Aries New Moon – 15/16 April 2018

Free your life energy, and follow your own path to the light –
but do it with care, determined and gentle.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant –
the bracketed italics are just to let you know the astrological basis for the words.

Confusion clears

.       I wonder if you’ve been feeling rather confused these last few weeks? With Mercury in Aries, we’ve probably all been thinking more from our own personal perspective anyway, but because it’s been retrograde for the last three weeks, this personal focus has been directed inwards with the result that we create great scenarios for ourselves that are not exactly based on what’s really there! It all feels so ephemeral, like moving through a fog . . .

Aries – free the energy of life

.       From this New Moon in Aries, we should find a great difference. Mercury goes direct the day before, releasing that inwardly focussed energy to reconnect with what’s really going on outside; and the Sun and Moon are so close to Uranus that the next four weeks must introduce some strikingly new conditions (Sun/Moon/Uranus square Pluto in Capricorn). At the very least, our attitudes are up for re-adjustment, and the choice is ours which way we let ourselves react to circumstances (Mercury square Saturn).

.       Looking at the practical realities of life, this month is a wonderful time to make changes to the way we do things (Mars in Capricorn in the middle ground between Saturn and Pluto). We are being encouraged to feel out those places in our lives where a closer relationship with Nature will be healthful and enjoyable (Jupiter sextiles Pluto who trines Venus in Taurus). Consciously connect with Nature through the ground, a garden, a lovely indoor plant, a special tree, animals – notice the life-enhancing energy these contacts create, and add more into your life.

.       With such emphasis on Aries, it will be especially important to pause before you act, so you can take in the wholeness of each situation (Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune). Expand your awareness around you so that your choices are informed, rather than suddenly making a move that may have regretful repercussions (Mercury in Aries squares Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn through this month). Be prepared, as always in Aries, to apologise if necessary for peripheral damage! But be sure to stay on your chosen course.

How do you block the light?

.       Uranus represents electrical energy, sudden bolts of inspiration, and a subsequent sense of freedom. It moves into Taurus at the next New Moon in May, having spent the last seven years in Aries. So this month the focus is on freeing our true self, which is the Aries part of all of us, particularly from being stifled by small thinking. In order to experience the more spiritual levels of life, we need to activate those levels in ourselves, we need to focus inwardly and expand.

.       So, see if you can locate and define a major block between your daily self and your sweet connection with spirit. Because of past experience and even inherited traits, we have assumptions about the way things have to be, so you will probably be unconscious of the block. Life being what it is, the block you need to work on has very probably just arisen, and you can recognise it by the extent to which you find yourself defending your viewpoint in quite irrational ways!

.       The result of our assumptions, though, is that we effectively block the light from ourselves. If you can pin-point the attitude or behaviour you use that’s blocking your light, and then make a clear decision to tackle it, you should have very positive results this month. Even if you are unable to break through entirely, you will have laid the ground work for the next few months. Your new understanding of how you hold yourself back will continually inform your choices, so that integration will flower over the coming year (Uranus will be back to complete its work in Aries from November 2018 to March 2019).

Full Moon on 30 April – aim for what you want

.       Clearing our assumed blocks to the light reveals us to ourselves, and we know more clearly what we really want. It all takes work, practical achievement happens through determined labour (Full Moon in Scorpio opposite Sun in Taurus both connect exactly and positively with Saturn). The style that works is to move forward steadily, adjusting to practical requirements, but staying in touch with your inner drive and direction.

.       This could be the month where we crack the chrysalis that’s been holding us safe and small, and begin the process of pulling our daily thinking out into the light of continual spiritual awareness! So go ahead, release yourself – but steadily and care-fully. And don’t try to zoom too far into the future – give spirit freedom to unfold the show.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aries

Don’t beat yourself up for missing things,
nor feel guilty for mistakes.
Life unfolds itself through each one of us
being who we are and doing what we do.
The results we may never know
or we may be surprisingly thanked
far in the future.
So be yourself as best you can
love what you are, forgive what you do,
and loving energy will flow through you
healing everyone it touches.

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