Cancer New Moon – 13 July 2018

Slow down, your body needs you!
And NOW is where we find life’s loving energy on tap.

Please just go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant –
you can ignore the bracketed italics, they’re just to let you know the astrological basis for the words.

A super-abundance of emotional flow

.       The Sun has been in Cancer since the Solstice on 21 June. But it’s taken the Moon this long to catch up with it since the last New Moon, so the four weeks following this New Moon in Cancer have this homing flavour at the centre of our focus: nurturing, caring, living from our homes; and also being sensitive to the gifts given so freely to humanity by this planet we live on. But perhaps above all, Cancer is a reminder to tune into our source, for each one to feel their soul link to the greater oneness of spirit. From this womb comes our true sustenance – we are loved unendingly without judgement – and once connected and trusting that flow, we naturally become conduits for that love to sustain others (Sun/Moon trine Neptune and Jupiter, connecting all three water signs).

.       All this watery emotional-psychic-spiritual flow may be expressing itself in your life as a greater sensitivity, picking up others’ thoughts and feelings more than usual, behaving in over-the-top or crazy ways; or as an expanded heart and a desire to give more help, kindness and attention to those around you. This month’s energy opens us to our angelic side prompting feelings and actions of generosity (Neptune with Jupiter).

Stay with your own feelings, and trust the flow of life

.       On the less evolved or less conscious side, there may be more occasions of being pulled into mass emotions – football being the obvious one just now, but also politics, the violence of war-zones, or even local neighbourhood issues. Any situation that provokes emotional responses could be pulling more people into group- or mass-emotions than usual. We need to be aware of our true feelings, and not allow our own life force to be used to fight another person’s battles. Beware of righteous indignation on another’s behalf, you may just be expressing their sense of unfairness – and who knows the whole story of any situation without close unbiased examination!

.       The emotional emphasis this month is intensified by a feeling of potential disaster hovering over us all (Sun/Moon exactly opposite Pluto). It may be a sense of huge change for humanity, the earth, or your own individual circumstances, but if you remain aware of the spiritual dimension of life, this foreboding will be tempered with trust in the beneficence of life, a sense that this is what we need to go through in order to find a new and better way to live (Pluto also connecting with Neptune trine Jupiter). It is the effort to consciously realise and share this loving support that will bring us all the greatest joy and creativity (Neptune quincunxed by Mercury in Leo).

On the practical side . . .

.       There is an even stronger pattern at work in the New Moon chart, which focuses on relating to each other in useful practical ways while maintaining a clear head and appropriate distance. We could, of course, fall into just telling others what they need to do, but there is also a natural altruism at work and a recognition of the true needs of others (Venus trine Saturn and Uranus in all three earth signs, and quincunx Chiron). Allow yourself to believe that improvements really are possible. Get involved, where you can help without depleting yourself.

.       We could find ourselves facing intractable situations, and mediation may well be the only way forward on some occasions (Saturn squaring Chiron). Don’t get into a battle of wills: in any situation where there are two sides in disagreement, the solution can only come from understanding each viewpoint in order to see where they might each appreciate something of the other. The clarity required will not come from the level of the conflict, but requires a calm dispassionate eye.

Take thought for every one in your community

.       You may have experienced a realisation or event just before the last New Moon mid June which concerned your relationship with people generally, perhaps a discovery, or opening into more freedom (Mars conjuncting the Moon’s South Node in Aquarius). If you did, the next stage of development in that field could arise as we approach the Full Moon on 27 July, and continue until the completion by the end of September. If you can’t locate any such experience, Mars was probably not connecting with your birth chart, so not personally relevant to you.

.       However, the Full Moon is drawing our attention to the ways we use our energy collectively (Full Moon and Mars on South Node – Sun on North Node in Leo): not to pull back from, or out of, connecting with our communities, but rather to stay open and focused on the betterment of every individual in the group in such a way that optimism and joy arise naturally for everyone.

.       Mercury represents our thoughts and our communication of them, and will be retrograde in Leo from 26 July until 19 August. This suggests a need to be more alert than usual to what’s going on around us, but it also gives us lots of time to re-think each of our relationships within our local groups, always taking our thoughts into the heart for the blend of truth and love (Leo is ruled by the Sun). You may find that your relationships change and deepen due to circumstances, so stay open to discovering that some individuals may not be quite who you thought they were! (Venus trine Pluto)

Give your nervous system a break!

.       This whole month we may need to deliberately relax. Our nervous systems are being tweaked to receive more Aquarian Age energy, so we may feel sometimes tired, enervated, or wired-up and unable to relax easily. So give yourself space and time to recover and re-charge. We all have our own ways to do this, so re-connect with yours if you haven’t already, and make use of it.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Cancer

Hey! what’s the rush?
Relax your stomach and breathe for a moment.
The only goals you rush around to reach
are those of the world, the media, your agendas,
pressure you are putting on yourself – don’t blame ‘them’!

Breathe out, remembering your body
serves you faithfully to the best of its ability,
so as you breathe in, give your lungs space in all directions
to absorb the love that is everywhere.
Let life enter you once again,
rather than holding it tightly in your hands.

Rest your mind on the breeze
that blows through your heart.
Be a part of the flow, collecting inspiration on the way.
Tomorrow will be full of opportunity if you keep that door open –
there is always enough time for NOW
and the rest will be done in harmony with life’s need
with joy and a peaceful heart.


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