Leo Solar Eclipse – 21 August 2017

Stand tall – and breathe your beauty into the world.
Let your heart open to the joy of our true nature.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.

A month of Leo!

.       So – how has it been for us throughout the last month?  It’s becoming extremely tense for almost everyone I speak to, as we move towards the eclipsing Moon on 21 August.  We probably need to be letting go of old stuff, throwing away what we kept from childhood and youth that no longer serves us to remember – all that which contains the flavour of the past simply kicks us into our memory-box and holds us back.  Hopefully, we’ve been letting go of out-of-date reactions, fears, memories of how it was – because one thing we can know absolutely, it isn’t like that anymore!  Everything that is alive changes all the time.  Let’s relate to what’s here now; let’s be the extraordinary being we really are.

The Heart of the Lion

.       Leo represents the heart of any matter: the Sun rules Leo and is the heart of the solar system.  So it is to our hearts that we must look for connection to the source, and our essential nature.  Expressing a sense of gratitude opens the heart centre, and there is a widening of the chest, a growing feeling that we can do what is necessary, and that we are OK.  In that heart space, as it expands, we become open to the presence of our true Self, and joy rushes into our space from the Oneness of All.  Everyone can wake to the moment, where judgement is suspended, and all life breathes.

A total eclipse

.       This New Moon brings us the experience of the Moon moving exactly between the Sun and Earth – a total eclipse of the Sun, where the Moon casts a shadow on the earth.  But if you look to the sky from that shadow, the stars and planets become visible in the middle of the day!  This time, the shadow will cross much of North America, but the whole Earth is one being, so it affects us all.

.       A great deal is said about eclipses but perhaps it can simplified by saying that there is an intense pointing from the universe through that degree of the Zodiac.  There is a star beyond the Sun, at that point, called Regulus, the ‘heart’ of the Lion, so the Moon will be receiving that too.  Perhaps that is reflecting our personal fears stopping us expressing our own greatness.  Historically Regulus was about powerful leadership – ‘pure divine-masculine energy’ so, with Mars close to that degree, expressing our power is very relevant.

.       This may be a good time for the best leaders to be recognised and brought forward by public demand; and perhaps for each of us to realise where we are setting examples through our expressed beliefs, attitudes and behaviours – are they what we would want others to follow?

Ego or the Self?

.       If the eclipse degree, 28/29 Leo, coincides with anything particular in your chart – like a planet, Sun, Moon, Midheaven, North Node – any related issue is likely to be important for you at this time and, hopefully, will be illuminated by circumstances.  You may discover exactly what it is deep in yourself that gets in the way of you expressing your truth; what it is you fear happening.  It is certainly a good time for questioning our own motives for what we do.

.       The first half of the month, we are encouraged to look inwards, to sort out, and clear out what no longer serves us (retrograde Mercury in Virgo).  What we need to be aware of is where our desire-energy is coming from:  is it our ego in its desire to be seen, to perform, to be loved, or its desire to have an effect on those we love, or on those we hate or despise?  Or do we feel a quiet impulse from deep within to do our part in moving life forward in the kindest most inclusive way?  Is ego in charge of the heart, or do we prefer to ask our soul for guidance?  And it’s usually a mix which we can choose to enhance one way or the other.

.       At this time we may receive sudden bursts of inspiration about our uniqueness and how to express it (Sun/Moon trine Uranus in Aries).  Take it all seriously, but don’t forget your emotional needs, the universal need to relate, and how great is our fear of rejection (Venus in Cancer square Uranus, and trine Chiron).  Our energy will be in tune with the bigger picture, and more likely than usual to express in accepted ways (Mars trine Saturn, both sextile Jupiter in Libra).  Any changes necessary for growth and expansion will be supported, helping us prepare the ground for positive action during the second half of the month (North Node at the midpoint of Sun/Moon and Mars).

From 5/6 September – moving forward

‘       The Full Moon chart shows a greater understanding of what the eclipse may have been pointing at (Mercury, direct, on the Regulus degree).  There should be good communication about what needs to be done, and the consequent following through of prepared actions (Mars into Virgo).  Be careful not to push yourself too hard, take breaks, or you may find yourself feeling enervated rather than energised (Mars trine Uranus).

.       What stands out in importance at the Full Moon is a need to re-turn to spirit (Moon conjunct Neptune, Sun trine Pluto).  Here is a great opportunity to touch the truth about how we, as individuals, can serve the planet and each other joyfully (Venus in Leo quincunx Neptune).  Celebrations, sports, appreciation of the arts, meditations, get-togethers with friends and neighbours – a time for spreading your heartfelt warmth, knowing it will find a place in the hearts of others.

.       The Moon is opposite the Sun at 7am Universal Time, and conjunct Neptune two hours earlier.  You don’t have to ‘sit’ at that precise time, just intending to connect with it will work if you wish to tune in to the universe ‘out there’, or inside yourself – just let yourself be quiet and listen to the silence beyond your thoughts.  Let your head and heart open to the light and love of the truth, however you understand that, and just be there with All.

just a thought . . .

.       This New Moon is at the very end of Leo, and the Moon will make no more aspects to planets before it moves into the next sign (Void of Course), so we could feel like we’re holding our breath waiting for the next event to be triggered into life.  We have time, then, to continue with that clearing mood of the last month (as Moon and Sun move quickly into Virgo).  So let’s go for completing what we may have started, but also take a breath.  Relax.  Allow space between what has been . . . and . . . what is to come.

.       Kaypacha’s video for 16 August is about this eclipse which he sees as heralding a crucial time in human development – worth watching.


Contemplation for this second New Moon in Leo

Stand tall, beloved.
Open out your chest and breathe fully into it.
Only then can you let go
of breath, of desires, of habits.

Let them fall away from you,
you are more than any of that.
Your head opens to the stars, the moon.
The sun shines through your heart –
remember this as you walk your life’s paths
and breathe your beauty
into the world.

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