Capricorn New Moon – 5/6 January 2019

It’s not what’s going to happen that matters –
it’s our relationship with it – stay awake and be flexible.

Capricorn is not all work!

.       Capricorn is the place of reward for all the efforts and hard work of the past. It is the comfort and nourishment of a home we have worked to achieve. Sagittarius may have been careless of that foundation, but our survival depends on being able to recover from our exertions, wherever that exploration may have taken us. The arrow flies from the bow into the unknown, but comes to land somewhere. The hunter searches out the prey so that the family at home can eat.

,       We are all the signs all the time, but through the year it’s helpful to focus on them individually, as though creation could be stretched out over time rather than erupting constantly in the NOW. Capricorn is where we focus on exactly what we are depending on in order to feel we can reach out, what our foundation is made of, rather than taking it for granted. What we assume as dependable will rise to let us know we have been leaning on it – not always a comfortable discovery. That which we laid down carefully, we have our eye on, so we notice when a shift in circumstances requires us to adapt.

.       Capricorn is about being awake, aware of what you are doing and focused on what is happening. Much of the time, we are so taken up with what happened before, and what we want or expect to happen next, that we miss-step in the moment, and our ‘planned’ edifice collapses. The truth is that that edifice never did have a reality, and we weren’t watching to see what was growing in its place. This is why a Capricorn-type person, when functioning correctly, appears to magic their achievements out of the dust. In fact, that person is supremely awake to the shift and changes of mood, and where in the cycle of growth they are standing, so they enable what is appropriate in that moment to manifest.

Awareness and intelligence take us a long way

.       This New Moon chart shows a beautiful acceptance of responsibility, and sensitive openness to the needs of this planet and her inhabitants (Saturn very close to Sun/Moon who are sextile Neptune). It’s as though we have collectively acknowledged concern for what we have been unconsciously doing: eg. filling the sea with plastic; removing the trees that help us breathe; battling for causes that we haven’t fully understood (Mercury into Capricorn square Chiron and Mars). Humanity as a whole is becoming conscious of itself from all directions: what we do to each other, we do to ourselves.

.       Globally, and also in our personal lives, we will need to give intelligent thought to our actions, so that we don’t plough forward in an unthinking way that simply invites opposition, or generates clumsiness leading to accidents (Mercury square Mars in Aries). That aggressive flash of action may be provoked by assuming that others are to blame, or by aiming for impossibly optimistic targets (Jupiter square Neptune) – and always by thinking we know best!

.       The best of this astrological pattern is in holding our focus on the facts, so that we own up to knowing the behaviour that will serve us all. It shows flexibility combined with high ideals and a desire to go towards what is best for the planet (Jupiter in Sagittarius combined with Neptune in Pisces, both ruling those signs). In serving the planet, we serve each other and ourselves – this movement in humanity’s growth is towards Oneness.

Slow down, be earthed before each move

.       Within the couple of days after this New Moon, we will find movement easier in our relationships and our lives (Uranus moves direct and Venus moves into Sagittarius). Through the rest of January and the whole of February, we may find everything flowing on at a great rate without precedence, a sense of ‘nothing ever having been this way before’. It’s as though we are moving forward in life without being hampered, or even guided, by the past (no planets retrograde: ie. all on the same side of the chart as the Sun).

.       During March we are likely to find ourselves re-considering our actions and their results (Mercury retrograde 5 to 29 March) and April slows the whole process down (Jupiter retrograde 11 April). But a lot will be happening before then. For the moment, we are more likely to be impatient to establish our own dreams as reality, to blast out of confining habits, to stop putting things off and sort out our messes! (Mars in Aries from 1 January, then over Uranus at the end of Aries 14 February).

Sharing with spirit brings joy

.       The Full Moon on 21 January is totally eclipsed by the Earth at 5:13 Universal Time. The Earth eclipses the Moon perhaps when practical needs demand attention, and the Earth becomes the patient on the cosmic operating table! The Moon will be in the first degree of Leo, opposite an Aquarian Sun, suggesting an atmosphere of appreciating humanity’s wounds, and healing with kindness and respect (trine and sextile Chiron in Pisces). We need to stand firmly in our own truth but not forget that we are all in this life together (Uranus in Aries square Sun and Moon). There is so much joy to be had in sharing ideas, hopes and dreams, and finding ways to put them into practice (Jupiter with Venus trine Mars, all in Fire). The only proviso is not to go overboard in any one direction, but to keep options open.

.       This Full Moon chart indicates an understanding of how present circumstances have come about (Mercury on South Node) and the wherewithal to do what is called for in the moment (Saturn sextile Neptune). So the second half of this lunar month suggests the unimpeded flowing of energy, money, support, excitable sharing – some of it could be painful, but the process is growthful and expansive. This takes us to the next New Moon on the 4 February, and the next step along the way.

The main thing . . .

.       This may sound strange but it’s not what’s going to happen that matters – it’s our relationship with it that matters, how we react, what we choose to feel and then choose to do. So focus on what is now, rather than how the past has been, or what you would like your future to be – stay open and present. If we stay true to our innermost promptings, guided by our instinctive recognition of light, our paths will open steadily and strongly just in front of our feet.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Capricorn

You will step more steadily if you relax.
The situations of life are always beyond your control,
just now you can feel the truth of that.
Now is the time to reach for what you can rely on,
your source, your life’s beginning and end,
spirit itself, no matter what that is –
in your heart, you know this.
Rest assured.
Whatever happens you are safe
in the arms of love, and the company of all.
Do not block your awareness of the truth
nor veil your eyes from the light.
Nothing truly real can ever change.
Let go your desire to be right
and your fear of loss.
Joy and love and peace are behind what you see
resting in the silent stillness within



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  1. Carol January 6, 2019 at 10:19 am #

    Thank you Margaret for your wise words. This is very interesting, and exciting.

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