Gemini New Moon – 25 May 17

The movement of life may appear chaotic,
but all is held tenderly in the one crucible of love.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.

Gemini – at least two of everything!

.       Gemini is about movement, for which you need at least two points to move between. More points means more interesting movements, becoming a dance with life, allowing for freshness in each moment. The Sun and Moon themselves aren’t connecting with much in the chart, so the fact that Mars is also in Gemini and very connected could have us putting more energy into our movement than is strictly necessary. A lot of talk, and distractions could be picked up and dropped on the way through examining an idea – it could be confusing. But the steadying influence is the practical requirements of life, which will arise to confront us and focus us back into the world of relationship (Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune, both quincunx Jupiter in Libra). However, we may need to watch out that we don’t become obstructive with our clever words, or use inertia to obscure our fear of change.

Trust the fundamental goodness of life

.       This month is full of paradoxes: how can I have it all my way, if I want to be in harmonious relationship with others? (Venus in Aries square Pluto and opposite Jupiter in Libra); how can I examine all ideas, if I am only interested in what’s meaningful to me? (Mars in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius); how can I move about freely, if I need to remain well grounded? (New Moon in Gemini and Mercury in Taurus).

.       We know that an intractable problem can’t be resolved from its own level, and each end of these dualities seem to be mutually exclusive. So we need to relax and accept that we don’t know how to do both ends at the same time. Letting go of thinking that things can only be one way or the other, we make room for trusting that spirit or life will guide the outcome. It’s not about getting somewhere, but how we live day by day. Trusting that what shows up is the ‘right’ thing at the time allows life to continually deliver, smoothly unfolding in the best interests of all. ‘Tying up our camel’ is the bit where we remain intelligent in our actions and kind in our words. The rest is beyond our control – thank goodness! I personally don’t feel competent to run the world – love does the best work; my work is to allow love to flow through me as I go along.

Creating intentions for harmony in yourself and the world

.       As always at the Full Moon, we face the dilemma of the Sun shining love and wisdom in the style of one Sign while the Moon reflects into our world the understanding of the opposite Sign. But instead of thinking of these Signs as in opposition to each other, they can be seen as complementary. On 9 June, it is the wisdom of clear thought (Sun in Gemini) reflecting in our world in meaningful ways (Moon in Sagittarius approaching Saturn). We can use this energy to effectively benefit our world (Sun quincunx Pluto) by expressing as clear intentions our desires for peaceful communication and growthful solutions (Sun trine Jupiter in Libra).

.       The second half of the month is also characterised by a steadying of the emotional field, and the opportunity to repair damaged relationships (Venus in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer). And it should also be possible to better understand how the paradoxes of duality can be lived (Mercury taking the position of the Gemini New Moon).

.       Also, the sense of hold-up that may have been so frustrating for the last four months comes to an end (Jupiter turns direct). Projects that may have floundered either pick up speed again, or get replaced by more promising ventures. Movement un-sticks, and we may feel the need to put sensible breaks on to avoid chaos. On the other hand, perhaps a bit of chaos could allow for truly creative innovations! Who knows! Maybe, just go for it – maybe trust life, and find out . . .

In a nutshell . . .

.       This is a splendid month for practicing putting our hearts into what we know to be best for all (towards North Node in Leo/based in South Node in Aquarius).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Gemini

Let go of your thoughts of how it should be
be with us now with a clear open mind.
Ask your question, state your need
then wait
poised in gentle quietness.

All your needs are met,
the gifts await your collection –
but you must know they are there
or all you will see is the space
where your self-worth
is missing.

that all is held tenderly
in the one crucible
of love.

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