here!’      Now breathe completely out before breathing in again!

Stability is not to be found outside us

.       Breathe completely out before breathing in again – sit straight above the base of your spine, and feel your heart. The heart understands that there needs to be a dying down of what has had its day. The autumn leaves fall, the fruit is picked – the lessons are taken in with their wisdom, to mature in storage, preparing for future need. And all which is ephemeral, or not required for life’s energy to flow freely, all that will gradually fade – or maybe suddenly fall away! (This New Moon is exactly opposite Uranus in Taurus.) So this month the letting-go is really personal – we need to shift and change our personal habits. To get this process truly underway, try moving your surroundings about, like a dog in a box of straw, getting your living arrangements to suit how you feel now – how you need them now.

.       Scorpio represents that time of dying down, where the pain is in the realisation that kinder times are passing, that memories are of the past. The truth is – nothing can be lived again. Where there is change, there has to be release of what has been. Letting go of our resistance to what is happening, allows space for whatever is here. When we hold on to anything of the past, there is no room for reality to touch us. We are out of touch, and that means we cannot adapt. Holding on blocks movement, and we feel stuck.

Distractions – from what?

.       Adapting requires digestion, which happens in the dark, in the quiet inner space. Scorpio is the dark quiet that we need to give ourselves. Going into our own dark inner space, we meet the reasons why distractions work so well to divert our attention; those reasons are what need to arise in your face, and will during the next couple of months before the end of 2021 (Jupiter moves into Pisces on 29 December). We need to know, out of all that rises in our hearts and minds, what still has life and needs to be held as different from what is over and needs to fall away. Each thought or concern is like plant, and we need to recognise whether we keep watering it with our emotions and old habits of thought, keeping it alive beyond its natural time.

.       ‘Am I holding this situation because I feel responsible for someone else’s state of being?’ That would be an out-dated use of responsibility – so give the situation to the hands of spirit light to heal, and release your grip on feelings of guilt or shame, or of being weighed down, that can follow when responsibility is taken for others. If feelings of abandonment or loss arise, consider what it is you’re not giving to yourself, and apologise to yourself for abandoning your own needs – do what makes you feel deeply good, and let the past drift into the past where it belongs. You need to be here and now.

.       We are adult and competent to love our own being. So we need to stop making demands on ourselves, as though there is a bar we must leap up and over – without causing the slightest tremor! Who puts that bar there now, and what is the reward for getting over it? Is there actually a reward at all, or just another higher bar to follow! What are you hoping for that never materialises in truth?

What is the future? Drawing connecting light into manifestation

.       Maybe all this is for 2022, when circumstances and energetic pressure help us expand and grow in the emotional and spiritual fields, where we experience a sense of oneness with all humanity (Jupiter enters Pisces). Humanity still needs to dig deep into itself to become strong enough to create the kind of world we want to live in (South Node of the Moon moves into Scorpio, North Node into Taurus, January 22 – July 23). In 2023-24, Pluto stops stirring the Capricorn pot of business, authority and the practical way our lives are organised and, as it moves through Aquarius, turns its deeply disruptive attention to the details of how exactly humanity as a whole organises itself.

.       Humanity consists of many apparently separate people while being in fact a surging mass of energetic life. The ‘masses’ is a Pisces view; the Aquarian view is of the ‘people’, but the oneness continues as the energetic truth of it. The only way to achieve that oneness in living day by day, is to recognise that every apparent individual is of equal value to every other. This means in practice that no ‘one person’ may usurp the individuality of others through control or directives. This is the future we need to hold ahead of ourselves, that manifests as we each become aware of our own inner authority.

Seeing from a spiritual perspective brings light

.       For now, we dig deeply into ourselves and our past in order to become present, here, in strength of purpose, knowing our true values, moving forward together, divisions acknowledged but superseded by the greater understanding of open hearts.

.       With the Full Moon on 19 November, the second half of this month gives us the flavour of the coming couple of years, but more as ideas than the practical capacity to achieve the coming way (Full Moon at the end of Taurus, next to North Node still in Gemini). Let the positive, inclusive ideas be exchanged and grow, with the awareness that the right time for them to manifest has not yet arrived. It’s important to allow this sense of timing, so that disappointment doesn’t become discouragement. The future is there on other levels, and we will arrive in time to manifest it. An I Ching reading tells us that, while waiting in positive sureness, the one who is awake uses the time to rest and enjoy what is here in company, so building his strength for what is to come.

.       We are supported this month by all the forces of light (Sun/Moon trine Neptune at New Moon, Mercury/Mars trine Neptune from the Full Moon). Spiritual forces are reaching into our space to help and lift. Take that support to grow and develop as best you can into what your spirit meant you to be for this life. Our efforts to grow into our potential ensure that the light reaches deeply into the material plane, to spiritualise matter itself.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Scorpio

What is already light-created will be.
Your job is to be awake to it – be there with us
rather than struggling with a bad dream.
It is the last ridge of this mountain and you can climb it
we reach our hand down to help lift you,
but the material world is heavy and drags at your feet.
Look down to what holds you back
and shake it off.
Our hearts are one with yours there is no difference,
here are all those you have loved who you think have left you
and we too are loved and held by those who hold you now.
Never allow yourselves to be dis-heartened,
True light banishes the shadows, but
there will always be dark in material life.
You may move freely with darkness and light
with light heart,
and mind open to duality.
Living a paradox, you are where you focus.
Let your heart
guide you.

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