Virgo New Moon – 9 September 2018

Let it all hang out, as you hang on to what matters most in your life.
Friendships and love keep us afloat – honour them with honesty.


Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant –
the bracketed italics are just to let you know the astrological basis for the words.


Hello, dear friends,

.       These are turbulent times, and wisdom rises in waves out of uncertainty. I find myself doing one thing and then another without much connection. But all seems to flow along and everything gets done eventually – apart from that which apparently didn’t need to get done in the first place.
In the video, it all gets described a bit differently from the letter below, and don’t forget, the contemplation is spoken with images at the end.

Virgo – beautiful healer, helping to grow us well

.       ‘. . . and out of the trees came the sweetest music – relax your struggling, and allow deep healing to happen . . .‘ We don’t cause healing, we allow it. And it can only happen if we relinquish control of our living river of emotion, flowing from subterranean depths within us. Slide into your innocence, don’t judge yourself or your expression. Only hold trust that your spirit unfolds your path in life exactly as it needs it to be, taking care of your dear personality along the way. All is well, no matter how it seems (New Moon+Sun opposite Neptune, while sextiling Jupiter and trining Pluto).

Honesty requires acceptance

.       So we could be in for a turbulent time this month, but as long as we allow the flows, rather than ignoring or repressing or suppressing them, the outcome could be a last push through to what works, to help heal us and our communities (Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto, and Mars moving into Aquarius and across the South Node).

.       It’s important to let ourselves ‘not know’ what’s going on. Trying to work out what to do, or trying to make things go a certain way, will not feel good and will get in the way of what’s happening. It’s also important to engage with what rises, to let our emotions talk or draw or sound (Venus in Scorpio). Rather than cutting off from the whole scene, or making it just about our own selves, we need to feel how other people are in relation to us, to relate from our truth as we experience it, in order for healing to happen (Venus square Mars but quincunx Chiron). It is our passionate feeling nature that is being asked to express what we really need, in spite of fearing how others may react (Venus sextiling Saturn who squares Chiron).

.       The emotions that rise could be anything that has been previously stopped, or not allowed expression in the past, from babyhood onwards. There could be fear, anxiety, shock; or grief, loneliness, unnamed pain, or anger; or light-hearted humour, a desire be loved or to give love, even the expression of joy. There may be incidents that were never digested or reconciled, times you felt misjudged, things said that you never did understand. And all of it contains pure innocent energy needing to be accepted, a well-spring of life waiting to flow out as pure love (Venus through Scorpio all month, and retrograde from 5 October).

.       Now is the time to acknowledge what’s there as it shows itself, to accept your humanness, and to receive the compassion your spirit always has for you. Sometimes, it could be you that sees the struggle others are going through, being there to hold them steady without interference or pressure. All of us have this opportunity to heal, as long as we are allowed to be emotionally where we are – safely.

Pause, give space

.       Healing is assisted when somewhere inside we are aware of our emotional out-flow. When we are totally identified with it, we can be overwhelmed and just repeat the pattern: wanting to have an effect, have a particular result, get what we want, regardless of what would be helpful in the long run. But if we can also be aware of all that, and not judge ourselves, we have the opportunity to correct up as we go along. Just being able to say in the middle of a tirade of complaints ‘I hope you’re not too hurt hearing this’, or ‘I know that this is not the whole picture’ allows dialogue to become helpful. Sometimes just recognising when to stop, and stopping, gives space for change to unfold. If the overwhelm does happen, it is not the end – as you are no longer a child, you can talk about things later, add to understanding yourself and others, write up your experience to complete it (Mercury trines Uranus and Saturn).

Everything changes, so let go!

.       There may be comings and goings, sudden or planned, physical or emotional – and we won’t necessarily know if the changes are permanent or temporary (Saturn trine Uranus in Taurus). Perhaps it’s best to accept that all is in flux, and wait to find out. After all, we are probably still juggling with the results of the last seven years finding our own freedom. In March 2019, we will really get down to dealing with major changes in our physical world (Uranus completes his 7 years in Aries between November 18 and March 19, and will then move into Taurus again for the following 7 years).

.       From the Full Moon chart for 25 September, it looks as though we will be struggling to balance our own needs with the needs of others, but in a community everybody’s needs move together (Sun/Mercury in Libra opposite Moon/Chiron in Aries, all square to Saturn in Capricorn). If you get confused about needs, it’s worth remembering that love is the deepest need of any being, living or dying. And love can only flow from a loving place inside. Sometimes love can dissolve difficulties in the most intractable situations – this month we are asked to trust that spirit has those situations in hand, allowing ourselves to relax enough for love to flow in (Venus trine Neptune).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Virgo

Dear ones, very dear in the conscious cosmos,
hold on to the raft of your spiritual friends.
Each person is part of your group,
maybe of many groups.
The rafts are bobbing on the waves,
sometimes threaten to overturn,
and there are other groups nearby
who will reach out to pull all on board.

You may find yourself on a raft you knew nothing about,
and will find there old friends to support you.
Everyone is on the sea of changes just now,
and the storm is at its height.
Relax into the movement, become what you can be,
and trust that the ocean is only responding
to earthquakes deep below.

Have compassion for each other
and tolerance for the sea –
there is no plan to drown you all,
just the movement of evolving souls.
Hold on to the raft of your dearest friends
and know that each raft is guided by angel hands.
Have patience, roll with the waves.
The storm will pass, and you
will be washed up on a new shore.

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