Aquarius New Moon – 4 February 2019

Step back from a problem to get a wider view –
and let the context evolve its own solution to the focus.

Growing the Aquarius side of humanity

.       Each year, the New Moon in Aquarius gives us another look at the next step in evolution for humanity as a whole. It would certainly help these days to have the ability to stand back far enough from a conflict to see and understand all the viewpoints – a wise mediation. I feel that every part of the total spectrum of human potential is always being manifested somewhere, but not many people are expressing the highest functions possible. However, more and more people are expressing those qualities which will bring about the cooperation required for a good life for all. This month the ideas are burgeoning and the energy is full (Sun/Moon sextile Mars, and sextile Jupiter).

Stepping back to include the wider context

.       Aquarius is about stopping long enough to step back from what you were focusing on in order to see the context as well as the problem, to see the situation within which the happenings are occurring. It means also stepping back from a belief or an idea in your mind, letting go of your investment in it, so that you can see how relevant it is to the broader concerns of the moment. People who do this can seem to be dispassionate and disconnected, but these are qualities most of us need to develop a bit more.

.       We can hardly see what will benefit us all if we are focussed on the needs of a minority without applying our solution to everyone else too. We are learning this in the world’s ecology, how we can’t apply a solution for one species without taking the terrain and its other inhabitants into account. And it’s the same for groups of people within a society. It’s also the same for members of a family – each individual in a group needs to be taken into account when dealing with what appears to be a problem with one member. And when we step back from our reactions in each relationship, it opens the way to feel love because we are no longer wanting something different. Aquarius mastered expresses universal love.

Don’t crack the chrysalis open too soon

.       The feeling that something very fundamental has to change is growing (Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn approaching the South Node) and we have reached a place where there is so much urgency for the necessary deep changes to what is now out-of-date, that our impatience could get out of hand and create more destruction than we meant – or attract the backlash of simply being stopped in our tracks, prevented from action altogether (Mars/Uranus in Aries square Pluto/South Node in Capricorn).

.       In personal life, you may know that change needs to happen and be trying to bring it about without knowing what exactly needs changing or how. We are in a process which is definitely beyond our control. It’s as though the outcome already IS in the ‘quantum reality’ or ‘higher planes’ but we don’t yet know what that outcome will be, and there’s a tendency to feel ourselves floundering about like fish out of water.

.       This pressure to change is strong during February (no retrograde planets) but now is not the time of completion. 13/14 February could see an opening for something new and possibly start a process (Mars over Uranus and into Taurus, Uranus into Taurus at the New Moon on 6 March). April and May should make things clearer (Pluto then Saturn cross the South Node, and then retrograde) but the time for grounding major shifts is more likely from December this year and through 2020 is (Jupiter through Capricorn, and more).

Love to the rescue

.       This whole month encourages a focus on how we can work with each other, helping each other deal with the bits and pieces of life as we go along (Venus through Capricorn). To do this we need to allow each person to be themselves and do things their own way. We cannot truly help someone by changing anything for them, only by helping them find their own solutions and do what they themselves understand needs doing. We each have to take responsibility for our own experience, but we can support each other in achieving hearts’ desires. This can feel like tough love (Venus square Chiron) but as the month goes on, sensitivity improves and good workable solutions can be shared (Venus sextile Neptune). A good month to sort out agreements on basic relationship needs.

From 19 February . . .

.       This next Full Moon on 19 February, although not an eclipse like last month, does also shift the energy into a different quality (Sun into Pisces opposite Moon into Virgo). So that, rather than being focussed on getting a handle on situations, we find ourselves more sensitive and open to inspiration. We can make use of this time to discover what habits we need to drop – taking care not to fall into self criticism, which is rather a useless waste of energy. When we are prepared to let go of old habitual reactions, we are free to become what is needed in the circumstances we face.

Perhaps following any distractions saves us from going forward too forcefully or at the wrong time. Perhaps it would be a good thing to direct our energy to those jobs we tend to put off, rather than attacking the central issues head on. As long as we keep the main things in focus, the solutions can arise by themselves, and we will have missed nothing. But please do whatever your inner guidance feels right, and don’t let me, or anyone else, stop you. And if you do go forward to try out something new, keep your feet on the ground and read the small print first! (Mars in Taurus and Moon in Virgo)


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aquarius

Chaos is fertile soil
an order that is unknown in the linear world of form
only from another dimension will you find your way
well marked and clearly in the right direction.

Don’t push or try to organise
rest back a while and let yourself see
the beauty and balance in all things together.
Then look to your hands to see what gift
is there for you today.

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