Virgo New Moon – 17 Sept. 2020

Within wholeness, everything just moves around, nothing is lost, nothing is destroyed – except, perhaps, fear.


Maybe ‘needs must’ – but choose!

.       This New Moon is in the late degrees of Virgo, the Sun having been through Virgo for almost a month. So we have been dealing with the bits of our organised lives, perhaps finding ourselves facing clutter, and uncertainty, while we deal with each day at a time. This can be as hard or as easy as we make it depending on how we decide to feel about it all. At the coal face, or when the chips are down, attitude is all important.

.       Take fear out of your personal equation. Not caution – that’s wisdom in action – but fear: fear of hurting someone else; of being ill or dying, and all those fears about the future of your family, fear of loss; fear of being foolish, or of looking foolish; the fear of not knowing what’s next. Take them all out of your being just for a moment, and let the light shine in your heart. What is there deep and rich in your heart? What is real for you personally? What if you are really the authority in your life! Virgo sees how things are, and chooses ‘right action’. Rather than being swayed in any direction by fear/anxiety/pressure of any kind, let’s make sure we are making conscious choices,

Shocks to the system continue

.       We need to be awake and ready for whatever comes, otherwise we are asleep and open to being shocked. With constant shocks, the nervous system suffers and becomes permanently on alert – a state it cannot maintain without damaging itself. When we are awake and ready for movement, we see it coming just before it arrives, and we can roll with the punch, and make the necessary adjustments more smoothly – we are developing the capacity to see moments in a larger context, a place of detached perspective.

.       While Uranus is moving through Taurus (May 2018 to July 2025) we are dealing with shocks, physical situations arising and leaving without much warning, and all the fear that can arise when not knowing the future. The idea is that we wake up and see situations in a new light. In 2025, Uranus will move into Gemini, an air sign where thought is easier and inspiration can be consciously assimilated. Then it will be easier to understand the picture that is unfolding. But while it is in Taurus, our heads are in the physical experience, faces to the ground, so we don’t see much.

True authority is within each of us

.       The problem with all this is that, because there is fear, there is also a reaching out to find someone to make things ‘safe’ again. That means a search for authority outside ourselves – we become children looking for parents, ready to do whatever we are told will help because we don’t understand what is trying to emerge, we don’t see the context. The context is always wholeness. Spirit is the nearest word I can find to express wholeness, being that which is stable and always true.

.       Most wonderfully, we can each connect with spirit by reaching deep within our own selves. There we can relax within what is stable and true, and in that relaxing place we expand into the wisdom to deal with whatever may be happening in the moment. Here is the authority we need, and the only authority that will guide us each along our own path. Humanity is growing and changing, not into something else but moving within its own wholeness. Different attributes are rising from where they may have been dormant. Greater awareness is growing of surroundings being all part of the same Being as ourselves.

.       It is especially necessary to contemplate all this now, because this coming month will highlight the divisions as the energy of life hits the static quality of rules and regulations (Mars in Aries squaring Saturn and then Pluto). The first two weeks are about the life force versus apparent restrictions. There is a need for some restraint on complete freedom, but it’s a matter of applying restraint in a flexible way rather than the rigidity of panic (Sun/Moon in Virgo trine Pluto/Saturn).

Adjust, adapt – but stay rooted in loving spirit

.       We are normally comfortable when we imagine the scales are at rest, the balance reliable, still (Mercury in Libra). We feel afraid when movement begins and we are jolted awake, having to acknowledge that life requires change. We are better prepared when we tell ourselves that life is growth, movement, constant change, so we are never really going to know what’s next. This month we may well be shocked by changing circumstances (Mercury square Jupiter, then Pluto and Saturn in this first week). Let’s not criticise those who change their minds – it’s often sensible when new information arises.

.       By the Full Moon at the beginning of October, we will probably be more prepared to accept how things and people have changed, and hopefully adjusting the restraints (Mercury into Scorpio, Sun in Libra, Venus trine Mars). Individual drive is still on the right track for humanity’s growth (Mars sextiles the North Node), but we need to be sensitive to our human needs (Full Moon on Chiron in Aries). We may feel inspired with new ideas, new possibilities, but let’s be sure to make our choices from the stability and strength of our inner connection to wholeness. Whatever else is happening, searching for the best way forward will be blessed with spiritual guidance (Jupiter sextile Neptune).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Virgo

Lost you may feel
but you are wrapped around
with the love that is all things.
Do your best each day allowing that it might vary,
nothing is static. There is no total death
except the moment of your complete surrender
to the love of spirit –
and that is the death of your fear.
Being is Everything!


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  1. Sue Bolshaw September 21, 2020 at 10:59 am #

    Thank you Margaret. Really informative . i have quoted you in the Earth Pathways newsletter and recommended your website . Autumn Equinox blessings x

    • Margaret Koolman September 21, 2020 at 11:35 am #

      Thank you, Sue. I love your work too. 🙂

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