Sagittarius New Moon – 7 December 2018

Stop! – breathe for a while, let go of wanting to know what’s next.
Finish with one breath completely out, so that the next in-breath is a new start.

the Sagittarius roller-coaster! Remember to breathe . . .

.       Can it get any more intense! Yes! – so it’s our inside we need to slow down, because the energy field we live in is spinning wilder and wider and further all the time. We’ve had one month so far of Jupiter through his own sign of Sagittarius, and it’s set to continue until the end of 2019. On 7 December the New Moon makes a statement from the middle of Sagittarius: ‘Here we go!’ and there’s no way we can get off the ride. Except . . .

.       Except – inside. The flavour of Sagittarius is excitable fiery interest in everything. The enthusiastic warmth is infectious, the ideas can be fascinating, the reach of enquiry stretches into the world and even into the future. It can feel compelling and sometimes alarming. We may feel that life is out of our control – and of course, it is! A positive take on life needs to be supported by trust in the natural process of unfolding growth, that it be beneficial whether or not we understand it. The soul’s timing is inexorable, and we need to accept it and look for the beauty and enjoyment that is to be had.

.       If it all feels overwhelming to you, just stop and breathe for a while. Relax, let go of needing to know what’s next. End with one breath completely out so that the next in-breath is a new start – then get back to your day, your life.

Honest communication is essential

.       What a wonderful encouragement we are getting to focus inwardly in order to keep our balance in the turbulence of this ocean of human reactions (Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces). We are now more emotionally sensitive, especially until the end of this year (Mars into Aries 1 January 19). The boundaries are permeable, and there could be much misinterpretation of playfulness or helpful advice, stepping on each other’s vulnerabilities – the complete answer for one person, may be completely inappropriate for another. But if you keep yourself inside to avoid being hurt, you bind yourself to the very place of hurt within. So we need to be honest about our reactions and our hurts, so that differences don’t escalate into feuds (Sun/Moon square Mars/Neptune).

.       With this New Moon, we realise that it’s not just ‘me’ who’s suffering (Mercury turns direct trine Chiron). From 13 December it will feel more natural to look on the brighter side of events, ready to explore and try out other possibilities (Mercury into Sagittarius). Wherever you have Sagittarius in your birth chart represents the area of your life that will be getting a boost of bright experimental energy this month, and how you relate to your natal Jupiter will indicate how you handle this boost, whether you are happy to use it or not, whether you tend to go over-the-top with it or put it off.

Being in the moment

.       The Full Moon on 22 December is within the Winter Solstice period, only 19 hours after the Sun shifts from Sagittarius into Capricorn. This Full Moon is drawing attention to the grounding energy at this time of year. Life energy is drawn inward to manage our stability in the physical world; we are responsible for our own experience and this is what gives us freedom (Sun and Moon link to Uranus). Ideas will be abundant – let’s make them relevant to the needs of others, and let’s not make assumptions about what those needs might be (Mercury/Jupiter square Neptune who sextiles Saturn) – everybody isn’t cheered-up by the same things.

.       In this second half of the month, meditation of any kind will keep us in touch with the love life has for us, where we feel empathy and compassion for ourselves and others (Venus trine Neptune). This will be more likely to direct our action in ways that bring joy (Mars/Chiron trine North Node).

.       The purpose of Sagittarius is the expansion of our minds so we can allow ourselves nearer to the joy and beauty of All That Is. The playfulness is fearless adventure into the unknown, each moment trusting that we are safe in Love’s hands. Forget about the future, who knows what’s there! Let the past go in peace, so you can be fully here now in your wholeness.

.       Relax and go with the flow! Be joyful and have fun as you care for your companions. Breathe and stay in touch with your inner guidance. All will be stirred up beyond understanding. Life will unfold a million next steps developing our individuality – and unfold one next step for all humanity. And we must be present to take the step . . .


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

Oh, what joy!
in dancing leaves, and fluttering birds,
in rushing water, and brilliant flames,
in loving hugs, and furry friends,
and delicate flowers unfolding.

Poised in this moment with fluttering heart,
alive, in touch, responsive to light,
face the unknown, leap into space,
whatever life asks –
be ready!

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