Cancer New Moon – 23/24 June 2017

Be kind
to yourself, and others –
we are all in this life together.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.

Cancer – reflected in the life of oceans

.       Cancer is said to be moody, but the truth is that the beauty of the ocean is largely in its movement – the waves lifting across the surface, or pushing up the beach and retreating into the body of sea again. Also that its movement is ceaseless, until millpond smooth, becalmed in time and space, and yet the under-current moving the entire body of water with all its contents, content to be surrendered to the greater need of the whole being. The wind whips up clouds of spray and blows the clouds across the sky to fall back to earth and sea once more. All this is so much more than simple moods, and expresses the expanse of our emotional sensitivity and responsiveness. We are being wise when we listen to the state of our inner emotional ocean.

.       Notice how your breathing is affected by a momentary response to a passing thought, or image, or person in the street. Notice how your bodily functions take your emotions with them surging quietly through the day, responding to weather, temperature, eating and drinking, talking and listening. Be in touch with your emotional state, and ask yourself often what would serve you best to balance and nourish your wholeness.

Live your feelings – and move on

.       This New Moon chart is encouraging consciousness of the emotional field – all we have to do is pay attention to how we feel (Mercury in Cancer conjunct the new Moon). We will have the capacity to understand what is needed, and to communicate it. We will need to listen carefully to what others say about themselves, because they too will be in touch with what they really want and need. Much may be said about the troubles that have arisen in the last week or so (as Mercury, Sun and Moon squared Chiron). Take that as information to learn from and grow.

.       The knack in shifting through emotional troubles is to feel them fully when they arise, or when you first express them, without criticising yourself for having them or for what they are. Then allow yourself to move onto what may be the up-side. Every event or situation can teach us something that will help us live more authentically, more honestly. Much of what we experience helps us to understand others, so that we can give them the same compassionate space we just gave ourselves.

Physical changes – and emotional reactions

.       There are likely to be two sides to every issue, particularly in the coming weeks: practical requirements and emotional reactions. The practical circumstances and activities could be life-changing (in the New Moon chart, Venus in Taurus trines Pluto), and much of our relating with others will be around that level, the level of community. Just as a body needs to take care of itself, so that each of the organs and systems are taken care of in their individual functions, the body of a community needs us to take care of it – each of us serving the whole with our own particular skills and qualities, so that we too are cared for.

.       The other side to any arising situation is the emotional reactions we may have to the changes (Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto). Things could get out of hand if we get into anger, and resentment, blaming that which seems to be outside us, or allowing the emotions of the masses to cloud our personal choice (Mars and Pluto both square Jupiter). Emotional reactions are fine as long as we keep them personal and don’t start attacking the faults we see ‘out there’. We need to bear in mind that what is in our life belongs to us somehow, and is often connected to us through our tendency to project our hidden negatives onto other people.

.       The way to use our empathic emotional connecting is to consider how it is for the others, what they might need that we could contribute, how we might nourish and care for them – always taking care of our own needs first, rather than burning out (Mars square Jupiter).

Towards the Full Moon and beyond . . .

.       Many people-focused projects are up and happening these days; let’s not get too intense about how things pan out, let’s take the changes that arise as opportunities for creativity, roll with the punches (Jupiter in Libra continuing to square Pluto for the next two months). For a few weeks, there is still an emphasis on suiting the plans to the needs of the moment with a view to helping and healing (Jupiter quincunx Neptune), and through the second half of this month, there is an emphasis on sharing what we have learned, so that any healing impetus spreads out, inspiring more people (Mars quincunx Saturn in Sagittarius).

.       By the Full Moon on 9 July, we are encouraged to relate much more lightly, sharing many ideas and finding many ways to enjoy ourselves together (Venus into Gemini sextile Mercury into Leo 5/6 July). The Full Moon moment focuses on the principle of care for the people (Sun in Cancer) reflected in transforming the structure of our society, and how it is ordered and governed (Moon/Pluto in Capricorn). On the personal level, the Full Moon is about the care you show for yourself reflected in how you organise all the aspects of your daily life, and the changes you are prepared to make in that organisation when you understand what serves your life and growth and what doesn’t.

Go inside . . .

.       This could be the time to recognise that spirit’s gifts are abundant when you appreciate what they are, and trust that they are for you: inner peace, life as loving, acceptance instead of fear. We can all do this! Care for yourself enough to give yourself time and attention to find out what you need, and receive that very thing you usually never make time for, whatever it may be . . .


Contemplation for this New Moon in Cancer

Everything that comes to you
is a gift –
the knack is
to see the gift in it
no matter what your first reaction is.
Forgive yourself for reacting
– spirit doesn’t mind –
forgive and move on.

The gift could be a helping hand
over a hurdle you’ve been avoiding
that leads along the path
you’ve been looking for.

You are so loved.

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  1. Linda June 29, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    Thankyou. Intetesting.

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