Leo New Moon – 11 August 2018

LOVE from the inside – out!
Giving love from your spiritual heart, means love flows through you.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant –
the bracketed italics are just to let you know the astrological basis for the words.

LEO !  Yes . . . !

Hello, dear people,

.       The New Moon this month is in the middle of Leo very close to Mercury, who seems to move backwards (retrograde) for another week. Because Mercury represents our conscious thinking and what we are communicating about, this shows a decided emphasis on being aware of ourselves. This can express as you radiating your true spiritual light into the world, or it can lead to self-importance, the airing of grievances, focusing only on your own point of view.

.       Leo is at the heart of the matter; the Lion roars his power from his heart into our faces, from either his ego or his spirit. The other Zodiac signs might tell him that he could do it more quietly, but, if his heart is firm and true, he will be accepted as simply being himself. We must all be what we are to the best we can in any moment, and this takes courage. So we need a strong commitment to stand up for ourselves if need be, and not depend on permission or approval from others.

Wisdom and/or Compassion

.       There are two major energy combinations which we need to appreciate and navigate just now. They have been growing over the last months, and are both going through another intensity in the next few weeks. One has to do with deeply connecting with the needs of ourselves and others on emotional and spiritual levels (Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces on 19 August). The other offers us the wisdom derived from standing back from the observed situation or person in order to receive inspiration to solve practical problems (Saturn in Capricorn almost trine Uranus in Taurus). I’ll expand on that:

.       On the one hand, if we insist on our own viewpoint without flexibility, we risk driving emotional expression up beyond being useful, or into seething below the surface – this could be other people’s emotions or even our own (Jupiter squared by the Leo bunch). On the other hand, if we stand back too coolly, our wisdom is likely to be seen as out of touch with others’ needs, and just telling people what they should do (Saturn squared by Venus and Chiron). We will need to find our way amongst all the pulls and pressures of life, which requires us to be awake and alert. We will need to recognise when other people’s needs may have priority over ours from a humanitarian viewpoint, perhaps requiring us to allow radical changes in our expected way of life. But we also need to accept responsibility for taking care of our own needs, perhaps before we try to help someone else. Sometimes giving oneself just that bit extra helps the inner child feel secure and loved, and perhaps more ready to allow compassionate giving to another.

Checking foundations for future growth

.       Since the Cancer New Moon last month, Jupiter has been moving forward again after four months back-tracking, and is now gathering speed for the next eight months, so now is the time for projects to come off the back burner. However, we may not feel ready to move forward until next New Moon in September, when the desire for freedom is likely to motivate our actions again (Mars again into Aquarius for a couple of months), fostering new projects, new solutions, remembering again the principles of good community, and the value of caring for the earth and all beings – that’s next month.

.       This month is about sorting out the foundations for what is to come, so that the movement forward comes from a stable position (Mars dips back into Capricorn for 4 weeks). In this process we may find that some things we relied on in the past now have to go; and where we may have leaned on others, we now need to take responsibility ourselves. All this will probably be easier after the Full Moon 26 August, when our energy should feel more available (Mars moves forwards again). The Full Moon chart shows a smoothing out of the astrological patterns, where finding solutions and putting them into practice gains supremacy, and work progresses through the rest of this lunar month accessing inspired wisdom (the Sun and Moon join with Saturn trine Uranus).

Let go trying to control – and let spiritual love lead you

.       On the relationship front, this whole month is a balancing act between desire for peace and the necessity to stay in touch with our experience (Venus in Libra). The first two weeks are characterised by awkward circumstances that may trigger our need for individual recognition (Venus square Saturn and opposite Chiron in Aries). The two weeks following the Full Moon are likely to bring some kind of solution to that struggle, through speaking one’s needs, and also accepting the need to change our expectations (Venus sextile Mercury and square Pluto).  Be prepared for any selfishness you have to be revealed – Leo is about truly loving.

.       The stirring of our emotional life could lead to a sense of spiritual power which expresses in our world as compassion; and the pressure to be realistic in a material sense can lead us to applied wisdom as long as we remain open to ‘right’ outcomes, rather than wanting only what we want. The balance point on which all of this rests is Love, and Leo is a master of loving freely from the heart.

.       Have a good month! Enjoy life as it is each day, and love yourself as you are, so that you can radiate love from your heart to everyone and everything else just as you find them – for Light and Love are at the centre of it all.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Leo

Let the world of your everyday
fade in your mind
so that you rest deeply within your being.

Allow yourself to breathe the love that is here
deeply into the core of your heart
opening the lily to the sunlight.

Let your reactive thoughts sink into oblivion
as you bask in this warmth,
so the garden of your soul can receive life’s rain
without fear of loss.

Your boundaries expand as love’s grace pours in,
and dissolve into joy and compassion.
It’s never too late to repair the past!
Open – and enter – and rest.

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