Sagittarius New Moon 18 December 2017

Love is the order behind life’s flow;
humour, the oil that smoothes our connecting;
and growth is the purpose that supports our relating.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.

A Sagittarian take on Capricorn – earth your growth, and party responsibly!

.       This New Moon is midway between Venus and Saturn, all very close in Sagittarius. We could say that the midpoint between two planets is where their influence converges, so this New Moon could be focussing on the understanding that love is the order behind life’s flow, the stuff we are all made of; and relating works best if we commit to personal growth through whatever happens.

.       A few hours after leaving the Sun, the Moon crosses over Saturn at the very end of Sagittarius – a last look at our beliefs, both limiting and life-affirming,  before accepting in Capricorn exactly how things are. Saturn enters his own sign of Capricorn the next day, and the truth of our practical circumstances becomes our learning ground. Then at the Solstice, 21 December, the Sun enters Capricorn and shines on the earth in direct line with Saturn, as Mercury (retrograde since 4 December) turns direct and eases our movement and communication. On 25 December, Venus enters Capricorn as well, encouraging the aged and responsible Saturn to let down his hair and enjoy this month in company.

Sagittarius’ sharing gets practical

.       Normally, I would say that Sagittarius is not about taking responsibility – it’s about freedom to explore, to discover what is up ahead, to share the bigger picture with the rest of us before darting off up the next interesting path. But at this time, it looks as though we’ve been doing all that for the last few weeks (Sun trine Uranus is just over) or even for two and a half years (Saturn through Sagittarius), and the wave of responsibility is about to break over us. This month, the responsibility is about sharing what you ‘have’ with those who ‘have not’, and the task, lovingly carried out, will be enjoyable and very rewarding (Venus being part of the movement).

.       The turning point is the Solstice, when the Sun is at its furthest South in our sky as it enters Capricorn. From the Northern hemisphere point of view, this is winter, the time of energy being drawn into the roots below ground; and for all of us, it’s a time of re-connecting with one’s traditions. But as this Solstice is being stamped with a Sagittarian New Moon, we will be discovering how our beliefs affect what we get. We are asked to discover new ways of doing the necessary things. We have the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of not knowing how things will turn out. This is easier to experience when you have recognised the difference between what you enjoy having as opposed to what you can’t do without on a practical level. We can be thankful that we have the necessities, and be prepared to let go of excess baggage. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will lose what’s ours, but it’s a valuable attitude in the face of the unknown future. Sagittarius travels light!

Pay attention to the entire situation before deciding

.       As soon as freedom seems the desirable thing (late Sagittarius also trines Uranus in Aries) fear will rise immediately (Saturn/Sun/Moon/Venus in late Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces). These first two weeks after the New Moon, we find ourselves wondering if we made the right choice (Mercury flirting with a square to Neptune). We may be hoping too much for our ideal outcome. Although all the information we need will be available, we may find ourselves paying attention to only those bits we want to hear, or those bits that fill us with fear, and missing the full perspective. Yet the correct movement settles into gear as we realise we need to trust the guidance of our gut feelings, and accept that spirit will bring us what matches our true inner unfolding (Mars trine Neptune late December, and Mercury completes its trine to the North Node).

.       By the time we reach the Full Moon on 2 January, we are ready to commit our plans to the blessing of spirit (Sun sextile Neptune, Moon trine Neptune). The Full Moon chart shows a kite-shape of planets encouraging and blessing sensitive forward movement (Jupiter/Mars trine Neptune and Moon, and sextile Venus/Sun/Pluto – exact on 6/7 January). So that, where difficulties may have been the order of the day for months, this second two weeks offers opportunities for innovative, radical ideas to be manifested for the good of all (Mercury will be trining Uranus). The weekend of 6 and 7 January could be a particularly good time for beneficent actions and practical achievements, making a huge difference to many people.

Look carefully, and see your beliefs – in your world

.       This whole month could feel very serious, but is lifted by the Sagittarian flavour of our communications (Mercury in Sagittarius at the New and Full Moon), which gives a determination to see the brighter side and to have fun, or to align our thoughts with a broader purpose that lightens our steps. The circumstances may be earthy and feel heavy, but the movement is light, bright and positive, and encourages the expression of what is best in each of us, and in all humanity (Mercury trine North Node in Leo).

. . . thoughts as Saturn takes his throne in Capricorn . . .

.       We talked about Jupiter through Scorpio in a previous post – let’s talk about Saturn through Capricorn. I tend to emphasise the positive, and so far I’ve felt very positive about what can be achieved with Saturn in his own domain. But one of the side effects of being practical can be the rejection of anything that doesn’t have physical proof using traditional methods to verify. That puts astrology into the outer fringes of acceptability, along with the spirit, NDE’s, past lives, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, and many forms of research! What  the effect of being on the fringe may be at this time is yet to be seen, but I want to ask that we, who are aware of the possibility of aspects of truth being rejected and their expression being hampered or outlawed, that we do not allow ourselves to reject anything just because we don’t immediately agree with it. Keep an open mind as well as an open heart. Know that everything has its place in the wholeness of things, and that life is constantly moving, growing, and becoming what it can be.

.       Sagittarius climbs to a point where he can see over the hilltop to the future. He tells us how that future looks to the best of his ability. What he sees may well be true, but we still have to get there. And Capricorn takes the cautious, safe steps that enable us to achieve the future that lies in store for us, the gifts of expanding life.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

Open your heart to receive –
the gift is yours already but your acceptance is required.
Nothing will be forced on you that doesn’t belong,
that didn’t have its roots already in your being.
And nothing will be delivered to you
that you are unable to handle,
but your willingness to receive it
eases the flow.

Your world is a reflection of your inner world
as within, so without – as above, so below.
Therefore, enjoy yourSelf in every moment, everywhere,
enjoy your companions, your work, your life.
Sharing that joy from your open heart
surrounds you with warmth, light and love.

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