Sagittarian New Moon 14 December 2020

Sagittarius is not about bringing down old structures,
its openness holds a loving space for visions of the new.


(If you are not comfortable with astrological jargon, please ignore the bracketed italics below.)

Sagittarius – broaden the imagination

.       This month seems to be offering a huge expansion of ideas, understandings, and visions, so much that we may well feel overwhelmed by the possibilities for life on all levels (Sun/Moon eclipse with Mercury). The energy is asking us to share all that we are realising (Mars in Aries trining the New Moon and sextiling the North Node in Gemini). But the Sagittarian space cannot be communicated directly, except to those who have the same visions. This vast sense of understanding is meant to hold the space for whatever is relevant and spiritually ‘right’ to unfold without restriction.

Fear obscures Truth

.       The pressure to restrict growth may come from the circumstances we are living through at this time, lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and so on, and fear is driving our material experience through it all (Mars squaring Pluto). Decisions should never be made from fear, because that blocks the thinking mind and causes knee-jerk reactions based on the past. Fearful instincts could lead us astray or cause us to misinterpret our unconscious promptings (Sun/Moon/Mercury squaring Neptune in Pisces). It is paramount just now to remain as conscious as we can be, checking the full consequences of what we do insofar as we can see them. We need to keep the door open – a Sagittarius moment is not the time to make a final choice, because there is always more to know before we stop expanding our view.

.       Sagittarius is the adventurer, encouraging experimentation, and we need to be sure how much we are prepared to experiment with, of our bodies or our environment. As with all uncertainties, risk only what you are prepared to lose, of your health or your money. You may win, but you may not. Risk is exciting and momentary, and the Sun will move into Capricorn on 21 December, Capricorn being about making a choice, committing to an action – and being responsible for the outcome.

A powerful Solstice – 21 December 2020

.       The Solstices are when the noon-time Sun appears to be at the same height for a few days while changing direction, they are about the Earth’s relationship with the Sun, the source of our physical light and life. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is the time of shortest days, the Sun at its furthest South; in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the Summer Solstice. We have defined the Sun’s position at this turning point as the beginning of Capricorn. This year at the Solstice, Mercury is with the Sun, suggesting that, for the next three months and maybe all year, we will be focused on understanding what’s physically necessary to conserve the Earthly resources we depend on. Hopefully, there’s a growing realisation that we are part of the Earth, and her state of being radically affects our well being. It may not be within human power to alter the course of Earth’s unfolding, but implementing laws that respect and honour the Earth’s natural law might well make our lives more meaningful.

.       This year, the chart of the Solstice shows several layers to our experience of relationship with the Earth. At the Winter Solstice, Nature’s energy is underground, and the Aquarian seed of our future will be planted and germinating (Jupiter and Saturn are together at the beginning of Aquarius). Growth takes place throughout the coming year, and should be more humanitarian than 2020, where the emphasis has been on controlling our physical life, and has constricted this year so far. It’s as though the people (us) are ready for major changes in the way our lives are governed (Moon sextiles Pluto 20 minutes after the Solstice moment). This could be an explosion of individual expression, a tsunami of outpouring desperation for change, hopefully not too destructive! (Mars squares Pluto) For the sake of relieving suffering, our relationship with material comfort may well change in favour of sharing what we have (Venus quincunx Uranus). All this could be the flavour of the next year.

Cancer Full Moon 30 December – compassion and nurture

.       We end the year with an atmosphere of love and caring, envisioning positive possibilities, and determined to let go of the shackles of blind obedience, and virtue-signalling (Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus). Let us be ourselves as individuals, honest and straight, checking for information before we choose to comply with whatever seems to us to be true – personal integrity is the hallmark of Aquarius. And also have compassion for those who walk in fear, and compassion for your own self in whatever frightens you. Remember that each of us is doing the best we can according to our own lights, each wanting harmony, companionship, and love; and each of us has a different set of personality tools – as birth charts remind us – so each one needs a different flavour of these things.

.       There is a choice in each moment to be either conflicted or unknowing. Taking any position, we find ourselves in conflict with others who are opposed to that position. It seems there is no middle ground just now. A useful position to take is questioning, asking about the facts, and asking how come. We need to choose appropriately for each situation we find ourselves in, as fully informed as we can get, and wholly in accord with our spiritual guidance – I think it used to be called common sense! If any part of this process is compromised, we will feel at least uncomfortable, and worse, potentially at war with ourselves and therefore our world.


.       There follows an exercise you might like to try. This is a really good time to go for radical discovery, new choices towards community, and letting the restrictive past go, making room for whatever’s next:

An exercise to clarify our faculty of understanding

We tend to think of our inner structure on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In fact they may be inter-connected and inseparable, but for clarity it helps to look at them as distinct from each other. Normally we are allowing the levels to mix, and the result is a measure of confusion, both inner and outer. We allow ourselves to feel emotional about a thought or belief and get into battles with people who think differently. Or we worry about physical conditions before the event, and become anxious, fearful, angry about things that haven’t even happened. And all the time, we are nowhere near our own grounded centre, which is the only place from which to connect to our spiritual strength and wisdom.

To see these levels distinct from each other, you will first need to notice how each thought you have tends to unroll itself along a path which winds here and there, maybe straight or circuitous, but generally further away from the present moment. Having noticed this process, set about reeling in each thread of thought, as it arises. During all this, breathe gently and steadily, while asking for spiritual help. Uneven breath can starve or shock the body, where steady breathing massages the heart, and steadies the emotions, allowing you check how you really feel in the moment you’re in.

Notice then, how do you feel physically – comfortable? painful? hungry? nervy? All this can be taken care of in whichever way you can, either now, in a moment, or during the next week maybe?

And then, how is your emotional state – is there a feeling of worry? of frustration? of guilt? or of anger, or grief? There are many ways of allowing the emotions to flow freely rather than getting backed up: Flower Remedies work to help a stuck emotion flow through; or letting an appropriate colour flood the mind and body bathes us in its mood; writing the entire issue down, and leaving a space for wisdom to follow up; or whatever works for you. Emotions happen in the moment, they are not just sitting there as they were in your past. It takes a hook on the mental level to re-create an emotion from the past, so there may be a need to seek out the belief or decision or image that you keep in your unconscious mind. Whatever hook you find can be de-constructed now, as long as you are willing to let it go, and then it has no power to bother you emotionally in the present. A channelled entity, called Kryon, suggests we see the emotions like colours in a paint-box, so that the world is like our painting. We need to colour it kindly and light, or what it shows us will confirm the depression we paint it with!

We need to be well grounded and centred to actually recognise and de-fuse the mental hooks, because it’s so easy to persuade ourselves that they are ‘true’ rather than just our take on things at the time of their formation. It is the inner spiritual guide that brings us the truth about ourselves, so keep reeling in any distracting thought-threads as they appear, and keep focused in the heart, staying open for spiritual help as you go along.

After a while of this exercise, you may find that whatever seemed a problem or difficulty before shows a simplicity of solution that lightens your soul. Then is the moment to ask humbly for inner guidance to sort out what troubles us most, and guide our actions through the day.


The second half the video that accompanies this letter consists of a meditation you might like to do with me, along the lines of the above exercise – but not the same.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

Every thought we have is a tendril of energy
gently reel them in to build that energy within.
Let your heart be ball of warm light
on your central grounded column,
feeling the warm flow spread out
filling the entire space of your being’ness.
The energy of your thoughts go out from you
so you may not say of anything you think about ‘this is not mine’.
Your reality is Love,
but you may only know this when you occupy the centre
that you may locate at your glowing heart.

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