Leo New Moon – 19 August 2020

Almost, but not quite, there . . . patience is quiet.


Leo fire – from warm to roasting!

.       Leo expresses from the heart – warm, bright and positive, and every year, for the month beginning 22 July, the Sun shines Leo into our hearts. The last third of the Leo sign is extra-powerful, and this New Moon could be emphasising a tendency to dominate through words (Mercury conjunct Sun/Moon in the last degrees of Leo). This flavour may possibly have an added blast of devil-may-care bravado that is at odds with the circumstances we’re dealing with (Mars in Aries Square Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn). One way to express the best of this wonderful fiery energy will be as part of a project helpful to others – as long as we feel free to choose, and the work is enjoyable (Sun/Moon quincunx Saturn/Pluto)!

Dealing with frustration

.       To counteract any unhelpful frustration we may feel, it helps to find within ourselves, and acknowledge, exactly what it is that moves us deeply enough to want to project it into our own future. What we really want to experience in our lives may need a reassessment of what we think we need at the physical level: for instance, we may have found that we want love and friendship more than physical possessions; or the principle that all people be free from pain and fear may really matter more to us than maintaining our routines and boundaries. This is a time for questioning what we truly believe inwardly, and sharing what we find out loud (a Fire triangle – Sun/Moon/Mercury trine Mars trine South Node). Authorities may continue to hold back, people with power are likely to fudge issues , but humanity as a whole is ready to recognise truth (North Node in Gemini, Saturn quincunx to it).

Letting go of personal safe positions

.       During May this year, we may have realised that our plans really did have to go on hold, and this situation has continued (Jupiter is retrograde for 4 months every year). However, this month sees the end of that holdback, and the following couple of months will see the rolling out of all that has been stirred up in banking, business and politics worldwide from 2008 (Pluto in Capricorn). Also personally, where the organisation of our own living styles has seemed stuck recently, there is the beginning of movement and flow (Jupiter sextile Neptune, over Pluto and into Aquarius by mid-December).

.       This is all future though, so it really is impossible to know how it will unfold; the reason for realising that such a huge opening for change is at hand is so we make the most of this time to shift our own perspectives. It’s as though we are being helped to let go of past beliefs that have limited our vision of what’s possible, but we do need to surrender our personal future to be spiritually guided.

Let people be who they are!

.       Letting go is right on time this month in our emotional relationships (Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus). It’s a perfect window for allowing family members to be just what they are, and stop the endless pressure demanding ‘do better’, ‘be more loving’, ‘get in touch’ and so on. Yes, it may hurt, but only as long as we think we know who they are and refuse to accept what they are presenting to us, or how they seem to be.

.       This window is also for letting go of past relationships, letting those who’ve died do whatever is right for them in realms we may or may not be able to reach. People you know might just be relocating on the planet, or they might have left the planet altogether. Whatever the situation, may they ‘fare well until we meet again’. And then let’s get on with what is to hand in our own lives. In the field of love, we are always together!

Living with uncertainty

.       By the Full Moon on 2 September, we will have got the hang of what’s necessary right now, and the letting go will hopefully be well underway (Mercury trine Pluto/Saturn, and Sun trine Uranus). Individually, we may have had to let go of a desired outcome and be feeling somewhat frustrated (Mars square Venus and Saturn). It’s a matter again of accepting how things really are. Negativity is an attitude, as is being positive. It’s not that one attitude sees different things from the other; it’s just our take on what we see. That’s our choice, but do we realise it changes future outcomes. A bright open attitude attracts bright open possibilities, so it’s sensible to refrain from drawing limits around what you regard as possible.

.       The fear of suffering ‘dashed hopes’ can keep us from entertaining optimism. And it’s a sign of holding onto, and identifying with, a desired outcome and a specific future. When we fall into this error, we need to step back inside ourselves, because we are giving our essence to a fantasy, and losing our balance in the present. An inward attitude that helps is to live ‘as if’ whatever actually happens is correct for that moment in the wholeness of things. This doesn’t mean we may not grieve for what is no more, but let the flowing through of that grief be a re-adjustment, enabling acceptance of what is present as it is. We all need to stand firmly in ‘what is’ and allow change to unfold.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Leo

Have courage
let joy be your springboard
into a future that is
shrouded in mist.
Celebrate those who are around you
they remind you of the spirit of life within you
and your sharing creates sunlight round you all.
This is a time to play, build castles in the air.
Who knows what may arise as you go forward.
For now, whatever is
is the truth
and worthy of your full consideration.

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  1. Jacqui September 8, 2020 at 3:14 pm #

    Thank you Margaret for your wise words reminding us to live in the present moment and to count our blessings – it is very much appreciated right now

    • Margaret Koolman September 21, 2020 at 12:24 pm #

      Isn’t it just the thing! Always so relevant no matter what seems to be going on 🙂

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