Taurus New Moon – 7-8 May 2024

Demonstrate your spiritual power to yourself and your world –
by consciously choosing to focus on Light.

(don’t worry about the astrology, go for the gist)

Taurus – earthly manifestation in all its forms

.       We are here on earth, in earthly bodies, to bring love through this level of manifestation that spirit has achieved. Looking around at the massive variety of sense experience we as spirit have created, one can feel amazed at Nature’s endless complexity; and let’s applaud the complexity that human consciousness is provoking on the back of Nature, although it runs away beyond our attempt to control it.

.       There is such wonder and delight in recognising spirit manifesting as all this, one may laugh at the nonsense of the bits and pieces on the earthly level shouting at each other angrily, fighting for power over each other – insane! And there may follow a feeling of such grief about this foolishness that wastes the beauty in our hands, wastes all the joyful possibilities, without even recognising how wonderful spirit’s achievement is.

This New Moon chart – astrological reflections

.       The New Moon at 18 Taurus makes a strong and supportive aspect to Saturn in Pisces – this month we may be more open and accepting of what it may imply that spirit is manifesting all our earthly experience. We move about among it all the time, perhaps thinking we have more of a hand in its creation than we really do. We cannot make things the way we, as physical people, may want them to be. To have any hand in truly creating our surroundings we need to remember that we are not just physical people, and no amount of technological additions can make us more than that.

.       At this New Moon time, Mercury is exactly on Chiron in Aries for the last time this year, so this month we can still access the impulse to claim and heal ourselves as continuing creative energy. In tuning into the life energy that flows through us, re-creating us constantly, we can become aware that the whole universe is being re-created in the same way – in a constant flow of movement, nothing ‘causing’ anything else but flowing like music, uncatchable in its moments, but appreciated through its continuing development. And so are we, each one, and all.

.       On the 18 May, there are two conjunctions that suggest a breakthrough of some kind. It may have to do with a physical blast, a letting go or losing or discovering, that inspires a new sense of connectedness or love (Venus on Uranus in Taurus). Whatever it is, the effect will be hugely growthful – having noticeably practical consequences for those directly astrologically affected by it (Sun on Jupiter in the last degree of Taurus – check this degree for the House and aspects in your chart). And as ever, although everyone will be affected by it on some level, you may not be one who is changed by it.

.       By the Full Moon on 23 May, the chart shows us registering and communicating new possibilities in the future, to include love of life, a sense of oneness with the Earth, the acceptance that there’s no going back to anything, all is movement into the future . . . We may find ourselves joining in some completely universal movement towards supporting Life rather than Destruction.

What can I do?

.       Our job in this time, when recognition of spirit is re-surfacing, is to allow the joy and the grief to flow through this piece of earthy manifestation, the body, without our consciousness flowing away with either emotion. If you can, remain conscious of the spirit’s presence in each of its earthly appearances, be they animate or apparently inanimate. Let’s continually marvel at life in all forms. Our endeavour will be opening us to that liminal space where the firmament between the emotional worlds is dissolving, so that the earthly emotions can flow like rivers into the oceanic love and joy of spirit. There the various emotional rivers are received, their different ‘temperatures’, ‘nutrients’ and ‘effluent’ are appreciated, blended, awakened from any nightmare contractions they hold – and become the ocean that they represent.

.       The growing tips of a fir tree, push softly but resolutely into the unknown future.
Let us grow like trees into the unknown, not blinded by fearful nightmares, but recognising the light possibilities in each moment: shadows are only possible where light is also. Choose the light, instead of fearing it doesn’t exist. Without light there would be only hopeless darkness, and we would be incapable of feeling concern for another being in distress, or smiling to encourage one who is struggling to cope, or rejoicing when a beam of light breaks though dark clouds: these are responses that human beings manifest every day.

.       Consciously choose to feel concern, choose to encourage another, choose to admire a tiny flower opening in sunlight. Consciously choose to appreciate something in each situation, in each person who comes to mind. Having noticed your first reaction with interest, choose to find in yourself an uplifting response, and express that. This way you will not get stuck in the ruts of your past, but move along with the unfolding moment.

All is One – and all are individual representations of One Presence.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Taurus

Just love,
and love more
Open your heart wide and give love
Let love pour through you into your world
towards whoever is near you, and those you know,
and all who are connected to them
and out and out further.
Let love flow through you to encompass the whole earth
which radiates into the universe . . .

There is no need to look for someone to love you
because true love is only ever given,
you cannot experience receiving it
unless love is already flowing
through your heart!
So just love.

With love,


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    Thank you thank you Margaret ‍♀️

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    Thank you Margaret, food for thought ♥️

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    Thank you Margaret, I love astrology, it makes sense

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