Libra New Moon – 6 October 2021

Allow life to be what it is, and people to be who they are . . .


Venus still in Scorpio for one more day . . .

.       On a personal level, the chart for the New Moon shows a good day for re-examining our relationships and getting up to date. We have been becoming aware for the last month of how we are relating to the people in our lives, old and new. This may be the moment to accept what has changed, and move on in a new way, more at one with your own inner changes. Around 6 October, you may like to ponder on relationships along the lines of my thoughts at the end of this letter . . . (Venus is in Scorpio for one day only, and then through Sagittarius all month, while Mercury trine Jupiter retrogrades through Libra until 18 October)

How, and when, does breakdown become breakthrough?

.       There is a dichotomy showing up this month – a sense of people drawing up the battle lines. While still attempting diplomacy, many fear that discussion and peaceful protesting has no effect on outcome, a sense of urgency versus impotence. On the other hand, it may feel safer to withdraw from engaging with the disagreements, trying to be detached while keeping an eye on developments (Sun/Moon on Mars in Libra, opposite Chiron and quincunx Uranus in Taurus).

Communication will be stepping up around more public revelations on how our present situation has been developing over many years; what this means in terms of how society worldwide could run, both the feared negative and hoped for positive of any idea floated. We might individually consider how our habitual behaviour and assumptions have been working unconsciously to surface in present problems we may be personally facing (retrograde Mercury trine retrograde Jupiter).

Being in breakdown

.       By the Full Moon on 20 October, the divisions between people will be getting clearer and the second half of this month expands on whatever has been learned in the first half (both Sun and Moon will square Pluto). It could be that we realise improvement is not possible without complete breakdown first, that attempting a breakthrough is not even relevant yet. This is Pluto’s style. He’s been moving through Capricorn since 2008, pointing at the area of life that is breaking down, as he entered the field of commerce, banking and the worldly foundations on which our practical lives are built. No wonder there is a fear of not surviving on this physical level, although it may not be a virus that’s the agent of destruction.

.       On a personal level, ideas you may have been planning or dreams of what you would like to do, that may have been shelved during June, could be surfacing in you again. From the middle of October they can be powered up and set running. The rest of this year has a flavour of movement and change that completes one step on this path of transformation. The part of that step which is our own personal breakthrough is in our own hands, and needs our heartfelt focussed attention on where we can expand and grow. This is the time for those plans and dreams, our efforts will be encouraged and effective (Jupiter ends the last four months retrograde, and completes his time in Aquarius, next time he will be there is 2032).

When the caterpillar melts down . . . consciousness in the chrysalis

.       So! How can we be when chaos threatens? Within the caterpillar-soup of transformation, the Petrie dish of new creation, the important thing for the overseeing consciousness is to hold a positive trajectory. We need to use the energy of focused attention to hold our inner light steady. We know the physical is not the only level, that in fact this physical level is more dependent on how we express our humanity on the other levels, than what we do to protect our bodies. It is our energy, our feelings and attitudes, that manifest as our experience.

.       We need to stay focused through this breakdown or collapse on positive evolution, bearing in mind that the old stuff dies because it is out of date. It is not living in the present, so really dead already. It sounds as though everything must go, but what is really alive remains. The clearance gives space for the growth of that which is relevant to the next phase of humanity’s growth. Our discussions need to be about possible future solutions, which must include the Aquarian principles of social interaction.

. . . aiming for breakthrough!

.       How these Aquarian principles look in practice: not physical space separating us, but the listening space when we respect each person’s views; not giving up individuality for the sake of nameless masses, but the kindness of considering what we as individuals can do that works for us all, rationally through discussion; the agreement to do no harm that gives each person freedom to be who they really are in essence, without fear of judgement or rejection; and so on. The new will consist of these Aquarian principles, and the natural evolution of humanity will get us there.

.       We all have our different functions in this process. Some will be growing food, more than they need so they can help others; some will be stating their beliefs loudly, encouraging discussion so everyone can get clear in their own minds; some will be involved in organising through natural law as with Common Law in the UK or the original Constitution of the United States; some will focus on the children and family life; some will become platforms for community to gather; and some will be focusing patiently on holding Light throughout the vast shift.

.       Accepting that others’ paths are different from one’s own is part of respecting each individual. When we find ourselves personally called to show up, however that looks, then we need to stand clearly in our truth, holding to our own integrity. But until then, there is inner work to do rather than fighting for our beliefs. Join with those of like mind to yourself to minimise the harm of battle, and enjoy the life you do have. Focus on what is possible and let your heart sing as you share. Let’s get clear about how we relate, and then enjoy the people in our lives.

The evolutionary path is within

.       As we pay attention to working on the finer aspects of being human, we will be attracting more Light into the human predicament, so that the transformation that is to come about arises more smoothly. But the timing is as inexorable as for the growing butterfly in its chrysalis, so don’t place particular expectations on future events. Just hold, in your heart’s energy field, the expectancy that a natural beautiful evolution is in process. Rather than trying to force external life to fit a future pattern, we can focus on holding the Light through this time, while allowing others to do whatever they need to do. Whoever consciously holds their attention on the Light is allowing it to shine more deeply into the transformation happening within this present chrysalis.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Libra

Big heart, open and smile!
Life is beautiful and you have eyes to see.
There is more within your hands than you have used
Move them and feel your inner power
Open and grow
unfold your capacity
Life is waiting on your effort
and will breathe on creation in any form.
Stars and butterflies released from heart and mind
will spread and enlighten
the darkest hour.



Pondering on relationships . . .

Notice where you are expecting a person to be as they were a couple of years ago, expecting to feel the same way in their company as you did. Look again at how you yourself may have changed in your self-sufficiency or discovering your real contact needs rather than habitual ways of being together. There may be grief at the loss of some old comforting relationships, now changed to the point of loss. You may have been feeling a sense of being shocked, even let down, on finding that people you thought you knew have different ideas from what you assumed. Notice where you are still making assumptions about what those ideas might mean – are you assuming an entire outlook change, when it may simply be about expedience? Maybe you were wrong about someone – so allow yourself to experience a sense that your ideas might well be wrong here and there. It’s so easy to feel right about what is close to your heart, what matters deeply to you. But if we expect another to admit to being wrong about something, we need to be able to do it ourselves.

Look again at each person you have been relating to in an old way, and how you have changed over these two years. Soften your edges, remember what matters to you most, and look at those relationships as new. Meet each person in your mind as though you had not known them before. Are they someone you want in your life, and what do you give them as well as what do they give you? Some relationships are truly of the past and will simply slide away, so let them go without guilt or blame. Some will change and a new relevance may become clear. Our deeper being may have been covered over by events and shocking external changes – find that depth again in relation to others, old friends, family, children and parents, partners, and treasure the changeless depths. And then let each relationship be a new meeting.

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  1. Gilly October 6, 2021 at 6:42 pm #

    My granddaughter was born today! So it was very interesting to read this with her very much in mind….
    how will she influence the future and bring new ways into being? how will the future unfold!

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