Aquarius New Moon – 15 February 2018

Expand your mental space, open your inner eyes and wake up;
dare to be yourself – and let your Self be born.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.

Give of yourSelf to your world

.       This New Moon is a partial eclipse. It is exactly opposite to the total eclipse in Leo on 21 August last year. Then, we were recognising whatever aspect of our nature needed to be accepted and expressed from the heart – to be our full and real selves, revealing those gifts we may have been hiding from misplaced fear. This Aquarius New Moon is reminding us that our personal wonderful expression really does need to be located within our community. We are asked to develop those gifts we found in ourselves in a wider context, by giving for the greater good. We are to become aware of, and speak to, the human condition as a whole (Sun/Moon with Mercury in Aquarius). This month, we have the opportunity to stand back (Mercury sextile Uranus in Aries) and discover what’s really going on at the deeper layer of personal, social and corporate life (Mercury square Jupiter in Scorpio), so we can see where our gifts can be most useful.

.       But don’t let’s fool ourselves that we are not playing a part in all that we discover – we are not separate, our deep desires and fears do tend to drive our experience of the world.

Personality pondering

.       Last weekend, Mercury crossed the Moon’s South Node in Aquarius, which suggests a moment’s awareness of Aquarian mental activity. I suddenly noticed how my thought continually meanders over past events, people I know, things said and not said, and future plans, worries, and so on. The result seemed to be that each one re-visited was re-affirming my personality identity, like a handhold polished by frequent use. Maybe whatever we think, unless inspired and completely new, serves to reassure us that we are still who we think we are: just as valid whether it’s an enjoyable or painful memory – ‘Ah yes, that’s my life, that’s me!’

.       For me, each idea or image brought with it the associated emotional response washing through this space I was occupying, just re-colouring the energy so that I recognise ‘myself’ (natal Mercury in Pisces). You may have a different inner experience, but still there will be your personal history and future projections – and the space they inhabit. And who or what is this, wandering around in a self-accumulated museum of ideas, patting an identity into a familiar shape, holding the box lid down? So being reassured on our survival level, but forgetting that we are spirit that runs the show.

We are all human

.       Aquarius represents the space through which all mental and emotional energy is flowing. If we can become aware of the space, we experience it as clear intelligent emptiness – and we can then appreciate the ephemeral quality of the flow, and maybe understand the ideas and thoughts in relation to each other and their context, maybe appreciate how they arose, and even realise what might be more appropriate in any particular situation. This is why a strong Aquarian emphasis in a birth chart can be expressed as that sometimes annoying tendency to be right! Annoying to some, often useful, but simple and obvious from the Aquarian viewpoint.

.       The sign of Aquarius is somewhere in every chart, of course, and the House it occupies in your chart will show in which area of life you have that potential ability to see clearly. Because this space is the container of the emotional flow, the Aquarian tendency is not to identify with the emotions that flow through, even though there may be awareness of them. So Aquarius can seem emotionally cold or absent. And it’s very important to remember that every person contains all the signs – the emotions will be there, just not necessarily expressed. Often, once a testing situation is over, the person who dealt with it, apparently unmoved, may sit alone and cry or swear about it all. Where they may have felt poised over the sea of human emotion, they are prone to falling in, and they can fear being overwhelmed by their own emotional reactions.

Venus and Mars not on the same page

.       In this New Moon chart, the feminine and masculine energies are on completely different trajectories – as we each contain both, we might notice the different reactions in ourselves. The way we relate to our friends and family will tend towards empathising with their needs and taking responsibility for sorting them out – let’s not be too pushy with that! (Venus in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn) On the other hand, our active energy could feel crushed by responsibility (Mars in Sagittarius), and a tendency to misread what we’ve intuited, and wanting to escape into fun and playfulness (Mars square Neptune). The unhelpful end of this dichotomy would be to promise to help and then not turn up when needed, or to insist things are not as bad as they clearly turn out to be.

.       One positive way to use these two very different forces could be by keeping people’s spirits up as we help them deal with what they are finding difficult. Another could be finding new and enjoyable ways of dealing with tired old problems. This may be a time for the masculine person in a partnership to support the feminine person in staying engaged in a testing piece of work. Whichever you are, notice the need for spaces in whatever work you’re doing, spaces for rest and play. And do check with the other if you find yourself thinking they are against you – our sensitivities can mislead us.

.       All of the above goes for the rest of the world too; maybe you will notice the two sides to every situation in the news, even if only one side is reported! It will be happening in any group you are part of, and you can help by using the Aquarian viewpoint to explain what’s really going on, or shifting the emphasis from one viewpoint to the other when balance is needed (New Moon sextile Uranus, ruler of Aquarius).

Having compassion for others and self – from Self

.       By the Full Moon on 2 March, the Pisces energy will be really strong (Sun and Mercury join Neptune, Venus and Chiron in Pisces, with Mercury/Venus/Chiron trine Jupiter square Mars – see the chart in my video). With such sensitive connection to personal and global circumstances, we could each feel pressured without knowing what to do. There are two sides (Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Sun), and we will need to use them both: taking careful stock of what each situation or person requires and acting responsibly in accordance with our own circumstances (Full Moon in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn); but before acting, also asking for inner/divine guidance for the most compassionate and helpful response (Sun/Neptune in Pisces opposite Moon).

.       Altogether this month we need to be sensitive, and flexible in our responses. We need to remember that we ourselves are part of any equation in our life, that we matter, and that our presence can be part of the solution.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aquarius

You are such a gorgeous life force,
holding your cells in place
allowing emotions to flow,
and creating mind from consciousness,
capturing thought.

Relax your nervous grip on the known,
allowing the flow of inspiration
to connect with a universe of possibilities
and watch it all unfold like a wondrous firework

Join us who love you,
not as a tiny speck of humanity
but as Being growing into vastness
bright with promise
joyful with love
real and

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