Cancer New Moon – 5 July 2024

Trust is the antidote to fear.
Trust your Self – and let your inner heart radiate.

Dear friends,
With the lack of information about the future, and not really knowing what’s been going on in the past, our option is to focus now. And the bit I know is how it is in here, in my body, my emotions, my energy. I can change my mind, be more than less healthy, and trust that I’ll be able to cope with whatever turns up around me. But this state of being takes being awake and aware, so there’s work to be done . . .

Ebb and flow
.       Cancer is an emotional sign with many different characteristics, but all expressing through our moods. As the Moon rules Cancer and represents our instinct and early conditioning, the moods are likely to be from childhood family experience whatever that was, and not clearly relating to this moment now, and whatever response the present situation requires. This New Moon is very close to Venus who is also in Cancer, so the issues are likely to be about family relationships, reacting to those closest to us in ways learnt in childhood, which may not go down well, especially as Venus, squaring Chiron in Aries, will be raising issues that were always testing and often painful. We are likely to be facing issues of early misunderstandings, of sibling power struggles, of who is loved most – so old jealousies, painful teasing, pleasing whoever we project as our parents, battles for freedom and autonomy.

Let go of your karmic rope
.       The saving factor in all this could be a healthy sense of humour, a light-heartedness and yet sensitivity to everyone’s needs, including our own (Mercury in Leo trine Neptune, opposite Pluto, and sextile Jupiter in Gemini). Perhaps we are really ready at last to let go of these old karmic patterns of reaction – see them and recognise, at the same time, that we are adult now, and the love is more important than the memories. Letting go with love rather than blame is the most healing way to be in all relationships. People can then take their correct place in our lives, or fall away without damage (Sun, Moon and Venus trine retrograde Saturn in Pisces).
.       Meditation, as inner focus on the radiance of balanced heart and mind or love and trust, assists all situations and people, bringing healing where we could not have thought how that could be. Through the first two weeks of this lunar month, we may find all these emotional issues building up until they are focused and possibly clear by the Full Moon on 21 July.

We can do it!
.       The astrological pattern is immensely strong in the Full Moon chart, and we will be seeing it play out globally as well as in our own lives. It’s as though what has been hidden, and feared, erupts into view. Our personal issues fade somewhat in importance, which itself is healing, and a more general intensity has to be faced. The beauty of this pattern is that the Sun and Moon are in the last degree of their signs – Cancer opposed by Capricorn. Reading the chart globally, the Moon represents us, the people, reacting instinctively, largely unconscious – and the last degree of Capricorn is competent to deal with any practical situation that arises.
.       There has been so much fear over the last few years – we fear we will not be able to handle what is to be. But this chart shows that we will rise to the needs of whatever situation presents itself – true in the world and also in our own lives. What is about to present itself is shown by Pluto, right next to this Moon but in Aquarius, showing us the new way, and yet retrograding to give us another chance to ready ourselves for the changes (Pluto will be back in Capricorn once more from 2 September to 19 November).

All for One, and one for All
.       Also in this Full Moon chart, Mars has moved into Gemini, representing a greater sense of flexibility and the energy to communicate about new ways to use the Aquarian gifts (Mars trine Pluto in Aquarius). Neptune joins the pattern, dissolving the barriers that prevent us recognising the cohesive strength of the human family, as well as the oneness of all life in Earth. The main difficulty that may show up will be the insistence of some people claiming a larger share of importance than the rest – it should clarify for the rest of us, who is operating/arguing from their personal egoic structure without reference to the importance of each individual human being (Mercury in Leo trine Chiron, and square to Mars and Uranus). Once again, it’s the warmth, humour and light-hearted loving expression that brings healing to potentially combative situations – as long as we recognise the wisdom in ‘not knowing’ (Venus in Leo sextile Jupiter).

.       This whole month, let’s aim to be present, watching our reactions and lovingly choosing to be ‘grown up’ about things. Let’s cultivate in ourselves that quality of recognising that another person’s needs are truly as important for them as our own needs for ourselves. And let’s give ourselves credit for having got this far through life, so that we have a greater expectation of being able to manage whatever comes next. This attitude allows us greater access to our inner spiritual intelligence. Perhaps all that can be put in a short phrase – ‘Trust your Self’ – and meditate in your heart.


Contemplation for this Cancer New Moon

From the deepest recesses of the garden in your heart
the voice of your spirit calls you:
‘Come in, expand into your Self, and be.’
You will see that all unfolds as it must,
and is well, clear, and growthful.
Listen to your own spirit voice –
gentle, compassionate, encouraging.
(Any other voice has not this light, and will confuse you.)
This voice sounds the Light and shows your way.
This Light radiates through your heart
to love and heal all the world.
Just be, listen to your heart, and allow
its true radiant nature.

With love,

6 Responses to Cancer New Moon – 5 July 2024

  1. Tish Trufelli July 5, 2024 at 8:04 pm #


  2. Lisa Russell July 6, 2024 at 1:31 am #

    Beautiful resonant light message.
    Something deep has been transforming in my life and perspective.
    Much love and my heart beats with all humanity, growthful.

  3. Paula July 6, 2024 at 6:16 am #

    This is beautiful Margaret thank you so much. I always look forward to your clarifying and loving words.xx

  4. Ann keely July 6, 2024 at 6:41 am #

    Thank you with love Ann K
    PS : Ava was 10 on the 4th. She is doing splendidly. Thank you for your timely help. It all worked out. ❤️☘️

  5. valerie July 7, 2024 at 12:58 pm #

    Thank you Margaret. This is always so encouraging and a much needed challenge as well as a balm.

  6. Barbara July 7, 2024 at 7:00 pm #

    Beautiful and wise. Thank you, Margaret

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