Taurus New Moon – 26 April 17

We are spirit – alive in body, flowing through human nature into our world –
breathe, and be here.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.

Taurus is us, and our blessed Earth in all her living glory

.       This New Moon in Taurus is in complete harmony with humanity’s spiritual path (Sun/Moon trine North Node still in Virgo, with South Node in Pisces), which is at present the step in our evolution about being of service.  First we have to empathise with a situation to discover the facts, and then accommodate and work with those facts.  Practical issues are paramount: farming and food preparation, health as an inter-connectedness with all growing things, survival from war and famine.  As the Sun went into Taurus on 19/20 April, there was a sense of the Earth being blessed by the light with which humanity sees what matters here, globally and in our personal lives.

.       On 9 May, the goal posts change (North Node moves backwards into Leo, South Node into Aquarius for the next year and a half).  Our focus as human beings will need to be more on how to embody Aquarius’ humanitarian principles.  The principle of ‘freedom for all’ needs to be a requirement within each human being; and we need to know the Virgoan facts of a situation before we can appreciate what true freedom might look like.  We also need to assume service to be part of being human, in order to safely search for who we truly are, service being the spirit relating joyfully to itself in another.

The background pattern of energy

.       Since January, three of the slower planets have formed a pattern that has hardly changed (Saturn square Chiron and trine Uranus), and it will not release until later this year.  The pattern releases a little from June to October, then from late October to mid December it becomes exact again for the last time.  This pattern suggests that, painful though it may be, we have to realise that every individual requires and deserves the same respect and attention.  No one person’s agony or desperation is more important than another’s.

.       It is this individual value across humanity that enables each one of us to value ourselves (Uranus rules Aquarius, now in Aries).  When we don’t care about the other, we are blocking the good that would serve our true selves.  Humanity has to learn this new attitude in order to continue evolving (Saturn in Sagittarius).  What doesn’t evolve with time, decays, and that shows up as sickness and war in individual bodies and in groups.  The changing Nodal goal posts makes this even clearer.

Habit vs lessons learned – breaking from past ways

.       At this New Moon, we are having one last empathic visitation of the world’s suffering and our own emotional difficulties (Venus on Chiron in Pisces, leaving the pattern on 28 April) before having another go at re-claiming what we decided we needed back in February and March (Venus in Aries).  So let’s be more sensitive as we go courageously for what we think is right.  When emotion is triggered by an event, check to see how much you are already holding and trace it back and back to where it really began in you.  You may be surprised to see why you feel as you do.

.       You are also having an opportunity to re-think whatever was occurring to you at the end of March (when Mercury first passed Uranus in Aries).  At this New Moon, and also at the Full Moon, that same set of ideas will be rolling round the media, and our minds.  We may have brilliant ideas, and ways to accommodate changed circumstances.  And we may simply wish to get away from it all, start again somewhere else, with someone else – these are not solutions, they are distractions.

.       What we really need to give ourselves is  a rest from trying to control events, and a mind open enough to spot the truly innovative from false promises of an easier life.  From the 3 May, movement should feel freer (Mercury no longer retrograde) so we will need to curb our impatience through the following two weeks.  And from 16 May, we will be recognising practical ways forward, slowing down and preparing for June (Mercury into Taurus, and Jupiter direct 9 June).

Breathe . . . accept . . . peace . . . unfolding

.       The most important thing to do is consciously breathe.  Become aware of experiencing the world from inside this body you have.  We are all in the same human predicament, so don’t take your bit personally.  The world ‘out there’, known through hear-say and the ‘news’, may have huge pulls on your sense of fairness, rightness and justice.  But remember to relate clearly and openly with the world immediately surrounding you – the people and animals you connect with, your food, your bodily posture now, and breathe yourself into it firmly.  When we rest within our physical surroundings, accepting our emotions as they are now, we become more peaceful – and then everything can unfold naturally . . .


Contemplation for this New Moon in Taurus

Let your surroundings become as wall paper,
and the space you occupy become the centre of your world.
Let sounds become the background to the silence,
small vibrations disturbing nothing.
This space is holy ground
this body breathes
within this body
in this space
appreciate each living breath you take
feeling life holding this body’s shape intact.

Be the life, not the body.

2 Responses to Taurus New Moon – 26 April 17

  1. Hajah Tetley May 6, 2017 at 8:12 am #

    Thank you Margaret, reading this rather late due to circumstances, but I really appreciate your take on the planet’s at this time.. it is just what we need to take as guide through these disruptive political times. ❤

    • Margaret Koolman May 6, 2017 at 12:02 pm #

      There is such a need to keep light, and nature is a wonderful reminder of continued life and growth.

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