Leo New Moon – 23 July 2017

Be brave and face the truth –
letting go of who we thought we were
allows us to grow into who we really are

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.

Be your whole lovely self!

.       This New Moon is within the first degree of Leo, just a few hours after leaving Cancer. As the Moon rules Cancer and the Sun rules Leo, it’s like moving from night into day, the first glimmer of golden sunlight over the horizon, banishing the shades of night, and bringing the heart-light of understanding to remembered dreams. These dreams carry the flavour of sudden changes and loss we may have felt recently (Sun/Moon square Uranus in Aires) and the pain of the human condition, recognised and shared (Sun/Moon trine Chiron in Pisces). Leo feels and acknowledges the truth, and heals with loving acceptance.

.       Leo radiates solar energy and light: we are each a mix of all the signs, and Leo is the bit about being oneself openly, transparent and fearless, positive and warm, good humoured and friendly. So a Leo New Moon gives us all an opportunity to find and express the confidence to be seen, and the courage to act. The next New Moon on 21 August is a total eclipse, and will also be in Leo (a Blue Moon = ‘void of course’). So this New Moon is like an introduction to Leo, to help us prepare for the completing power of the next one.

Anger is frustrated energy – set it free

.       This is a dynamic month, the energy intense, and we may find impatience creating irritability and anger (Sun/Moon conjunct Mars in Leo), so we need to find ways we can express the energy, which we won’t regret later. After all, much anger is projected against others when it’s really about our own selves. We may well be impatient in a particular area of life – it could be our own caution or fear habitually blocking growth by introducing uncertainty. The frustrated energy tends to leak out in blaming the outside. We can often release our grip on fear by asking: ‘What would I do, or say, if I wasn’t afraid?’ – when we know this surely, it becomes easier to tap into our courage.

.       Wonderfully, as individuals, we each have the freedom to decide what is important and act on it; we have the choice either to complain about what seems to be wrong in life – and the other person – or to alleviate human suffering as far as we can – our own and the other’s (Mercury at the end of Leo trines Uranus, and quincunxes Chiron).

Be brave!

.       So let’s stand back mentally from any personal difficulties we’ve been having, with a view to learning how to adjust our attitudes, and so attract more positive outcomes (Mercury trine Uranus, and trine Saturn). Everything arising in our life belongs to us in some way, and our responsibility is to own as much of it as we can, searching to feel what it’s telling us about how we’ve been living or what we’ve been assuming – how did we attract it? Any adjustment we can make internally helps the great human hologram, as well as our personal relationships.

.       Our fears in personal relationship generally stem from past experiences, and yet each person we relate to is now different from how they have been in the past, and different from any other person we’ve ever related to. We need to keep abreast of our lives as they flow along, or we get left behind, alone in our memories-and-expectations box. We need to be up-to-date with ourselves because we are changing all the time with our surroundings, as the planets continue their majestic dance in relationship to each other, the Sun and Earth.

.       The truth can be shocking, revealing or relieving, but it’s always an opportunity to leave past events in the past, and bring the kernel of learning into the present (Venus opposite Saturn). Unless we are standing in the loving space of the heart, we cannot feel love flowing in or out. In other words: if we don’t love ourself, we cannot feel loved. That which spirit loves, why should I reject?

The intractable CAN be resolved

.       The Full Moon chart for 7 August shows a much more ordered flow of life. For the rest of the month, communication looks smoother, working things through; relating looks more emotionally sensitive, and all in touch with what needs to be done (Mercury sextile Venus, both trine Pluto and Neptune). What has been seen as necessary can be organised and planned as we find we are able to view ourselves dispassionately, and give to life in an appropriate way. This is a time of letting our ideal ‘selves’ go, and giving from an egoless place in the heart, as much as we are able (Moon in Aquarius at the midpoint of Pluto/Neptune’s yod to the Sun).

A good thought . . .

.       The beauty of the pattern for the whole month is that our heart-felt communications are more likely than usual to be exactly what is needed by each other and the whole of humanity (Mercury conjunct North Node and trine Saturn). Everything that happens throughout this time can reveal us to ourselves and, when we know who we are, we will relax and love the world freely from an open heart.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Leo

Why is it so hard to love yourself?
Do you hold the love at bay,
preferring the shadows where you think your errors are not seen?
Surely you know that love enters everywhere –
you cannot hide.

Look up,
relieve your eyes for a moment from studying the material world.
Every day the sun shines love into your very cells
and your body grows.

Be whole – let go the shadows you have taken for self –
you are greater than you ever allowed to show.
Breathe in the love that surrounds you and fill your heart –
it is not pride that shines in your eyes.
Receiving the love for yourself, you will radiate
and your world will feel loved through you.

Smile at your small image,
tenderly place it by your side, and look at your life afresh.
There is more that you have not yet seen.
Anything you might want to try is possible for a loving spirit,
and the world will be glad to meet you
in love and friendship – and fun.

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