Scorpio New Moon – 7 November 2018

If you feel at all upset, focus your breathing into your inner space
and let your Heart expand – from there, you will realise how to respond.


In this letter, please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant – the bracketed italics are in case you want to know the astrological basis for the words.

This New Moon in Scorpio

.       The flavour of this whole month is a wonderful sense of spiritual understanding that the movement of life at the moment is an inexorable and necessary unfolding, angelically supported and fundamentally compassionate to human suffering (Sun/Moon trine Neptune). Our part is to accept and go with the flow of need however and wherever it occurs, insofar as we are personally moved by that need. Also, this New Moon chart shows that emotional generosity towards the need is exactly in line with humanity’s growth for the next 18 months, and will therefore have more spiritual power than any other activity (Jupiter trine Chiron trine North Node).

.       The Moon’s Nodes show the direction of growth that accords with the movement of life’s energy, and it has just shifted from expressing ourselves without damaging others (Aquarius towards Leo), to transforming our use of earthly resources for the nurture and benefit of all humanity (Capricorn towards Cancer).

Emotional content of our Scorpio depths

.       We’ve been digging it up all year, and now it’s on the table! The challenge is that there are so many changes. The energy this month shifts radically in many areas of life: relationships, where each person is searching for autonomy and freedom (Venus opposite Uranus in Aries); honest communication, which is often clouded by personal opinion and beliefs (Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune); all and any emotions, tending to be swayed hugely by rage and pity for past personal hurts and others’ needless suffering (Jupiter trine Chiron).

.       Once we have sorted out what we feel about the different situations in life, and accepted them, they are able to change. So perhaps that’s what this month is about. Most importantly, the recognition that a huge number of people want to assist the many suffering communities in the world could bring about a change in governmental behaviour (Jupiter into Sagittarius 8 November for 13 months). Let’s hope so, but there could just be a lot of hot air discussion of different opinions. Beware of this in your local community efforts – or the good energy could be dissipated.

.       Personal freedom is once again an issue (Uranus backing into Aries from 7 November for four more months), and especially in personal relationships where we may find old issues raising their heads and being solved (Mars trine Venus, retrograde through Libra until 15 November). From 16 November, we are all likely to be re-thinking our past beliefs and intentions (Mercury retrograding through Sagittarius till 6 December). This is a really good time for re-evaluating our life patterns and directions in terms of growth at every level, but particularly for our spiritual expansion. The whole of 2019 gives us an extra boost to develop our awareness, and compassion (Jupiter in Sagittarius).

Full Moon 23 November

.       The second half of this month specifically lines us up with compassion for the suffering (Sun/Jupiter trine Chiron in Pisces, Moon sextile Chiron). However, there may well be so much emotion about that practical steps could be hampered (Mercury square Mars in Pisces who sextiles Saturn). We will need to keep the main point in focus: dealing with suffering humanity.

What does astrology really show us?

.       The position of the planets shows us, not what’s going on ‘out there’, but the kind of energy we are bathing in, and unconsciously reacting to. What’s going on just is: what we experience is created by what we feel and what we do – all of us together: people – angry, frightened, rowdy, suffering – politicians, generals, bankers, food producers, distributors, communications people, neighbours, parents and children, you and me. So we each need to work at being aware of what energy we feel around and through us in the coming weeks, and to consciously respond in useful, calming ways.

The importance of waking up

.       There are so many energetic changes this month, we are bound to be pressured in some area of our lives. Depending on our character and personal history, we are likely to be more reactive in some areas than others, and it is what we do with that emotional reaction that affects our life. Emotional reactions are inside us; the important and effective bit is turning our out-going energy from an automatic reaction into a conscious response. There are two stages: the first moment of opportunity is waking-up to yourself within a situation, and the second is your choice of response. Without being innerly awake, we are not capable of choosing a response that is true to ourself and appropriate in the situation. Sometimes it happens that we may think we are choosing but later see that our ‘response’ was not in line with how we are now. I’m sure I’ve said this in recent letters to you, and that you know it already, but I’m finding this reminder useful to me!

.       When we are awake to ourselves, there is a natural rightness in what we do that doesn’t require thinking about. It may not meet with others’ approval but tends to be accepted in the situation. On reflection later, we know that it was our best. What is right for you to do, may not be right for someone else – there is no one action that would be right for everyone because we each have our own gifts. Our choice of response must include what is right for ourselves as well as the situation.

Your own personal meditation

.       Don’t let circumstances cheat you out of your deep heart connection. I’m sure you know by now that you are not just a character: your personality is a wondrous tool kit and your heart is at its centre. Your heart is not of itself your centre but a doorway to that inner room. Once there, your awareness can expand to include all that you are – and your experience of that will not be the same as mine. All I can say is: go into that inner room, let yourself expand with each breath, and discover what you become. Be that, and allow your responses to the world around you to come from there. Whatever kind of angel you are, your wings can wrap around you so that your everyday world cannot keep you from yourSelf.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Scorpio

In the face of so much change and potential confusion
sit back a moment and contemplate yourself.
Who are you really?
What do you want to use this life for?
It is not your first by any means
and probably not your last.
Life on earth is a gift that few souls achieve.
How beautifully the physical experience expresses
the energy that forms it.
How amazing that you can create such forms
through desire alone.
And when you bring in love and compassion
how wonderfully your heart lights up
and showers the universe with colour and with joy.
Everything on every level is there already –
it is your awareness that grows.
This is why you came – your quest
to be totally aware of All
instead of lost in it.

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