Libra New Moon – 9 October 2018


Don’t worry about understanding the jargon – the bracketed italics are just to indicate the astrological basis for the words. Go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it feels helpful.

Libra’s dilemma – how to prefer without judging

.       Libra sits with hands out either side, calmly holding two mutually exclusive possibilities, trying to balance duality, and somewhat perplexed by the paradox! Masculine and feminine; light and dark; spirit and matter; good and bad? She holds the secret of spiritual life on earth – remaining centred in herself and accepting what truly IS. There is an extra bit to that: remembering that how things look to us is dependent on our limited perceptions, and that from our limited perspective we are not equipped to make judgements about how things or people should be. I find this bit helps me to relax and let go of thinking I know best and attempting to control it to be that way.

Relationships show us to ourselves

.       There’s a lot going on just now, and the New Moon in Libra gives us another chance to get centred in ourselves as we contemplate it all. We will need to keep coming back to our centre this month, because we are likely to be extremely challenged (Sun/Moon square Pluto). It is through our relationships that we will be discovering exactly how we feel about ourselves at the deepest level (Venus rules Libra, and is now retrograde in Scorpio, Pluto’s domain). Last month may have exposed some repetitive tendencies in our relationships; this month is for trawling through the past to see how we create these relationship situations. Our expectations of others reveal what we feel we deserve.

.       It’s often a matter of the assumptions we’ve made about how things naturally are, so we think they should be that way, that others should be like that and do that. We all have our own ways, and we can have a lovely time discovering in what ways the other person is different and has different habits. Trying different ways can be very expanding, and we get to choose how to be instead of just continuing in the same old ways.

.       The best bit is, when we find the attitude we’ve been running that undermines our best efforts, our centred self is able to do something about letting it go, expanding into a more appropriate attitude (Sun/Moon quincunx Neptune who trines Venus).

Space to find the balance point inside

.       Much of our difficulty in relationships is likely to be about who needs space and when (Venus in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius). This could be especially noticeable from the New Moon (this square is exact on 11 October). The fact is that we all need space – to be on our own, to relax our boundaried persona and gravitate towards our own sense of being. Deep in the centre of our being is the sure connection with our source, and we become that which is All That Is.

.       If we don’t have enough time to do this, we tend to be constantly spinning off into activity without ever grounding ourselves in our truth. Then, feeling disconnected, we grasp at connection with something or someone ‘out there’ in order to feel safe, accepted, OK; while the only true connection possible is deep inside (Venus in Scorpio). If you are the ‘other’ in this case, you feel unable to fulfil your partner’s needs, which is the truth and can be intensely uncomfortable (Mars in Aquarius). We all have both these attitudes going on at the moment – a good time to sort things out.

.       But it’s not only the ‘other’ that stops us from making the inner connection, we stop ourselves, even when we are alone. We are distracted by worrying thoughts, anxiety for others or for our own safety, by the mundane chores of our life (if that’s how we see them). Even our work can become a distraction from what really matters. When connected inside, whatever we do in the world becomes a natural part of our life, important in that we focus on it with our being. Focusing from our depth on what we do, and who we are with, brings deep understanding and a sense of ‘being one with’ the other (Venus trines Neptune).

.       So we need space, and this month is a good time to discuss ways to make sure we give it to ourselves (Mercury sextiles Saturn who is still trining Uranus). There is an urgent need for change not only in our own deep-seated attitudes, but also the rest of the world: in business practices; financial dealings; our involvement with oceans, forests and nature reserves; politics and news media. At the least we can begin to talk about it creatively. This is exactly where we need to begin our Aquarian Age conversations: each one being centred in our unique self so that we can radiate our heart-felt truth for the benefit of the world (South Node in Aquarius, North Node in Leo).

Assistance in clearing the deep rubbish

.       At the Full Moon on 24/25 October, our ability to let go of old ways is intensified and we become able to agree on what new ways will work for us all (Moon/Uranus in Taurus trine Saturn, and Sun/Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn); and the following weeks should see us acting on what we decide. There may be a strong compassionate focus on human suffering and giving help where there is need (Mercury over Jupiter trine Chiron in Pisces). This is the last couple of weeks before Jupiter leaves Scorpio, and at that point astrologically, everything he was trying to achieve in this deepest level of human experience gets a strong boost to push it through.

.       What doesn’t get done while we are focused on it, will hang about in the unconscious again – so shift your inner attitudes, and clear out of date emotions, while Jupiter illuminates the problem areas. The next New Moon on 7 November will be in the middle of Scorpio, but from 8 November the focus of growth will be Sagittarian – to the heights, instead of the depths – and the scene will be entirely different (Jupiter and Moon go into Sagittarius together).

.       This month, let’s not forget that, as well as all inhabiting the same world, we each inhabit a different world through our personal experience: a Libran balancing act!


Contemplation for this New Moon in Libra

Feel – sense
come inside and breathe.
Nothing ‘out there’ matters
unless you can be IN to relate to it.
No one can be contacted
until you are IN to connect with them.

Come in and be aware
of your body,
your emotional weather,
your consciousness, your soul.
Deepen –
look into the depths of your inner life
then gently breathe completely out.

With your next in-breath feel life in every cell
greening your leaves, lighting your sparkle.
Let every new breath lift your heart,
open your shoulders, strengthen your spine.

Breathe for your spirit here in earth,
and for every other creature and form –
your life-force wells up to form your next step,
and all is well in your world.

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