Virgo New Moon – 6/7 September 2021

Balance your focusing on the bits, with a sense of the whole . . .


Virgo balancing harmony and necessity

.       Virgo at its best has the capacity to scan an entire situation and fix on the bit that needs changing to allow the rest to take its rightful place. Scanning details without getting lost is such a skill while maintaining a sense of the whole. Part of this desire to improve what it sees expresses as wishing the best for everyone, not self-less as Pisces can be. But self-aware to the extent that it knows when it needs to rest if it is to carry on in service tomorrow.

.       This New Moon chart is suggesting we use the Virgo skill to examine the practical implications of independence as opposed to fitting in with controls. Check what it is you stand to lose in either case, and what you really value. We may need to be more aware of the workings behind those things we take for granted, that make life relatively easy and ‘safe’, and be prepared to take more responsibility for organising our lives (Sun/Moon are exactly trine Uranus). Scan the whole of what is happening, in any situation, before choosing the nub of the problem. This is a time of high principles, but how can they be implemented? (Mercury trine Saturn in Aquarius). There is a huge amount of energy being put into the ramping up of fear and the dissemination of censored news (Mars trine Pluto).
.       And here I have to digress because, squaring Pluto, comes Venus, the lover of relating, the champion on harmony and peace, justice and fairness! Exactly opposite Eris, who is also square to Pluto . . .

Eris (the 10th planet?) standing up to Pluto – the story

.       I’m going to have to mention Eris at last: so far away, moving so slowly across our sky, she’s been in Aries since 1926 and trawls slowly through Aries until 2044-8. But just now, from 24 Capricorn, Pluto is squaring her. So – the great changer of fundaments is at loggerheads with the bright angry feminine who will stand for her individual rights. And that so reflects the state of the world at present. Pluto is moving a lot faster than Eris, and began to tangle with her in January 2020 at the start of the madness that’s taken the world. They remained at odds until a brief respite from July 2020 while Pluto retrograded out of reach to gather his forces, then came forward again pushing up the conflict again in passing, through November and December 2020.

The part of the story we are in now!

.       However, Pluto turned back and is retrograding once again into the realm of conflict, to stir up and reveal what’s been hidden, from this August to the end of October. At this New Moon, Jupiter is standing in support of Eris and Venus in their bid for the truth to be heard, emphasising the human rights of every individual to be heard and respected, heralding the Aquarian ideals. By November 21, Pluto will have pulled ahead, leaving the direct need for that angry lava flow of the conflict. Necessary changes will have to continue, hopefully including the Eris point of view.

.       This is a flowery way of putting it, but the timing is clear enough, and it’s indicating that we need to recognise these two forces within ourselves at those times. Of course we have both the desire for independence and the desire for security – every baby does in order to stand and grow – and this is where we are seeing the battle between those two played out in the world. So let’s own up to where in our personal lives we play out each side. They can go together, and they will, it’s only at this time we are examining the apparent paradox. Perhaps Common Law speaks to, and from, both positions, and may grow to bring us all where fighting is recognised as unnecessary. After all, fighting can’t bring peace.

The Equinox: the Sun point, Virgo to Libra, is for balance

.       The Full Moon chart, for 21 September, shows a broader understanding, the truth that has been censored finds a kinder way to speak out (Mercury was trine Saturn, now taking Venus’ place trine Jupiter). There is so much astrologically going on, reflecting the way it feels on earth. The way to do this, I think, is to sit very still and quiet for a moment, eyes closed or open looking, breathing steadily, and feel into the wholeness of all that’s around you, in your space and way beyond. Let that calm steadiness be your grounding, and then the messy confusing nature of daily life, kind of buzzes around you. It’s easier to pick out the important bits and leave the others till you feel there’s time to do them well, or not do them. This is Pisces as a balance to Virgo: a well-balanced Pisces is able to manage the minutiae of their day, and a well-balanced Virgo will sit and go to the vast within from time to time.

Revealing Virgo’s need of Pisces . . . and Pisces’ need for Virgo!

.       The thing is, this is a story. We are each living our own version of the amazing tapestry woven by the fates, the planets, as long as we’re in a material expression. But we don’t have to just be that. We have the capacity to identify with any part of the whole thing, like we might identify with someone we feel for and want to help. Any part either more or less dense than our body. All we have to do is allow that the story is only one part of the available experience. And choose to step out, partially and temporarily, but clearly out, so that we can see the vastness that is all of it, layers and layers, beyond and beyond! The story we live day by day is one layer perhaps, and its timing and qualities differ from other layers. It’s not even really what it seems, and different from person to person! It’s really all too much for the little mind to allow. But we are not just our little minds; we can relax the constructions we’ve made inside our minds, soften the edges . . . dissolve their functions a bit . . . blur the meanings maybe float a bit? . . .
.       AND after all that, we can reconnect with this layer, the story of our life, and maybe decide to add a bit that we’d like, and let go of worrying about some other bits, flex our muscles and gaze at the sky, appreciate the beauty in all things for a moment, even the litter. And live this life lightly: ‘Wow! a human experience, how interesting, what fun!’

. . . an astrological after-thought . . .

.       One thing that struck me looking at the movement of Eris and Pluto into the future is that Pluto will be leaving Aquarius for Pisces, after 23 years, around March 2043 to January 2044. And Eris will be leaving Aries for Taurus in a slow transition from July 2044 to March 2048. So the early to mid- 2040’s have these two in a strongly supportive relationship, moving towards focusing on the sea (Pisces) and earth (Taurus) maybe; perhaps Gaia herself evolving into her new position, whatever that turns out to be. I don’t expect to still be here in body by then, but I like to think I’ll be watching from somewhere; while angels continue to bring humanity along the inner path to the joy and peace within, all folded in the love of Oneness.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Virgo

On many levels all is well.
But in the story you live, all is turbulent.
Come beyond the dust, smoke and ashes in your life
and find our company in nature.
The food you eat grows first with soil and wind and rain
and is given abundantly, freely to all.
Receive the natural love life has for you
and share
from the overflow of your heart.

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