Libra New Moon – 19 October 2017

Trust that true guidance is loving,
and you will not fear the dark unknown
nor suffer from what is, after all, temporary.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.

Libra asks for balance – opposites are complementary

.       Relationships are the focus for this month (New Moon in Libra, and Venus through Libra till 7 November), but with a difference. From 10 October we have been required to start digging deeper into ourselves to get to the root causes of our situations, and the reasons for any difficulties we may be experiencing in all areas of life (Jupiter has moved into Scorpio for the next year).

.       As you know these are tough times, difficult because there is constant pressure to wake up, to be conscious at all those moments we assume we know what to think and say and do (Mercury over Jupiter and through Scorpio). To the degree we do maintain consciousness of ourselves, we will find the month continuing to grow our understanding of ourselves. We will find that we have far more skill and competence than we realised, or dared to believe (Sun/Moon sextile Saturn who is trine North Node). There is no time, however, to congratulate ourselves, for our skill and competence are required to get through the circumstances that arise.

The relationship dance quickens

.       All this impacts our relationships in that we will be discovering the deep truth about how we really feel about each other. You can assume that everyone else is undergoing the same kind of pressures. Anyone’s system may be in shock, because there will be changes in everyone’s routines (Saturn trine Uranus). If they are not as awake as yourself, it will be a kindness to pause before going ahead with what you consider helpful, or pushing through the solutions you see might work for them. As they stagger you can catch and support them. But only if you have been balancing yourself as you go along, so that you can stop mid-movement and change your direction to include their situation (Sun/Moon opposite Uranus).

.       To stay current, you will need to continually monitor priorities (Mars through Libra from 22 October). Every action has its thread of process, and these threads are continuously weaving in and out of their importance for you. At every moment of change in action, pause for a moment and reconsider your next move – something may be arising from your deepest layers that wants to be included. It may be from your far past for you to clear, or your intuitive recognition of an inappropriate direction. It could be an out-of-date judgement that has been clouding your true perceptions, or a deep need of your own that you’ve been neglecting.

Look for the gift in each apparent setback

.       All this sounds very hard to do, but you will find it considerably easier if you make it fun – not funny, but a bright challenge that stimulates your sparkle and joy. There is no need to be heavy in the face of loss or disaster, unless perhaps it digs deeply into your own past. Even then, or when confronted with other people’s problems, concern and interest are the best responses. We naturally feel safer when we receive interested and caring attention, which anyway goes a long way to solving a problem.

.       For any apparent loss, allow the angels in by being open to the positive even when you have no idea how that could look (Neptune in Pisces is trine to every planet passing through Scorpio). Spirit unfolds solutions you could never have conceived, so it’s worth keeping an eye open for the benefit that may be revealing itself. Making the most of situations, in growth and innovative directions, brings us the benefits, and the joy, of having spirit flowing through our everyday life.

From the Full Moon (4 November) Can you trust yourself?

.       The second half of this month, we may find it easier to see the brighter side (Mercury through Sagittarius). But it will be essential to maintain respect for those we relate to, because the deeper level of each relationship will be revealed (Venus through Scorpio). When we face with acceptance whatever arises between us, however intense it may feel in the moment, the path opens to the beauty of truly authentic connections that can be trusted.

.       When we face our own darker reactions, fears and judgements, and own what we find even as we work with it, we are more deeply grounded, and become able to trust ourselves. Until that time, we are not consciously fully occupying ourselves, and therefore cannot be trusted by others. The chart for the Full Moon suggests it’s a perfect time for connecting spiritually and letting go of whatever behaviour patterns get in the way of healing relationships (Sun trine Neptune and Venus opposite Uranus).

Jupiter now in Scorpio till November 2018

.       This coming year, there will be much talk about discovering our shadow side. One definition I read of ‘the shadow’ is: ‘unacknowledged negative judgements about self and others that get projected and so destroy trust’. The request of life at this time, then, is discover and own up to whatever you really think, because it is our thinking that holds judgements, and the judgements that create the emotions. So when the deepest of our emotional responses are triggered, we have the opportunity to recognise the causative judgements, and let go of them.

.       It is important that we always keep reaching towards our greater wisdom, and to the help of our unseen companions. They are saying:
.       ‘We are with you always, seeing your plight in its wonderful – and temporary – aspect, and seeing also the personal growth you may achieve by moving through whatever arises for you, and in you. You are far more than you normally feel yourself to be. The growth available to you is only into who you really are – and in the end you will find out that you have always been all that is possible for human kind, with the capacity to choose that which expresses spirit most clearly. Enjoy your swim in this effervescent waterfall pool for one year. Be brave, be delighted, be refreshed – Jupiter will leave Scorpio for Sagittarius, its own sign, in a year’s time, and your next adventure will need you to be deeply secure in yourself if you are not to lose balance.’


Contemplation for this New Moon in Libra

Beloved children,
you are angels with clay feet,
brave and undaunted
making your way through an unknown place.
Never fear the darkness
but trust that you are guided with love.
What can there be for you to discover
that is not already held in spiritual hands
tenderly as a growing shoot with leaves unfurling
needing only sweet soil for the roots.

Allow us to plant you afresh
where the ground of truth will grow you
strong and upright in the light
spreading your wings
around the world.

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