Taurus New Moon – 15 May 2018

Be prepared for surprises, they could be the answer to your prayers.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant –
the bracketed italics are just to let you know the astrological basis for the words.

Taurus – the ground, and your stability

.       Just three hours after this New Moon, Uranus moves from its seven years in Aries into Taurus. Uranus represents sudden changes with a view to freedom. This shift of sign could be a shock to our systems, fiery independent action, suddenly affecting the solid ground like a meteor! The last New Moon (being in Aries and conjunct Uranus) emphasised this energy, galvanising our sense of being individual and wanting to express that in our own unique way. The shift into Taurus could show the practical results of previous desires, bringing the need to re-assess our physical situations, checking what we really do need to have and what we would feel freer without. It’s about letting go of material ‘stuff’, discovering that no state can feel truly secure if we are not secure inside ourselves.

.       Because the ground of Taurus is what we walk about on, these changes are likely to have us feeling very unstable, and many people are likely to respond with anxiety. The House in your chart occupied by Taurus shows the area of your life where you are most likely to experience the upheaval. You may have flashes of inspiration of what could be achieved in that area, which could also bring a sense of being trapped by the life you live. It could feel as though you are held back by circumstances beyond your control, but then, when change suddenly becomes possible, you feel the fear of the unknown – ‘Can I manage to earn enough?’, ‘Will I regret this move later?’, ‘Do I really want to live alone?’ Sometimes changes may be forced on us, and we will just have to deal with what’s happening. We will all be subject to changes in the world around us (Sun/Moon trine Pluto and Mars in Capricorn). How we deal with them is our freedom.

Breathe – relax and rest for a minute

.       On a very personal level, our bodies are made of this earth-stuff, and so the upheavals could register as nervous stress (Uranus as electrical energy shows in the body’s nervous system). There is likely to be a great need for physical and emotional rest – we will need to become experts at relaxing in the brief moments we give ourselves through our busy lives. The nervous system has at least two major ways of letting us know we need rest: one is the buzzy hyper-active state that can’t seem to sit down for more than a minute; the other is lassitude that can feel like depression but is really a lack of energetic power; not being able to think of a good enough reason to get up, could mean that the body you inhabit needs to sleep for a few more hours before being driven into yet another activity.

.       Relaxation is largely a matter of releasing ourselves from anxiety, allowing deep trust in the sense of spirit as the true ‘ground of being’. Take a deep breath in, let it ALL out and, when your dear body wants to, breathe in slowly light and love and harmony. And then relax into peace as you gently breathe out. You only need to do this little cycle once to reset your inner programming. Then continue to breathe gently light-in and peace-out, before re-engaging with your activities.

.       There can be a delight in paring our belongings down to what we need now rather than hoarding what might be needed in some worrying future time; letting go of anything that doesn’t really please us, rather than leaving things around because we just don’t notice them anymore. As we look at our belongings, rather than asking ourselves ‘Why should I get rid of this?’, we could be asking ‘How does it serve me to keep this?’

Uranus – electrical energy

.       Not only our nervous systems are affected during Uranus’ seven years in Taurus, but also anything we use practically that requires electricity – including entire access to the internet! Phones, computers, tablets, video games – and cookers, TV’s, heating and cooling systems, cars, traffic lights – this list might be endless . . .

.       But what a wonderful opportunity to re-assess our contact with those things that are not electrically powered – nature in all forms, quiet hand tools, voice and movement, meeting friends, wild animals and pets, flowing water and still pools – reflections visual and contemplative, artistic creations, humour – this list might be endless too . . . and this is where we need to send down the roots of our inner resources, so that we maintain trust in a personal stability, while much of what we assume about life re-adjusts itself. This is the natural process of maturing as human beings.

Full Moon 29 May – reconciling – be awake, and aware

.       By the Full Moon, we will be feeling for ourselves, and much more empathically for each other. There is a wide open window for intuiting what is the best attitude to bring us into harmony spiritually (Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter and Neptune). A more comfortable recognition of what will serve us all rises to consciousness over the following two weeks (Sun/Moon sextile and trine the Nodal path, and Mercury joining in through Gemini).

.       Two of my favourite quotes for this month are from The Enneagram Institute:

When we are able to notice what we are doing now,
to experience our current state completely and without judgment,
the old patterns will begin to fall away.

Awareness is vitally important in the work of transformation
because the habits of our personality let go most completely
when we see them as they are occurring.

So let’s resist the temptation to make it all about what’s going on in the world, and stay with our own reactions. Here we can make a difference, which will ultimately help the world ‘out there’.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Taurus

Let your shoulders drop an inch or two
and allow the back of your neck to stretch up.
There is no convincing the part of you
that doesn’t believe in love.
So breathe your posture upright and strong,
and allow the love that you know rules life
to enter and flow through.

Love is All,
as every tree and blade of grass will tell you.
Every flower opens into love moment by moment
or how could it risk its beauty to the wind?
Where life is in its fullness
there can be no fear.

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  1. Diane Bedell May 15, 2018 at 4:39 am #

    I’ve never commented before, yet your gently stated wisdom and the profound clarity of your monthly counsel have helped guide me well for many years. You offer to us all the grace of kind, trusting acceptance along with the deeper sense of caring awareness growing into an ever expanding spirituality. For all this good advice, and your generous dedication to love and humanity, I am most grateful!

  2. Diane Bedell May 15, 2018 at 4:40 am #

    Thank You!!!

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