Sagittarius New Moon – 4 December 2021

Let Light into your world – and enjoy the ride!

Sagittarius – the explorer!

.       Worlds beyond world, possibilities beyond possibilities, nothing fixed, nothing held but the exploration itself. Everything appears to be true depending where you stand. But if you keep moving, the movement of truth is expansion. Which means inclusion. The viewing point continually rising, the view becomes vast – growing by the minute, by the day, by the year, by the lifetime. And who is capable of seeing all this? The human being who is without judgement or personal desire or attachment . . . (Sun/Moon/Mercury trine Chiron in Aries, all sextiling Saturn in Aquarius)

Sagittarius – the archer!

.       The arrow has direction, and maybe intention in the arm that draws the bow to shoot towards the Light. But daily life cannot follow the trajectory, only watch and wonder how it would feel to be that free. Perhaps it’s unrealistic to imagine we can develop ourselves into this super-human who will people the ideal Aquarian Age. It will probably take evolutionary energy to achieve that wonderful community-minded open-minded person, which will require at least a few generations to arrive, probably more. Maybe we will reincarnate into it!

What we can do now is locate the direction the arrow takes as it flies into the Light, in our meditations and mindful practices, and value those glimpses of Light above all the rest of our earthly enjoyments. It would be unhelpful to give up the enjoyments of earthly life, as it would be damaging to try to slice off our natural desires. But more glimpses of Light would be helpful, encouraging. There is a completely different feeling in opening a door to Light or in closing it. It’s the difference between relief, expansion and gratitude; or anxiety, need and confusion. (Jupiter in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio)

Letting Light into the world by being yourself

.       Each of us opens our door to the Light in our own way, using the part of our personality that experiences it most readily. For some, it’s community and group engagement; for others, it’s alone time caring for one’s own well being, or meditating into the vast space within. When we see what other people do, we’ve a tendency to want them to do what works for ourselves. But maybe they are letting the Light through into the world by lifting the spirits of others with a banner or a battle-cry! It’s how we do what we do that makes the difference.

.       We need to be ourselves, coming from the heart, checking that we are in integrity with our inner compass, making sure what we do doesn’t hurt anybody else’s core being. There are as many points of viewing as there are people, so it’s not worth insisting on the same point of view in another, especially during the first half of this month because strong emotions are likely to be surging through us all. Some people will be motivated to act, but a finer use of the energy would be tuning into how others are feeling. We can go lovingly towards understanding the particular suffering that a person may be undergoing, not to change their world view, but to accommodate how life can be perceived from another’s standpoint. (Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune, both sextile Venus/Pluto in Capricorn)

Sagittarius – light-hearted play!

.       It may seem callous or unfeeling to some, but sometimes partying is just the thing to crack through the heaviness that blocks Light out. This month offers us inspirations as to what will lift a situation, and we need to embrace the wildness of humour, the illusions of theatre, the excitement of story-telling! Whatever promotes shared laughter, warmth and love, lets Light in. Soon enough humanity’s emotional struggle will re-assert itself, and refreshing our hearts with smiles and hugs and laughter will carry us through much apparent negativity. (South Node still in Sagittarius, but only till mid-January 22, and Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, moves from Aquarius to Pisces 29 December )

.       Sometimes Light shines through groups who are hunkering down with family and friends. But not if fear is the motivation; rather for expediency when the atmosphere outside is inclement. Consider, then, how to raise your spirits in any situation. Do that, and you open a door for the Light to shine wherever you are. These days, Light is pushing to come in constantly, we just have to do what works. So encourage yourself and others to do whatever Lightens the world.

Sagittarius – compassionate philosopher!

.       By the Full Moon on 19 December, we should have a good course-line on the Aquarian ideals that will manifest in humanity’s future evolution. Two days later on 21 December, the Sun moves into Capricorn at 16.00 Universal Time, the Solstice. That moment is the fourth major connection of the year between the Earth and Sun, Aries Equinox being the first, so this begins the completion quarter of what was starting on 21 March 2021. This is a striking chart in itself, suggesting the power of the people to be effective. But what that effect will be depends rather on whether the desire is to take back control or be controlled.

.       Many people’s doors to Light will swing open, others may choose to lock theirs shut. It’s worth bearing in mind that judgement closes doors, whereas efforts to understand opens them. It is our own decisions that determine our personal results. J.G. Bennett says: “If we fulfill our destiny, we have our eternal place. If not, we fall out of that place. Maybe this is allowed for, as Nature allows for the many acorns that fail to become oak trees by turning them into humus—decay being as important as growth in the living world.” The future Aquarian Being includes us all.

Sagittarius – the adventurer!

.       This month, the best attitude may be of spirit having a human adventure. All packed with positivity, we go forward once more into the unknown to discover who we are, and who are the people we relate to. Our relationships are very likely to be re-sorted in terms of who feels good to be with, who do we care about most, who is just falling away from us. Whatever rises between you and those you are close to during the middle of this month, will likely not resolve itself until early March 22, so allow each loving relationship to unfold its hidden potential naturally into the butterfly it is meant to be. (Venus reaches Pluto in Capricorn and retrogrades at the Full Moon, to remain in Capricorn until early March when she goes over Pluto for the last time.)

.       Every one of us is spirit having a human lifetime. We have experienced many other ways of being, and many other human adventures. Our forgotten memory banks are wonderfully full of skills, of disasters, of joys and successes, relationships of every kind, and starry expanses. And here we are, having chosen a life at the tipping point between Great Ages. Let’s enjoy the ride!


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

There is love, always love.
There is always beauty when you look for it.
There is joy, spreading deep and warm from your heart.
Flowers bloom silently,
leaves are quiet wind-chimes in the breeze.
Listen into the silence of life
continuously unfolding.
Be there in that moment,
that point of birth
between breathing out and breathing in
be there,
re-born in the silent moment
a flower of deep beauty and fragrance
to bless the world with your smiling eyes
and speak of love silently.
It is enough to give birth to that flower.

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